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  Posted on: Wednesday, November 23, 2022
Chiefs Weekly Update

Memorial Villages Police Department

From the Desk of Chief Ray Schultz,

Well, it is finally here, the official beginning of the Christmas Holiday. Traditionally the holiday season begins with Thanksgiving, but unofficially it started (at least according to many stores) about a week before Halloween, and that corresponds with the increasing number of packages that we are seeing on the front porches of area residences.    We expect the number of deliveries to only increase over the coming weeks. Once again, we will be closely patrolling neighborhoods with a high visibility presence to help keep the “porch pirates” away. We will also be moving some of the most obvious packages out of sight, but we will need some help.  We are asking residents, when possible, to request the packages be placed out of sight, i.e. behind pillars, at side doors or in storage containers. You can request where you want packages placed at the time of your order where special delivery options instructions are offered. We also suggest that packages are tracked so you know when they arrive and you or some else can retrieve the packages as soon as possible.  The same for mail. Mail should be collected daily and as soon as practical. USPS mail tracking and delivery notice is available free of charge and will send you an email daily of all mail, and a scan of the envelope.  Learn more at the following link. USPS Tracking® - The Basics

I am attaching a picture from an area home from a couple of weeks back. This is a message that we don’t want to send to criminals.  Please help us and your neighbors by watching out for each other and moving packages when possible. See attached Amazon Special Delivery Instructions.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have had a couple of calls of USPS mail vehicles working on Sunday’s and some concern of the mail folks taking packages.  What is occurring is the USPS contracts with Amazon on an overtime basis to deliver packages on Sunday’s. We expect to see more mail trucks over the coming weeks. If in doubt, please get the number on the mail truck and should there be a theft we can follow up if needed.

Of course, the day after Thanksgiving is black Friday. If you are going out to one of the malls or shopping centers, please remember to lock your doors after hiding all packages out of sight. Remain extra vigilant while loading up your vehicle with gifts and other purchases. Place your shopping cart close to your vehicle where you can monitor your items that are both still in the cart and in your vehicle. Watch out for anyone approaching you to talk or ask a question as they may be trying to get your attention off your items while an accomplice takes anything they can get their hands on.  Also, be wary of people selling gift cards in parking lots. The scammers may even offer to go inside to verify with you the gift card has a balance. The problem is they have also written down the PIN code from the card and as soon as you buy it, they utilize the gift card on-line and wipe the balance by transferring it to another card and repeating the scam with someone else.  The same holds true when buying a gift card. Before checking out and buying the card at a store, make sure the card is sealed and/or PIN number is still hidden by the scratch off cover.

Since many residents will be traveling over the next 5 weeks, we want to remind everyone within the Villages of Bunker Hill, Piney Point and Hunters Creek to add your home to the house watch list. Your can add your home either on-line at or by calling us a 713-365-3700. House watches are provided at no charge, just make sure that you let us know if you return early so there are no surprises.  

Thank you to the residents who are sponsoring Thanksgiving dinner for our officers and dispatchers who will be working on Thanksgiving Day. They will be treated to a great meal. This week we also received holiday chocolates, candy, a turkey, and a ham. As always, your generosity is very much appreciated.    

Congratulations to a Spring Branch Middle School Area Football Team, the Oilers on their championship win last week.  Great Job!

The front of the station is being decorated this week and is looking good with holiday inflatables and lights. Thanks to the MVPD Foundation for sponsoring the decorations and for setting up the lights.

We will once again have our night shift team of officers driving around throughout the evening and taking a picture of their police vehicle stopped out front of homes with holiday decorations.  We will be posting one of the pictures on our Facebook page every day until New Year’s Day. Start checking the MVPD Facebook page at  Memorial Villages Police Department | Facebook to see some of our area decorated homes.

On behalf of the entire MVPD Team, we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Chief Ray Schultz  


Weekly Crime Report

Hunters Creek

11/20/22 at 0615 Hours. 200 Block of Bryn Mawr. Public Intoxication. Officers were dispatched to the area in reference to a vehicle parked in the driveway of a resident that was unfamiliar to the neighborhood.  As officers arrived, they located a male asleep inside of the vehicle. Upon waking the driver, he was found to be intoxicated.  The 27-year-old male was placed under arrest and booked into the MVPD jail until a relative arrived and bailed him out. The vehicle was towed.    

11/20/22 at 2345 Hours. 900 Block of Voss. Abandoned Vehicle/Recovered Firearm. Officers were dispatched to the area in reference to an abandoned vehicle blocking the roadway.  Upon arrival officers located the vehicle in the street with 2 flat tires. The unoccupied vehicle had the keys inside along with a loaded firearm. Officers collected the firearm for safekeeping and towed the vehicle. The driver was not located. 

No other significant activity this week.

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