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  Posted on: Friday, August 12, 2022
Chief's Weekly Report

Memorial Villages Police Department

From the Desk of Chief Ray Schultz,

Ready or not, next Monday is the first day of school. The MVPD, Spring Branch ISD and the SBISD Police Department along with Hedwig PD and Spring Valley PD have been busy in making our final preparations for the first week of school. The first week of school means, lots of excited children (along with some even more excited parents) going back to school or in some cases starting a new school.

There will be lots of walkers, bicyclists, carpools, and buses. Increased traffic will be everywhere beginning as early as 6 am as staff starts to arrive at area schools, buses begin running their routes and parents try and figure out where to drop off their kids.

The buses have been practicing their routes for the past week and should be ready to go, but there is always a little confusion as the children are learning where exactly they need to be. Please be patient should you find yourself stuck behind a bus for a prolonged period of time. Officer Boggus has been posting instructions on how to stop and when to proceed when in the area of a stopped bus with flashers engaged on the MVPD Facebook page. If the stop sign has been extended and the red flashers are engaged, vehicles are to stop and not pass the bus. Read more about Back-to-School Safety on the attached Flyer.

School zones will be active beginning Monday morning and our officers will be closely monitoring school zones for speeders and for drivers on their cellphones. All our school zones have been in the same places for over 20 years so there are no surprises. Make sure that you slow down and stay on the lookout for pedestrians and cyclists.

School Drop Off and Pick Up Locations. Please ensure that you are familiar with your school’s drop-off and pick-up areas and procedures. Make sure that children are prepared to exit the vehicle when you pull up to the appropriate place. The lines for both drop-off and pick-up will be extra long for the first 2 weeks. That is expected. Please get in line and do not try to cut in line or make a left turn in front of a line of vehicles that have been waiting along the curb.  While waiting in que, please be aware of residential driveways. Residents are also going to work or taking their children to school. Every year we respond to several calls where waiting parents refuse to move to allow a resident to exit or enter their driveway.  

School drop-off locations and lines.

Frostwood Elementary. Enter from Plantation. Vehicles should line up facing south on Plantation from the school driveway and be lined up along the west curb. If the line extends to Beauregard Drive the line should continue north of Beauregard, keeping the cross-traffic street open and clear.

Bunker Hill Elementary. The new school is open and all parent drop off will enter the driveway from Kimberly off of Plantation. The entrance off Strey is for school staff and buses only. Only walkers and bicyclists will enter from Strey and Taylorcrest. Please remember there is no parking on Taylorcrest Court, Rain Hollow Place, Huntington Park, or Huntington Cove.

Memorial Drive Elementary School. Parent drop off enter from Smithdale right turn only from westbound Smithdale into the west driveway. After drop-off, vehicles will exit westbound via right turn only back onto Smithdale. No parking or drop-off on Bakers Cove and try not to arrive too early for the pm pick-up as there is no room to stage on Smithdale without blocking all traffic. Vehicles in line are to stay to the right side of the street.

Hunters Creek Elementary. Parent drive enters the school parking lot on the east side of the school from Flint River. Vehicles not making it into the lot are to line up on Flint River facing southbound. Vehicles should only be turning right into the parking lot drop-off area. Please do not block driveways.

Please remember patience, patience, patience.  The first 2 weeks things are sometimes a little slow as students and staff adjust to the new school year. Buses are always the priority so they will get assistance getting in and out. If you block a bus route, driveway or their ability to safely move through the school property or roadways you will be asked to move.

Today Officer Monica Vasquez graduated from D.A.R.E. Instructor School. Officer Vasquez will be taking over for Officer Miller who officially retired today.  Officer Vasquez has been busy preparing for the new school year and her assignment as one of our D.A.R.E. officers.

Thank you to everyone who attended today’s event at MDPC. At noon we had a celebration of Officer Millers 26-year career in law enforcement. Thanks to MDPC for sponsoring the event and for feeding everyone who attended. The MVPD Police Foundation provided a beautiful cake and several residents and officials wished O.G. well. The good news is that Officer Miller will remain as a Reserve Officer with the MVPD and will teach DARE one day a week at Frostwood Elementary School. Expect to see Officer Miller out front on Monday as school resumes.

Thank you to the residents who have sent over tickets for Astros games this past week, weekend and next week.  We have 4 officers and their families who are very happy recipients of the donated tickets.   Also, our thanks to the resident who is providing season tickets to the Texans home games for the season. Our staff is anxiously awaiting our upcoming drawings for the football tickets. Our entire team and myself truly appreciate the donation of tickets to the MVPD. Our officers, detectives and telecommunicators all appreciate the opportunity to attend these professional sporting events. You can always tell who won the tickets and is attending an upcoming game by the smile on their faces.

RAD 55+ is coming.  Our fall RAD 55+ class is now forming.  Classes are geared for our “seasoned” residents and will provide valuable tips on how to best protect yourself and your families. Victims of crimes can be of any age, so it is best to be prepared. The classes focus on awareness and confidence.   Criminals often recognize signs that certain people are not to be messed with. RAD helps you project these traits, so you do not become a victim.  The classes are over a 10-week period and only 2 hours per session. The dates are: September 12, 14, 19, 21, 26,28 and October 3, 5, 11, and 13th. 10am – 12 pm. Interested persons are asked to email Officer Michelle Owens at for more details.


Weekly Crime Report

Hunters Creek

8/6/22 at 1300 Hours. 300 Block of Voss Road. Officers observed a vehicle commit a traffic violation and initiated a traffic stop. Upon approaching the vehicle officers could smell the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The driver admitted to smoking marijuana prior to the traffic stop. A subsequent search of the vehicle located a stolen firearm in the driver’s side door pocket. The 35-year-old driver was placed under arrest and booked into the Harris County Jail.  The vehicle was towed.

8/7/22 at 0100 Hours. 10900 Block of Memorial Drive. Unlawful use of a Motor Vehicle. Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the villages by the ALPR system. Officers were nearby and quickly located and stopped the vehicle. The occupants of the vehicle stated that they had purchased the vehicle from a Facebook marketplace ad online. They had bought the vehicle from a white female for $750.00.  The victim was contacted who stated that the car had been stolen from a gas station 6 days earlier while he was getting gas. The keys were inside of the car when a white female walking by jumped in and drove off. The driver of the car had taken a picture of the female who had sold him the car and picture of her Texas ID card. Information about the suspect was collected. The vehicle was towed. The DA’s Office declined charges on the occupants. MVPD detectives were contacted and have taken over the investigation.

8/9/22 at 0830 Hours. 600 Voss Road. Recovered Stolen Vehicle.  Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle traveling on Voss. Officers checking the area located the vehicle as it pulled in a shopping center on Voss. Officers contacted the female driver of the 2016 Cadillac. The driver stated that she had purchased the vehicle on-line and had paid $1,100.00 for it. The person had given her a bill of sale and a title. The driver stated that the vehicle had some damage to it and she had the vehicle repaired at a cost of over $5,000.00.   She then insured the vehicle. Officers checked the VIN number to the paperwork and found that she had been given fake paperwork and the VIN number was off by one digit.  HPD arrived and confirmed the vehicle was stolen from their jurisdiction during an armed robbery. The vehicle was towed and the owner/victim was referred to HPD for follow up.

8/10/22 at 1600 Hours. 900 Bingle. Recovered Stolen Motor Vehicle. Officers observed a vehicle traveling on the road with a fictitious temporary license tag and initiated a traffic stop. Upon approaching the driver, the driver stated that she had bought the fake paper tag online. A check of the VIN number found the vehicle had been stolen in 2016 from a car dealership in Delaware.  When asked where she got the car, she stated that she had bought the car back in 2016 from a friend of her brothers, whom she did not know. She stated that the vehicle has never been registered because she could not get a title. She said that she only uses the car when she visits Houston and will just get temporary paper tags when she is here.  She stated that she only visits occasionally as she is often out of the country.  The DA’s Office was contacted but they declined charges. The Dealership was contacted in Delaware and they conformed the vehicle as stolen in 2016 from their lot.  The vehicle was towed, and the 46-year-old female was released with citations only.

8/11/22 at 1430 Hours. 8500 Block of Katy Freeway. Forgery. The victim’s business reported that mail had been removed from the outgoing mailbox on the property. A check that was placed in the mail had been intercepted/stolen, washed, and reissued to a person whom the business did not know and cashed.  Information about the check was collected and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

Piney Point

8/7/22 at 1415 Hours. 300 Block of Piney Point Road. Recovered Stolen Vehicle. Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the villages on Piney Point Road. Officers were nearby and located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop on the 2008 Infinity. The driver of the vehicle stated that his brother had bought the car from an on-line ad for $800. The person selling the car provided a title but said he had lost the keys.  The driver had a set of keys made for the car and thought that it was a legitimate deal. The DA’s Office was contacted but declined charges at this time.  The vehicle was towed, and the 37-year-old male driver released. Richmond PD Detectives were notified of the vehicle recovery.

8/8/22 at 1730 Hours. 600 Block of Hedwig.  Fraud.  The victim stated that he had written a check and mailed it at the mailbox located at Gaylord and Brogden.  He checked with the payee to confirm payment and was told the check had never arrived.  The victim then checked his bank account and found the check had been intercepted, washed and reissued to a person whom he did not know. Information about the check and the cashing bank was obtained and provided to detectives who have taken over the case.

8/10/22 at 1215 Hours. 11500 Block of Green Oaks. Fraud.  The victim was alerted by his bookkeeper of suspicious activity on his checking account. A review of his account found that a check that he had written and mailed at a mailbox located at 6500 San Felipe had been intercepted, washed, reissued to a person whom he did not know and cashed. Information about the check and the cashing bank was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

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