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“Overnight” 3/19/20

Good Morning Village Residents. First this morning, I want to thank everyone who edited their V-LINC profiles and for providing the information that we requested. Ms. Valerie Wallace our Communications Division Manager called each one of our residents who let us know that they are currently ill or sick just to check on them. Fortunately, no one is recovering from the virus and all are doing pretty well.

We also appreciate the over 50 residents who let us know that they are currently at high risk (as per CDC guidelines). Everyone let us know that they are currently stocked with meds and supplies, however depending on the length of the social distancing mandate, they may need assistance in the future. I also want to thank the residents who offered to help those who may need some assistance.  We have started a list of volunteers and will keep that should we need to enlist them to help out. Volunteers can email our dispatch team at Please provide your name, address and phone number.  If we need your help, we will try and match you with someone who lives nearby so we have neighbor helping neighbor.

Yesterday, Officers Juan Valdez and Frank Lerma grilled some fresh flank steak for our patrol team and dispatchers. With limited lunch options and not wanting to get stuck in a drive-up window lines, they treated staff to fresh Fajita’s.  They must have been pretty good because I could not find any leftovers after I ate my turkey sandwich. (See attached picture of our grill-masters).

At noon, our command team participated in a National COVID 19 Webinar for Law Enforcement. We learned from some of the hardest hit communities in Washington State and New York, on how the coronavirus effected their operations and staff. Since there is no “plan” on how to deal with a virus of this magnitude, we listened intensely in order to identify how we can continue to provide service, and also protect our team. Staff left with some instructions to adjust our policies and better equip our officers.

Have a great day. If you can, get outside and get some fresh humid air. Not too hot and not too cold. The spring flowers are beautiful and are ready to be enjoyed. But as always, don’t forget your social distancing and frequent washing of hands. My weekly V-LINC report will be out later today. 

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