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  Posted on: Friday, March 24, 2023
Chief's Weekly Report

Memorial Villages Police Department

From the Desk of Chief Ray Schultz,


On Tuesday afternoon 3/21/2023 officers responded to a theft call on Hacienda Lane in Piney Point Village. The victim reported that she was at the home unloading items and upon returning to her vehicle for a second load she observed a male suspect slam her car door and then run and jump into a white jeep before speeding away. The victim checked her vehicle and found $3000.00 that she had just withdrew from her bank located at Woodway and Voss was missing along with her ID, credit and debit cards.   Detectives were monitoring radio traffic and heard the call and immediately asked for the license plate on the victim’s car. Once they were provided that information, they located the victim’s car on the ALPR system as it left the area of the bank and traveled to the Hacienda address. Detectives also observed a white jeep following the victim all the way to the house. The license plate on the jeep was checked and found to be registered to a black jeep. An extended search showed that the license plate had been on the black jeep as late as Monday and only showed up on the white jeep on Tuesday prior to the crime. (Note: The plate was later ((after the case had been solved)) found to have been stolen earlier in the day). Detectives then began running the suspects license plate through the ALPR database looking to see if it was actively moving around. Detectives continued rerunning the plate every 5-10 minutes or so and approximately 90 minutes later the suspect vehicle license plate hit an ALPR camera located near 610 and Westheimer. (Note: The MVPD was just granted access to these newly installed cameras and added them to our account on Monday). Believing that the suspects were heading back towards the same area to commit additional crimes, MVPD personnel began checking area banks.

A short time later the suspect vehicle was located with suspects sitting inside, monitoring a bank located on Westheimer near Yorktown. (1.25 miles from the location of the earlier crime). MVPD detectives and staff then set-up surveillance on the white Jeep that was parked in a location where the occupants could observe the bank lobby and 2 outside ATM’s. After approximately 20 minutes, officers became concerned due to heavy pedestrian foot traffic and the beginning of rush hour and decided to make contact with the suspects who were still sitting in the running vehicle. Officers conducted a rapid response field takedown of the vehicle and took the 2 suspects into custody.   Officers located the victim’s driver’s license, credit and debit cards inside of the vehicle along with $1500 on each suspect.  The two suspects were both found to be active gang members, one was out on bond for prior crimes and the other had warrants for his arrest. The suspects were booked into the Harris County Jail on Felony theft charges and their vehicle was towed. The victim’s property and cash were recovered.

Excellent work by our MVPD team. Note: The bank manager was extremely thankful as he stated that they have been having these types of crimes occurring on a weekly basis. A victim from a previous jugging was inside of the bank at the time of the take down and was happy to see some justice being served.  

Now you might think that that was the end of the story but unfortunately it is not. Much to our surprise, the first thing on Wednesday morning, one of the suspects appeared at the MVPD station asking to retrieve the license plates that he had removed from his car and replaced with the stolen ones and to retrieve money that he said was his. He did not want any of the 30-brand new $100 dollar bills, just the small amount of extra cash that he said was his. When asked how he had gotten out of jail so quickly he told us that he had been released on his own recognizance (with no bond) and put on house arrest. He stated that he is only allowed to leave his home for court and/or to search for a job (he has been unemployed for 10 years). He stated that he was to call a phone number if he needed to leave his home. We asked if he had called that phone number before coming to the station, and he stated that he had called the number, but no one answered? This particular suspect, has 6 prior arrests and several felony convictions, his accomplice had 5 prior arrests and also had prior felony convictions. His accomplice was released on a bond Thursday. He too showed up at the MVPD but on Thursday afternoon. He wanted to see what it would take to get his charges reduced to a misdemeanor. We told him that was a discussion for him to have with the D.A., and that we would be remaining with our Felony Theft charges and not recommending any changes.

These two characters were obviously planning on committing additional crimes when we took them into custody. After our conversation with the suspects, we do not believe they will be returning to the Memorial Villages area, however, both are now back out in the Houston community. Please remember to remain vigilant, attentive, and aware when going to a bank or financial institution. Double check and make sure that you are not being watched or followed. While at the bank, ask for withdrawn money to be put in an envelope and then while still at the window, put the money in your purse, wallet, bag or pocket. Do not recount the money in public view or stop in a doorway or lobby to check your funds or to move money around.  When you get to your destination, re-scan the area and make sure no one has followed you or has parked nearby. When it is safe, leave your vehicle taking all valuables, especially cash withdraws with you.

R.A.D. There are still a couple of spots left for next week’s RAD training.  This is an afternoon class so with school still in session this is a great opportunity for our stay at home moms to attend our regular RAD Class.  Contact Officer Michelle Owens at to learn more or to reserve your place in class.

Officer Monica Vasquez held her first D.A.R.E. graduation this morning at Frostwood Elementary School. The students were treated to a special Hot Dog lunch cooked by MVPD staff and sponsored by the PTA. Congratulations to the Frostwood 5th grade Spring 2023 D.A.R.E. graduates.

Officer Eric Silliman graduated from motorcycle training last week and has been out patrolling on the MVPD electric motorcycle this week. Expect to see him out on a regular basis as he takes on this new assignment.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by last Saturday's Coffee with a COP event. FBI special agent Stephen Lupo was a huge hit as he lead his class on "Run, Hide, Fight" as was the new MVPD prize wheel. Our next community event is in 2 weeks with the 4th Annual MVPF Food Truck Rodeo.  

Have a great weekend. Chief Ray Schultz


Weekly Crime Report

Hunters Creek

3/19/23 at 1700 Hours. 10600 Block of Beinhorn. Driving While Intoxicated. Officers responded to the area after receiving a call from a motorist of a suspicious vehicle that appeared to be following them. Upon arrival to the area officers located the suspect vehicle and observed it failed to properly stop at a stop sign. Officers initiated a traffic stop at which time they located an open container and observed signs of intoxication. The male driver was given a series of sobriety tests which he failed. The driver was placed under arrest and a subsequent breath test found his BAC to be 3 times the legal limit.  The 27-year-old male was booked into the Harris County Jail and the vehicle was towed.   

Piney Point

3/21/23 at 1205 Hours. 1-100 Block of Hacienda Lane. Felony Theft. See the above VLINC narrative for incident details. Two male suspects (both age 29) were located and booked into the Harris County Jail on the Theft Charge. The suspect vehicle was towed from the scene.

3/21/23 at 1245 Hours. 1 – 100 Block of Carsey Lane. Theft of Lawn Equipment. The victim, who is an area contractor stated that while he was performing landscaping work at a nearby residence, unknown persons had entered his unlocked van and removed multiple grass and shrubbery trimmers from his vehicle. The vehicle had been on location since 0830 hours on this date. The theft was not discovered until approximately 1230 hours.  Information about the theft was collected and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

Bunker Hill

3/22/23 at 1100 Hours. 400 Block of Bunker Hill Road. Fraud. The victim reported that he received notice from PayPal that an account had been established by an unknown person who used the victims’ personal identifiers. The victim’s address had also been changed from the victim address to another location.  The account was frozen, and the victim has not experienced any financial loss.  PayPal requested a police report be filed to document the activity.

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