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  Posted on: Friday, October 8, 2021
From the Office of the Chief of Police

Another busy week with fraudulent activity in the area (read more below). Please continue to closely monitor your bank and financial accounts on-line and to look for suspicious activity.  Also, please do not allow anyone who you do not know to take remote control of your computer. Once a person is granted access to your computer, it is very easy for them to open anything that is on your computer and if you have auto-fill passwords tuned on, they can just click on the site, and it will open just as if you were opening it.

The number of scams and phishing attempts continue to be very prevalent, and the person/suspect can be very convincing. If ever in doubt discontinue the call, text messaging or on-line chat.  You should then initiate the inquiry with the legitimate business/bank etc... by using a known and already established website or phone number.  Do not just click through on a site that the person has provided as the visible web site address may be a spoofed address. The same for the phone number that they supply. Even 1-800 numbers can be fake.

If somehow you do allow someone to take control of your computer and then realize that it might be fraud, disconnect the computer as soon as possible.

These groups of scammers are specifically targeting older residents. Please speak with parents, older relatives, adults and neighbors about these disturbing trends and what to look for. Often it is our older residents who are reluctant to ask for help with computers. The scammers know that and try to exploit that vulnerability.

A resident reported to us this week that he received a call from the “US Border Patrol” needing his help. He quickly realized that the Border Patrol would not be asking for his help and hung-up the phone. So beware, these guys will try anything and everything in an attempt to steal from you.   

Halloween -Trunk or Treat (X2). So far, we know of two Trunk or Treat events occurring this year here in the villages. Both events are on Halloween night. The first is from 4 pm – 5:30 pm at Chapelwood United Methodist Church in parking lot B. Trunk or Treat | Chapelwood United Methodist Church The second event is here at the MVPD in our front parking Lot. We will host our Trunk or Treat from 5:30 pm – 8 pm. So, if you are out trick or treating stop by both events and grab a treat.

On Wednesday morning our MVPD hosted an area detective meeting at Bunker Hill City Hall. Over 50 detectives from surrounding jurisdictions attended the working meeting to discuss the area’s most active criminals and their latest crime trends.  Attendance included investigators from the State of Texas Department of Corrections, Probation and Parole, DPS and US Postal Inspectors. The meeting was highly productive and great information was shared by all.

The past 2 days Officer Boggus has been in Grimes County actively involved in the search for a missing child. Officer Boggus and the MVPD drone have been assisting in the search by mapping the area and using the drone’s heat signature FLIR system. Our thanks to Officer Boggus for his expertise in Drone operations and to the MVPD Foundation and residents for sponsoring the MVPD drone.

Yet another RAD Class graduated this week. Congratulations to the participants! Photo attached.

And finally, the fall time change is not until November 7, 2021, this year. This means that our mornings are dark until about 7:15 or so.  As we have lots of early walkers out, some as early 5 am please be extra careful and do not walk in the streets where sidewalks are present. We continue to hear concerns from residents on their way to work being surprised by walkers in the street on Taylorcrest, Bunker Hill Road and Beinhorn.

Have a great weekend. Chief Ray Schultz


Weekly Report

Hunters Creek

10/1/21 at 2300 Hours. 1-100 Block of Shannon Circle. Possession of Fraudulent Documents. Officers initiated a traffic stop after observing a vehicle traveling on Voss that was displaying an altered/obstructed license plate.  Upon stopping the vehicle and approaching the driver, the male admitted that the license plate did not belong on the vehicle and that he had placed it on the vehicle. When asked for identification he stated that he had none. The subject was extremely nervous and upon further inquiry he stated that he did have a wallet with some identification. The wallet was produced however the identification was found to be fraudulent. After being advised of his rights, the male informed officers that he had bought the fake ID from “a guy” in order to be able to work in the US.   The identification had the subject’s photo on it but contained someone else’s name and personal identifiers.  The DA’s Office was contacted however they declined any charges, stating that they wanted the person whose name was on the fictitious ID contacted to verify that he had not allowed anyone to use his information? Officers attempted to locate anyone with the very common name and date of birth through state databases however there was no return. The suspect admitted that he had been using the false identification for employment, tax and SS purposes even though it was all fraudulent. All documents were collected along with the license plate.  The subject was cited and released. Detectives have taken over the investigation and will attempt to locate a person to the “fake” name, DOB and SSN.

10/5/21 at 2130 Hours. 700 Block of Creekside. Theft. The victim reported that she recently had some work completed by contractors at her home. Soon after the work was completed, she found that 2 pieces of jewelry were missing from her home in the area where the contractors were working. The victim had contacted the contractor for the names of the workers and was waiting for that information.  Information about the missing items and the company was collected and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

10/6/21 at 1800 Hours. 10700 Block of Old Coach. Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon. Officers initiated a traffic stop after observing a vehicle speeding on Voss.  Upon approaching the driver officers could smell the odor of marijuana emitting from the truck. Upon searching the vehicle officers located a loaded and stolen handgun and marijuana inside of the truck. The handgun had been reported as stolen on September 25th. The 24-year-old male was placed under arrest and booked into the Harris County Jail.

Bunker Hill

10/3/21 at 0300 Hours. 11600 Block of Windy Lane. Public Intoxication. Officers responded to the area in reference to a vehicle stuck in the ditch. Upon arrival officers located a truck in the ditch and a male standing in the street nearby. The male was observed to almost be hit by a passing vehicle.  The male was found to be intoxicated. Because officers had not seen the subject inside of the vehicle, he could not be arrested for DWI.  The 50-year-old male was placed under arrest for public intoxication and booked into the MVPD jail. His vehicle was towed.

10/5/21 at 1330 Hours. 11600 Block of Mockingbird. Fraud.  The victim reported that he was notified of suspicious activity on his credit card. A review of the card found it being used 3 times for various services in the Houston area. The card was cancelled, and the charges declined.  Information about the card usage and locations was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

10/6/21 at 1300 Hours. 11600 Block of Shady Grove. Fraud/Mail Theft.  The victim reported that a check that she had been expecting never arrived at her home. Upon looking into the matter, she learned that the check had been mailed to her but had been stolen and cashed by someone else.  The victim was able to obtain a copy of the check and provide it to officers.  Information was collected and provided to detectives who have taken over the investigation. (Note: Officers had investigated thefts of mail in the area on September 5th, 2021.

10/6/21 at 2030 Hours. Bunker Hill. Fraud. The victim reported that he had received an email that he believed was from PayPal in reference to a possible fraudulent charge. (Note: See the email that the victim asked we share with the community).  The victim called the toll-free number and thought he was talking to a customer service representative.  During the call the suspect convinced the caller to allow the person to take control of the victim’s computer remotely. After taking control of the victim’s computer, the suspect accessed the victims bank account and moved monies between the victim’s own accounts. The suspect then convinced the victim that he had accidentally deposited monies into the victims account and would get fired unless the victim refunded the funds via obtaining gift cards. The victim believed that the money was due and did not realize that his own funds had been used to create the pending deposit. The victim did go and purchase gift cards and then provided the information to the suspect. Upon reviewing his banking accounts, he then realized that his own funds had been transferred between accounts that made it look like a deposit had been made. The suspect was very convincing and duped the victim.  Information about the phone number and emails was obtained and provided to detectives who have taken over the investigation.

Piney Point

10/7/21 at 1045 Hours. 1-100 Block of Stillforest. Identity Theft. The victim reported that he was notified of a credit card account being opened and another being denied, neither of which the victim had initiated. A check into the matter found that a person was using the victims personal identifies in an attempt to defraud him and others.  Information about the accounts was obtained and provided to detectives who have taken over the investigation.

10/8/21 at 1015 Hours. 1-100 Block of Stillforest. Fraud.  The victim reported that she learned that a fraudulent check had been altered, cashed, and charged against her account.  Information about the check was collected and provided to detectives for their investigation.  

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