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  Posted on: Friday, September 16, 2022
Chiefs Weekly Update

Memorial Villages Police Department

From the Desk of Chief Ray Schultz,

This week we arrested an auto thief for the second time. The difference this time was the district attorney’s office accepted charges.  On 9/13/22 officers stopped and arrested a subject driving a stolen U-Haul truck that had been taken during a carjacking. Back on May 5, 2022, officers had arrested the same suspect at the exact same location for also driving a stolen car.

During the May arrest, the suspect had attempted to evade officers by making a U-turn but was stopped by officers who were setting up a portable ALPR camera on Voss. When he was arrested in May, his only words were “take me to jail”. The male had refused to identify himself. Using his fingerprints and a portable AFIS system, he was identified and arrested for having an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The DA’s office at that time did not accept charges on the use of a stolen motor vehicle because the victim could not be contacted.   Well, the suspect was not as lucky this week. We contacted the victim and needless to say, she was not happy that all of her possessions had been stolen. Charges were accepted and the 31-year-old, (multiple time loser) was booked into the Harris County Jail. Read more below.

Also, this week we arrested a pair of drug dealers also driving around in a stolen car. In addition to their sundry of illegal drugs, they were in possession of a loaded firearm and had outstanding warrants for their arrests. The two were booked into the jail and the Audi SUV recovered. (See attached picture)

Our latest R.A.D. 55+ class started this week. The class is full of some very enthusiastic students all having a great time learning how to better protect themselves and their families. 1 week down and 3 more to go.

On Wednesday MVPD, Spring Valley, Hedwig and SBISD police command staff all met with the executive team from the Texas Search and Rescue ( We learned about the capabilities and resources of TEXSAR and reviewed the process on how we can activate their resources should we need them again.  As many of you may remember, back in 2017, TEXSAR assisted all the villages along with west Harris County with water rescues.  Specifically, we kept them busy with assisting residents out of the Farnham Park neighborhood. Due to the fast-moving water, other rescue crews could not reach some stranded residents along the Bayou. TEXSAR was instrumental in helping those folks. In total TEXSAR rescued over 300 people during Harvey. Our thanks to the TEXSAR team for their willingness to be a partner and a resource to our community.

On Wednesday you may have seen a lot of Drone activity around and over Bunker Hill Village.  That was us helping officers from Cleveland, Texas.  They are starting up a new drone program and had heard that our very own Officer Larry Boggus was the best drone operator around. So, they came and spent a day learning from the best.  Larry taught them how to set up and operate their new equipment and then ran them through a series of drills. They had to locate signs and other objects that had been placed around the area. And while all of that was going on, Officer Boggus was also operating and monitoring our Drone Dome as it flew live call-generated missions. They left with a full 8 hours of stick-time. Our thanks to Officer Boggus for his work and willingness in helping other agencies get their drone programs up and “flying”.

Thank you to the residents who provided tickets this past week to both, Astro’s games and to last Sunday’s Texan’s game. Our staff who attended those all had a great time with their families. The folks who went to the Texans game were buzzing all week about the 2 overtimes.  Thank you for thinking of our folks.

Hope everyone is enjoying the cool mornings. Lots of runners and walkers have been out too. Just a reminder about cleaning up after your dogs. All the villages now have ample doggie waste stations set up along the most popular walking trails. Grab a baggie and clean up after your pet. Then drop the baggie off at the next pet station and not at the closest mailbox, rock, grate, or sign.  City staff empty the cans at the waste stations on a regular basis so they should have room.   Also, if your dog poops on the sidewalk, clean that up too. Thanks.

Last Saturday, 16 of us from the PD along with some area residents completed the Travis Manion Foundation 9/11 Heroes Run. We all had a great time of covering the 3.1-mile (5K) route in downtown Houston.  The Memorial Villages Police Foundation sponsored the team and provided MVPD Team shirts. Everyone knew we were there as we hit the streets. Several of our runners finished near the top of their age brackets. Good Job Team MVPD!!!  See more on the MVPD Facebook page listed below.

Have a great weekend. Chief Ray Schultz


Weekly Crime Report

Hunters Creek

9/9/2022 at 2000 Hours. River Bend Subdivision. Suspicious Situation.  Officers were dispatched to the area in reference to a resident believing that they were being followed. The resident observed a suspicious vehicle described as a brown KIA Sol following them from a restaurant in the 9700 Block of Katy Freeway.  The resident made several unique turns and observed the vehicle continue to follow them. The victim was able to lose the vehicle by driving through a red light. The victim then drove to the fire station where MVPD was called. Officers were able to locate the vehicle in question on the ALPR and identified a license plate that returns to a Cypress address.  The KIA has been flagged in the ALPR system and the victims home placed on house watch. Detectives were advised of the situation and of the vehicle description.

9/10/22 at 0030 Hours. 400 Block of Voss Road. Concealing Identification.  Officers observed a vehicle run a red light at Voss and Beinhorn and initiated a traffic stop. Upon approaching the driver, he stated that he had no driver’s license. His story later changed to; he had forgot his driver’s license. The subject eventually provided a name but not a date of birth. The male was asked to exit the vehicle where officers located a wallet. The wallet contained 4 various ID’s. The male then provided a date of birth but nothing that matched the IDs in his possession. As officers placed the male under arrest, he resisted arrest and had to be taken into custody by 2 officers.  The subject’s wife attempted to intervene and had to be placed back into their vehicle. Through investigation officers were able to determine the subject’s true identity which was different from all of the ID’s. The male is a Colombian National and said he had lied about his identification because he is afraid of the police. The male was booked into the Harris County jail.

9/13/22 at 0845 Hours. 900 Huntington Cove. Illegal Cove. Officers were dispatched to the area in reference to a landscaping company illegally dumping debris on a vacant lot. Upon arrival officers spoke with the landscaper foreman who stated that he had permission to dump the clippings as it was not trash.  The foreman was advised that was not true as he had been warned previously. The foreman was cited for the violation into Hunters Creek Court.

9/13/22 at 1815 Hours. 600 Block of Voss. Unauthorized Use of a Stolen Motor Vehicle. Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the villages on Voss. Officers were nearby and quickly located the stolen U-Haul truck.  The driver stated that a friend had loaned him the truck in order for him to start up a new trucking business.  Surprisingly, the driver did not know the name, address, or phone number of his “friend”. Officers also recognized the male suspect as he had been arrested by officers in May of 2022 for also driving a stolen vehicle. The DA’s Office had declined charges on that case due to the victim being unable to be contacted. On this case, the victim was contacted and stated that the van had been stolen from her during a robbery at gun point. The DA’s Office was contacted and did accept charges on the suspect this time. The 31-year-old male was booked into the Harris County Jail and the victim arrived at the scene to recover her belongings from the rental truck. HPD was contacted and notified of the arrest of the suspect. HPD will be following up on the robbery.

9/14/22 at 2030 Hours. 1-100 Block of Voss Park. Fraud.  The victim reported that he received information in the mail from a bank that he does not do business with that a new account and debit card had been opened in his name.  The victim had not opened any accounts. A check with the bank found a zero balance in the account. The victim closed the account and placed a watch on his credit report. Information about the account was collected and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

Bunker Hill

9/11/22 at 1115 Hours. 200 Gessner. Unlawful Possession of Firearm by a Felon. Officers were conducting a Fraudulent Paper License Plate Tactical Operation when they observed a vehicle speeding on Gessner Road. As officers went to stop the vehicle the suspect vehicle made a quick turn onto a side street.  The officer caught up to and stopped the vehicle and identified the driver. While with the driver, a witness called 911 and told the operator that the vehicle, we had stopped had thrown objects including a gun out the window as it turned to avoid the officer. The witness stated that he did not want to be identified as he was concerned for his safety. The suspect vehicle was only occupied by the driver.  Officers went to the area and found a loaded handgun, Cocaine, Xanax, Adderall, Marijuana, baggies, and a scale.   Officers contacted the DA’s Office who declined charges because the witness did not want to cooperate and because the officer did not see the driver throw out the items. The 31-year-old driver was also found to be a convicted felon (x2). The driver was cited and released.  Officers then began searching the area and located a surveillance camera that pointed to the area where the items had been thrown. The camera owner stated that he would check the camera to see if it had captured the event. The surveillance camera owner called back and stated that the video does show the driver to throwing the items out of the car window. The DA’s Office was recontacted and agreed to approve a “to-be” warrant for the driver’s arrest. An arrest warrant has been obtained and will be served against the driver.

9/11/22 at 1800 Hours. 11900 Block of Memorial Drive. Driving While Intoxicated. Officers observed the suspect vehicle pull into the MVPD parking lot. The vehicle then struck a parking barrier and began to back up almost hitting a parked vehicle. Officers turned on their lights and approached the driver stopped in the parking lot. Upon approaching the driver, he was found to be heavily intoxicated. A subsequent breath test showed the drivers BAC to be .18% (twice the legal limit). The 34-year-old male (Honduran National) was booked into the Harris County Jail and the vehicle was towed. 

9/114/22 at 1700 Hours. 100 Gessner. Recovered Stolen Vehicle/Possession of Controlled Substances/Possession of a Firearm/Wanted Fugitives.  Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the Villages at Gessner and Memorial. Officers located and stopped the vehicle in front of the MVPD station. The vehicle was occupied by a male and female who were both found to have outstanding felony warrants for their arrests. Both are also convicted felons. A search of the stolen SUV located a loaded firearm, marijuana, methamphetamine, and suspected fentanyl. The illegal drugs were found packaged for distribution along with scales. Officers also located ID’s and gift cards made out to other unknown people on the suspects possession.  The DA’s Office was contacted and did accept charges on the two suspects. Both were booked into the Harris County Jail on numerous charges. The drugs and firearm were recovered, and the Audi was towed.

Piney Point

9/15/22 at 0800 Hours. 7600 Block of Woodway. Fraud.  Officers were dispatch to Piney Point City Hall in reference to a fraud.  The court had been notified by a credit card company that a credit card that had been used to pay a fine had fraudulently been used. Officer contacted Wells Fargo Bank in order to obtain information about the credit card in question due to the fact that the security code and billing zip code had been used to process the payment.  Bank staff refused to cooperate in any manner with officers.  MVPD detectives were contacted and will be submitting a subpoena for the needed records from the bank.

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