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  Posted on: Friday, December 2, 2022
Chiefs Weekly Update

Memorial Villages Police Department

Memorial Villages 2022 Twinkle Light Parade Prequel - YouTube

From the Desk of Chief Ray Schultz,

All of us her at the MVPD hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving Holiday and enjoyed the extra-long weekend because of the Houston water emergency. One of the things that we learned during the water event was many residents heard about the boil water notice from friends and neighbors and those folks had learned about it from the V-Linc notices. That is when they realized that they had unsubscribed from V-Linc. We have been busy this week reactivating accounts for residents who have requested their accounts to be turned back on.  If you need your account reactivated, please contact Officer Larry Boggus at and he will assist in getting you back on-line.   New residents can register for V-Linc at

As part of the V-Linc system we have the ability to also send out SMS messages for emergencies. We used that option this week for the water boil but many of the text messages bounced back. The reason for the bounce backs was due to the registrations not including the cell phone provider information.  We are working with our V-Linc system corporate team to obtain a list of bounced text messages and to determine how best to rectify the issue.  More on that in the near future.  

The last R.A.D. class for 2022 is set for December 14 – 16th, 2022 from 10 am – 2 pm each day.  Classes will be at Chapelwood Church located at 11140 Greenbay in Piney Point. There are still a few openings for participants.  This is our yearly mother/daughter class so if you are interested, don’t let this opportunity slip by. Contact Officer Michelle Owens at to reserve your spot and to learn more about the training.   

Twinkle Light Parade. December 15th beginning at 6 pm.  In just under 2 weeks, we will be having the 2022 Annual Twinkle Light Parade. This year the parade will be even bigger and better.  The parade route will be longer traveling along Taylorcrest to Piney Point Road and then South to Memorial where a right turn will take the parade to MDPC for a holiday celebration. We expect to arrive at MDPC around 7:20 where there will be Christmas Caroling, Hot Chocolate and all the floats will be on display. Of course, Santa will be there as well.    As always, we encourage residents to line up along the parade route, enjoy the parade and meet your neighbors. Both organized and spontaneous street parties are welcomed along the route. Last year we no less than 15 groups of residents enjoying time with their neighbors and friends. We saw a few bonfires, people dressed up in their Christmas “sweaters”, kids playing and many people enjoying adult beverages, and snacks.   There are a few opportunities for a float or two to join us. If you are interested check out the rules (attached) and contact Ms. Karen Glynn for more information at  See the prequel video for the upcoming parade.  Memorial Villages 2022 Twinkle Light Parade Prequel - YouTube

Criminal Investigations Division case update. Detectives this week have been following up on a recent vehicle burglary where a wallet was taken. Detectives were able to locate video of the suspects attempting to use one of the stolen credit cards at an area business. Using video from the business, officers were able to identify a vehicle.  A follow up with the vehicle owner found that the owner had loaned the car to his mother who was visiting from out of town. When they showed him the picture of the suspect, he was surprised to see his mother as our suspect. Needless to say, we think that Christmas will be a little uncomfortable this year at his house, that is if mom is available?  More to come on this case as detectives work with the DA’s Office on obtaining a warrant for our suspects.  

Thanks to the residents who this week stopped by and dropped off food, cookies, and an ice cooler full of wild game meat, sausage, and jerky. Also, this weekend we have 2 MVPD families attending the Texans game. Thank You

The front of the station continues to grow with more Holiday decorations showing up almost daily. Please feel free to stop by and see the inflatables set up out front as the attached photo showing one family do this week.  Enjoy

Daily Holiday photos will be shared on our Facebook page today. Follow us on Facebook to see more.    Memorial Villages Police Department | Facebook Also check out the really cool Christmas Holiday Light Video.

Where’s Stormy? As we talked about several weeks ago, we are starting our “Help get Stormy back to the MVPD” contest.  This summer at an area rock painting event, children painted several rocks that included renditions of Stormy, the MVPD station service dog.  We have hidden one of those rocks in the villages. We will provide clues to where Story can be found. If you find the Stormy Rock, return her to the MVPD (Lobby) and we will give you a reward of a Stuffed Stormy Pet Doll for bringing her back.  Stormy will only be on public property or on public right-of-way. So please don’t look for her on private property.  Good Luck!

Clue: Stormy went out for a walk and went to city hall. She didn’t go to a Hill, and she didn’t go to a Point. Someone said they saw her up in the Creek. Once she got there, she looked for a dog’s favorite place, what could it be? It wasn’t a fire hydrant, just a simple tree.  She is still there sitting on the ground just waiting to be found.

Have a great weekend. Don’t forget to remain aware of your surroundings as you venture out and always keep your car doors locked. Chief Ray Schultz

Weekly Crime Report

Hunters Creek

11/25/22 at 1015 Hours. 400 Block of Thamer. Forgery. The victim reported that an unknown person had accessed a voided business check that had void written on the endorsement line. The check had been washed with someone changing the endorsement of Void, to Voi Zum as the signing/endorsing individual. The bank had cashed the check. Information about the bank and the account was collected and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

11/26/22 at 1700 Hours. Voss at I-10. Recovered stolen Motor Vehicle. Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the villages on Voss at Magnolia Bend.  Officers were close by and located the vehicle traveling north on Voss. Officers stopped the vehicle and identified the driver.  The driver stated that he had just bought the vehicle for $2000 within the past 30 minutes.  He had found the vehicle on a Marketplace Social Media account and had met the seller at a parking lot in Houston. He bought the vehicle and received a handwritten bill of sale which he had in his possession. The DA’s Office was contacted but declined charges as the driver had been the victim of a fraud as well. The vehicle was towed, and the driver released. The case was forwarded to HPD for follow up.

Piney Point

11/25/22 at 1215 Hours. 300 Block of Tynebrook. Fraud. The victim reported that she was contacted by her bank of a male attempting to withdraw funds from her account using a paper drivers license. The transaction had been declined. The victim then checked her bank account and found several other unauthorized withdraws that the bank did process amounting to thousands of dollars. The account was immediately frozen by the victim. Information about the withdraws was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

11/28/22 at 1430 Hours. 900 Block of Echo. Fraud. The victim reported that upon examining a business account he located a charge for a Comcast bill that is not associated with the business. The account is for outgoing checks only to individuals and not for any other business or transactions.  Information about the account was collected and provided to detectives who have been in contact with bank fraud investigators.

Bunker Hill

11/25/22 at 1615 Hours. 11600 Block of Green Oaks. Burglary of a Vehicle. The victim stated that sometime during the early morning hours unknown person(s) had entered his unlocked vehicle and removed his wallet and a firearm. Information about the missing firearm, the victims credit cards and ID was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.  The area was checked for video surveillance systems however, none were located that captured the area.

11/27/22 at 1645 Hours. 600 Block of Strey. Assault with an Injury. The victim stated that while walking down Strey a vehicle passed by him at which time someone inside of the vehicle shot him with an airsoft pellet gun striking him in the lip. The vehicle was identified as a Blue Honda with a Texas Plate.  Through investigation the vehicle had been at the Memorial City Mall prior to the attack.  The vehicle was found to be listed as stolen by juveniles in Houston on the 25th of November. The vehicle did not hit on any other ALPR cameras and had entered the area on Riedel. The vehicle was seen leaving the area on an ALPR camera after the attack on Memorial.   The victim observed a young male in the back seat of the vehicle at the time of the shooting. Detectives were notified and took over the investigation.  The suspect vehicle was later recovered by HPD after a crash in the City of Houston. The subjects had run from that crash and were not caught by HPD.  The investigation is on-going.  

12/1/22 at 0915 Hours. 1-100 Block of Valley Forge. Theft. A contractor reported that unknown subject(s) removed approximately 35 feet of specialty wiring from a home under construction. The home was last visited by the owner on Saturday morning. When leaving, the homeowner could not lock the lock as it was sticking and had notified the contractor. The contractor locked the lock later that evening but did not inspect the property. On this date an electrician returned to the property to complete work in the area and found the wiring to be missing. Information about the theft was collected and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

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