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  Posted on: Friday, September 3, 2021
From the Office of the Chief of Police

It’s finally here!  The only evening RAD Class for 2021.  We expect this class to fill up quickly so if you want to attend don’t wait too long before signing up.  The 2021 evening RAD Class will be held over 4 evenings, September 29 and 30, and October 6 and 7 from 530pm until 830pm. Each class will build on the previous class. Attendees will leave with a new level of confidence and be much more prepared to protect themselves, their families and friends. COVID safe protocols will be utilized.  The classes will be held at Chapelwood United Methodist Church located at 11140 Greenbay in Piney Point.  Reserve your place by contacting Officer Michelle Owens at

Last Friday during our huge mail theft arrest and investigation there was a second mail theft investigation coming to a conclusion. Over the past several months our detectives had been working several cases of mail theft from area USPS mailboxes located just outside of the villages. The Postal Inspectors Office had enjoined us and Hedwig PD in the investigation and our detectives and investigators worked in collaboration and were able to successfully get an indictment on our suspect. Read the US Attorney’s Office News Release (attached) for additional details. Great job by both teams of detectives in putting together this large and complex case.

Yesterday afternoon officers and detectives attempted to arrest another serial mail thief who was in our area looking to steal more mail. When officers attempted to stop the suspect, he fled from our officers driving on the wrong side of the street. When the vehicle turned going towards Hunters Creek Elementary School officers called off trying to stop the suspect for the safety of the community. Minutes later, the suspects vehicle hit again on an ALPR as he was now driving the Longwoods neighborhood, again looking for mail.

Once again officers responded to the area. Upon seeing the officers, the vehicle fled driving recklessly towards Duchesne Academy.  Again, officers did not pursue out of an abundance of caution and due to safety. The good thing is our officers were able to positively identify the suspect as they clearly saw him. Detectives are obtaining another arrest warrant for this serial offender. Hopefully, the next time he is arrested he will stay in jail and not get another trip through the revolving doors of justice. In the meantime, please remove your mail as soon as possible each and every day. Good work by our patrol team.

This weekend we celebrate Labor Day. Unfortunately, this weekend is also known as a drinking weekend, meaning we expect to see additional drunk drivers on street across the metro area. Please be extra careful if out driving, especially during the evening hours. We will have officers out looking for drunk drivers and will have no problem arresting them and towing their vehicles.

Have a great weekend, Chief Ray Schultz


Weekly Crime Report

Piney Point

8/27/21 at 1800 Hours. 1-100 Block of Mott Lane. Theft. The victim reported that after not receiving a package that he was expecting, he checked the tracking number and found that the item was delivered to his home on August 10th at 1230 pm however he had not received it. This information was verified by FedEx. A check of a nearby ALPR showed the FedEx truck in the area at the time of the delivery. Other nearby residential security cameras were not working. Information about the theft was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

8/31/21 at 1500 Hours. 300 Block of Piney Point. Lost Item/Theft. The victim reported that her daughter had left her laptop sitting on the ground after putting on her shoes and getting on her bus. Upon realizing she had forgotten the laptop a return trip to the school could not locate the laptop. The victim waited hoping someone would turn in the laptop to school officials however that has not yet occurred. A police report was generated. (Note: The laptop serial number was entered into NCIC).

9/2/21 at 1215 Hours. 1-100 Block of Windermere. Theft. The victim reported that while performing landscaping work at a residence an unknown suspect(s) removed landscaping equipment from the victim’s equipment trailer. A check of nearby ALPR data located 2 vehicles of interest. Information was collected and provided to detectives who are following up on the investigation.

Hunters Creek

8/27/21 at 2115 Hours. 500 Block of Three Corners. Theft of Mail/Fraud.  The victim reported that upon reviewing her bank statement she located a check that she had written and mailed had been intercepted, washed and reissued. The check had been mailed at a mailbox near San Felipe and Voss by the 24-Hour Fitness. Information about the check was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

8/31/21 at 1330 Hours. 10800 Block of Smithdale. Theft.  The victim reported that an unknown person(s) had removed the front license plate from her vehicle. It is unknown where the theft occurred. A report was taken, and the stolen plate entered into NCIC.

Bunker Hill

9/2/21 at 1800 Hours. 100 Block of Hickory Ridge. Attempted Fraud. The victim reported that an unknown suspect ordered items to be picked up at a department store and delivered to an address that the victim no longer lives at. The items were charged to the victim’s credit card.  Officers went to that address and intercepted the delivery driver.  The items had been ordered using a third-party app.  The delivery driver was unaware of the attempted fraud.  The house where the items were to be delivered also had nothing to do with the attempted fraud. (Note: The house is also in BH Village). The victims credit card was frozen, and the items returned to the store by the delivery service.  Detectives were notified of the attempted crime and have taken over the investigation. 

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