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  Posted on: Friday, October 21, 2022
Chief's Weekly Update

Memorial Villages Police Department

From the Desk of Chief Ray Schultz,

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Bunker Hill Open House on Wednesday evening. We had a great time speaking with residents about current issues and public safety throughout the area. At the event we unveiled our new construction and landscaping hours brochure.  Our officers will be providing these to construction and landscaping crews with information about the boundaries of the villages and the respective days of the week and the hours of work allowed. Hopefully this will help in keeping workers from violating our quiet hours in the villages.

One of the big discussions during the evening was about the continued incidents occurring just east of the Memorial Villages area in the Tanglewood neighborhood, and the increasing driveway and home invasion robberies as there was another one of these crimes this week. 

The Modus Operandi of the criminals usually begins at an upscale restaurant or shopping center. Often but not always, the victim has utilized valet parking. It appears that the suspect(s) begins following the victim home where the victim is then robbed while in their driveway, garage or just outside of their home. Sometimes the crime occurs soon upon arriving home while in other circumstances it appears that the suspect(s) are casing the home to see of others are present. They are looking for cameras and if the resident may come back outside to complete a chore such as taking out garbage or locking vehicles.

In the most recent case, the victim had gone back outside when he was forced back into the home, assaulted and the family robbed at gun point. So, the discussion on Wednesday was how do you protect yourself?

It begins with keen awareness of your surroundings. Whenever you are out shopping or dining it is important to remain aware of your surroundings and specifically of people who either reappear around you, begin to follow you, or excessively look or stare in your direction. If using valet parking watch to see who comes out after you and loiters nearby. If you see someone who is suspicious watch them as you leave and if they quickly enter a car and head in the same direction, you may want to conduct a “heat” run.

A heat run is a driving technique where you make several turns while watching vehicles that are behind you. If you make several turns or U-turns and the vehicle continues to follow you, then it is time to drive towards a crowed location/area. If you are in the memorial villages area head to one of the three police departments, Memorial Villages PD, Hedwig PD or Spring Valley PD, or if necessary, even the Village Fire Department will suffice.

While heading towards us, call the department at 713-365-3700. If you call 911 remember you may get another agency at first depending on your location. If possible, drive past one of the area ALPR cameras, if you don’t know where they are, the emergency operator will tell you. (a list of locations is attached).

If you have the MVPD short cut app on your cell phone just touch the directions button on the front page and a map will help guide you straight to the MVPD.  To install the shortcut, open the MVPD webpage in your browser and add it to your home screen, the MVPD logo/icon will then appear on your device as a shortcut button. Officers will be dispatched and attempt to locate and stop the car/vehicle before you get to the MVPD. If they do not intercept them just continue to the MVPD and pull right in front of the department, officers are being dispatched to the MVPD.  The department also has cameras that monitor the parking lot and driveway.

Please make sure and have your license plate memorized as dispatchers will need your plate to locate you on the ALPR system so they can locate the suspect’s vehicle that is following you.  If you conduct the “heat” run and the vehicle turns or you think that you have lost them, please still call us and we will have an officer drive by your house as you arrive home. You can have the officer meet you and escort you into your home or just standby as you enter.  We will then keep an eye on your home so you can rest easy for the evening.

If you have gone out for a nice evening and have just returned not believing that you have been followed and someone unexpectedly knocks or rings your doorbell do not immediately answer the door.  If you have a video doorbell, use that to remotely answer the door. If you do not, utilize your peep hole and ask through the door who is there, of course if ever in doubt, do not open the door and call us, we will respond.

These types of brazen robberies are concerning to us as they are extremely dangerous. Remember that awareness is key.

Our officers are always on patrol looking for unusual types of driving that might signify someone is being followed. These driving behaviors include someone running a red light to keep up with a vehicle, two vehicles making U-turns right after one another or a vehicle stopping on the roadway to watch and see where another vehicle is going.  We will continue to work with surrounding agencies in solving and preventing these types of crimes.

This week MVPD officers Boggus and Vasquez attended the Presbyterian Church Scarecrow Days event with the school children.  Everyone had a great time enjoying classic fall treats, dancing, and games. Our officers even had some fun with the fire personnel who were present. (See photos)  

On Friday morning our long awaiting statue finally arrived. The statue(s) are being installed today. We will have an official unveiling at our Halloween party scheduled for October 30, 2022, at 5:30 pm. Put it on your calendar and bring the entire family. There will be “Truck or Treating”, games and food. Everything will happen right here in front of the department. Catch a sneak peek of the statue on the attached photo.

Some of you were wondering what happened off Gessner Road early this morning. Just south of Bunker Hill Village, HPD had been chasing some robbery suspects when the get-a-way car wrecked. The suspects then ran on foot with one being apprehended.  Our officers assisted HPD as a perimeter was set up to search for the remaining suspects. Two of the suspects did get away possibly into the Bayou, however we kept a presence in the area ensuring any of suspects did not return.

Someone sent us a tweet that they had received about the safest places to move to in Texas. The Memorial Villages was #4.

It should be a Chamber of Commerce weather weekend here in Houston so, if at all possible, get out and enjoy your community, I know I will. Chief Ray Schultz  


Weekly Crime Report

Bunker Hill

10/14/22 at 0800 Hours. 11700 Block of Memorial. Burglary of a Motor Vehicle.  The victim reported that sometime during the night unknown person(s) entered his unlocked vehicle and removed items that included a wallet and his ID from the vehicle.  The victim does have security cameras and will be checking them to see if they captured the suspects in the area of their car.  Information was collected and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation. 

10/19/22 at 1430 Hours. 1-100 Block of Huntington Park. Reckless Damage to Property. A pool company had gone to the victims home and drilled into the victim’s pool decking to install a series of clips for a pool cover. The workers then realized that they were at the wrong home. They contacted the homeowner and informed them of the damage that they had caused.  The victim requested a police report in order to document the damage. The workers thought that the company would fix the damage, but it was not confirmed.  

Piney Point

10/14/22 at 1345 Hours. 2200 S. Piney Point Road.  Recovered Stolen Motor Vehicle. Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the villages on S. Piney Point Road. Officers were nearby and quickly located and stopped the vehicle.  Upon speaking with the driver, it was learned that he had purchased the 2018 Audi Q5 for $10,000 from a guy at an apartment complex on Westheimer. When asked about the low price for the vehicle that is clearly worth more than what he paid he stated that he just thought it was a good deal. Officers attempted to contact the victim but without success.  The DA’s Office was contacted but declined charges due to the fact that the victim could not be located.  The vehicle was recovered, and the subject was released.  Detectives will be following up on the investigation.

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