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  Posted on: Friday, April 30, 2021
From the Office of the Chief of Police

Another busy week for our officers and detectives as we have been diligently working the burglary cases that we have sent out in the previous V-Linc’s this week.  This particular crew of “Gypsy” thieves is very probably a part of the same crew that was in the area last year. Our detectives have teamed up with HPD, HCSO, Constables and Conroe PD to work these cases. In the past 24 hours detectives have been successful in developing several solid leads and identifying suspects. One of the challenges of these types of “Gypsy” burglary crews is their nomadic lifestyle. They are most likely staying in hotels or motels and will move frequently. Officers and detectives from multiple agencies are currently looking for our suspects and hope to bring this burglary crew to a quick conclusion.

In the meantime, please do not fall prey to their scam of leaving your home (front door) to view something in your yard, backyard or anywhere away from your home. There will always be a second suspect who will enter your home and steal anything they can get their hands on. Should someone approach your home with one of these types of stories/requests contact us immediately at 713-365-3700.    

Two nights ago, we had a transient wandering through the area between 1:30 and 3:30 am. The middle-aged white male was pulling on door handles of vehicles looking for unlocked cars. While the suspect appears to have entered 3 vehicles, he did not steal anything. Please ensure that all vehicles are kept locked at all times. We have stepped up patrols to include having some unmarked vehicles looking for suspicious overnight foot traffic.

Lots of rain is expected throughout the day, overnight and tomorrow.  Please monitor drains, culverts and ditches for debris. One clogged drain can create localized street flooding and damage to property.  

Early this morning a reckless driver drove through and damaged the new rock garden and landscaping on Taylorcrest at Echo. The overly tired driver had fallen asleep, crashing, and causing the damage. He was cited and will be required to pay for the repairs. Village crews were notified.

Thanks to the residents who sent over the girl scout cookies this week and to non-resident but MVPD supporter who brought lunch to the department yesterday. The fried catfish was a huge hit with everyone.

Since we have had lots of V-linc activity this week, I will keep this report short. Read more about area incidents below. Have a safe weekend. Chief Ray Schultz


Weekly Crime Report

Piney Point

4/25/21 at 1015 Hours. 1-100 Block of Brompton Court. Theft. The victim reported that upon inquiring as to the status of an expected delivery she was informed that the delivery had been made. The victim did not receive the items. It is believed that the items may have been stolen from the porch. Information was collected and provided to detectives who have taken over the investigation.

4/26/21 at 1515 Hours. 1-100 Block of Farnham Park. Fraud/Theft.  Upon examining his financial statements, the victim noticed a large sum of funds to be missing from an account. Further investigation showed two large withdraws occurring on 4/13 and 4/15 that the victim did not make. The victim contacted the financial institution however, they would not provide him with any specific information about the withdraws. Information was obtained from the victim about the accounts and bank and provided to detectives who have taken over the investigation.

4/28/21 at 1955 Hours. 600 Block of Piney Point Road. Burglary of a Habitation. Officers responded to the area when a resident called to inform officers of suspects who had come to his home that matched a previous V-Linc message. Upon the initial contact with the subject at the door the victim had a minor confrontation with the suspect after he questioned as to why he was there. The suspect asked the victim to speak with his boss who was on the side of the residence. The victim went to speak with the “boss” but after a few seconds realized what was occurring. The victim went back inside of his home and contacted the MVPD. Then, upon reviewing his security system saw where a suspect had entered his home before running out just before the victim returned. Detectives responded to the residence and were able to lift a fingerprint for comparison. Detectives have taken over the investigation. The primary suspect is described as a male with a medium complexion, mid 20’s, possible Hispanic, middle-eastern or Romanian, wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, Black cap with Texas Flag on it and a white bandana with “Columbia” Brand markings.  The “boss” was described as a larger Hispanic, middle eastern or Romanian male, short black hair, 6’2”, muscular build, wearing new white tennis shoes. (photo attached)

4/29/21 at 1430 Hours. 200 Block of Hedwig. Burglary of a Vehicle. The victim reported that sometime during the night unknown person(s) entered her unlocked vehicle and rummaged through the interior. It does not appear that anything is missing from the vehicle. A check of nearby video surveillance located a subject on the property at 0117 hours. Detectives have been notified and have taken over the investigation.

4/29/21 at 1700 Hours. 1-100 Block of Stayton Circle. Burglary of a Vehicle. The victim reported that upon reviewing his home security system he located a male subject entering his vehicle at approximately 0325 hours in the morning. The vehicle was unlocked at the time and nothing appears to be missing.  The subject is described as a middle-aged white male (possible transient) carrying a duffle bag and wearing a white “puffy” jacket. Detectives were notified and have taken over the investigation.

4/30/21 at 0130 Hours. Echo at Taylorcrest. Reckless Driving.  Officers were dispatched to the area in reference to a reckless driver. Upon arrival to the area MVPD and Hedwig PD officers located the vehicle that had run through the landscaping on the corner causing damage to village property.  The driver was not intoxicated but extremely tired and had fallen asleep. The driver passed sobriety tests. The vehicle was towed from the scene. The driver was issued traffic citations for his driving and subsequent damage.

Bunker Hill

4/27/21 at 1400 Hours. 200 Block of Kilts. Fraud. While conducting other business with a financial institution, the victim was informed that he had some outstanding debt. Knowing this was incorrect the victim investigated further and found that unknown subject(s) had used his personal information to open various utility accounts at properties the victim does not own or know about. Information about the accounts and properties were obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

4/27/21 at 1700 Hours. 11600 Block of Blalock Lane. Burglary of a Habitation. The victim responded to the front door where a male suspect described as short, wearing a red plaid shirt and blue jeans told the victim that he was there to cut some trees in a neighbor’s yard and needed to inspect the area and fence. The victim told the subject to wait so she could get her husband. The husband then took the now, two suspects to the rear to view the trees. One of the subjects asked the husband to get his wife so he could show her what work was going to be done since she would be home when the work was going to be performed.

As soon as the husband returned with his wife the second subject disappeared. It was later determined that while the first suspect kept the couple busy, the second suspect entered the home and removed some jewelry from the home. The theft was not discovered until the couple returned to the home and found items had been moved and some were now missing. Detectives were notified. Detectives are following up on the case and working with other agencies in the area that have also experienced similar cases. 

Texas Workforce Fraud Cases - The following are cases reported this week from residents who learned that fraudulent unemployment cases were initiated using their personal identifiers.

4/23/21 at 1000 Hours. 1-100 Block of Smithdale Court. Hunters Creek.

4/24/21 at 0930 Hours. 400 Block of Hunterwood. Hunters Creek.

4/26/21 at 1530 Hours. 1-100 Block of Cape Cod. Hunters Creek.

4/26/21 at 1645 Hours. 200 Block of Bryn Mawr Circle. Hunters Creek.

4/26/21 at 1800 Hours. 11900 Block of Winwood. Bunker Hill. 

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