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  Posted on: Friday, July 31, 2020
From the Office of the Chief of Police

Good afternoon. Well we made it through last weekend’s storms with minimal impact on the Villages. Other than a couple of trees that fell, no significant damage and no flooding. Thanks to everyone for clearing out the drains, grates and culverts. We will continue to monitor developing storms in the Gulf and let you know if anything develops.

Tomorrow is the first day of August and that means that school (of some type) is right around the corner. Many of you have delayed vacations however, with school quickly approaching we are seeing an uptick in house watches for long overdue vacations. If you are going out of town, please let us know. You can register online or give us a call at 713-365-3700. House watches are important as they get our units to spend more time on some streets where they might not travel as frequently. House watches also change up our patrol patterns and random patrol patterns are the ones that are most likely to help us discover any bad actors who may be in the area.

Empty and abandoned homes in the area: This week officers were sent to check on a van that was stuck in the mud on a property of an empty “for sale” home. Upon investigating the vehicle, officers came across a homeless couple that owned the van. They told officers that they were homeless and driving around and decided to stop at the property. After they became stuck, they unloaded all of their property and placed it behind the home. Officers assisted the couple in freeing their van and then asked that they reload their property and move on, which they did.  The reason why I am mentioning this it appeared that the couple had been intending on staying at the property for a while.  These situations can become very “sticky” should someone establish themselves on a vacant/abandoned property.

The MVPD continues to monitor empty homes and we include them on our house watch list. Over the next week we will be inventorying the villages to identify every currently vacant home. Officers will be checking every street and compiling a master list. A few of these homes have been vacant for 10+ years. Vacant homes can attract the types of problems that we want to avoid. We will be sharing the lists with Village officials in order to better protect the homes in question and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Congratulations to the Riverbend Neighborhood and the addition of the newest ALPR system. The camera has been installed at River Bend and River Glyn and is a welcomed addition to the MVPD network.

A couple more recovered stolen vehicles were discovered this week and more criminals arrested. YTD recovered vehicles stand at 39 cars, trucks and SUV’s. Read about this week’s arrests below. 

Burglary Update: On Wednesday MVPD detectives obtained an arrest warrant for 2 suspects who were identified as the burglars involved in a burglary incident that occurred on 7/11/20.  Detectives were able to identify the suspects based on latent fingerprints obtained from the crime scene and by using area video surveillance footage. Great work by our detectives and our crime scene specialist officer in obtaining the fingerprints. We look forward to seeing this pair of criminals in court.

There continues to be a number of active scams in the area, some old and some new. Robo calls are currently prevalent, one telling residents that they are due an inheritance, and another stating your Windows account has been compromised and will be disabled unless you provide your birthdate and SSN. (2 weeks ago, it was an Amazon account that had been frozen). There is also one coming from spoofed phone numbers from the DEA, claiming that criminal charges will be pending unless an on-line fine is paid via wire-transfer or through gift cards.  Please continue to remain vigilant and do not fall for these scams and phishing schemes. Never provide personal information, unless you initiate the contact and are sure that you are dealing with a legitimate business. 

And finally, the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over. Please continue to utilize face covering when and where appropriate, maintain social distancing and avoid crowds. Frequent hand washing and disinfecting continue to be a must. We can beat this thing, if we all do our part.

Have a great weekend. Chief Ray Schultz


Weekly Crime Report

Bunker Hill

7/28/20 at 1400 Hours. 1-100 block of Smithdale Estates. Fraud. The victim reported that she had been notified by Best Buy of an attempted on-line fraud against her account by an unknown individual. The order had not been processed by the store however, they wanted her to be notified. Information about the fraudulent activity was collected and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

7/29/20 at 2215 Hours. 11800 Block of Taylorcrest. Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle. Officers were notified of a stolen vehicle traveling on Blalock from Memorial.  Officers located the vehicle on Taylorcrest and initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle initially complied but as officers were exiting their vehicles the suspects fled from officers in the stolen vehicle. The vehicle however, got stuck on a dead-end on Timber Hill. The suspects then ran on foot. Hedwig officers were also present and assisted in the foot pursuit and in establishing a perimeter. Officers were able to catch and detain the suspects in the yard of a home on Duart. A male and a female were taken into custody. The male suspect admitted to stealing the vehicle from a business in Houston. Both the 19-year-old female and the 21-year-old male suspects were booked into the Harris County Jail and the vehicle recovered.

7/30/20 at 0800 Hours. 11900 Block of Memorial. Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle. Officers were notified of a stolen vehicle traveling on Memorial Drive near the MVPD station. Officers located the vehicle traveling on Strey and initiated a traffic stop. Officers took a male suspect into custody. The 26-year-old male was booked into the Harris County Jail and the vehicle which was full of tools was recovered.

Piney Point

7/30/20 at 1045 Hours. 11100 Block of Greenbay. Criminal Mischief. Officers were notified of damage to Church property. Upon arrival officers located where unknown suspect(s) had spray painted graffiti on a maintenance building. Officers photographed the damage and will be checking area surveillance footage for any footage of possible suspects. Detectives were notified of the damage and are taking over the investigation. 

Hunters Creek

7/26/20 at 1130 Hours. 10700 Block of Bridlewood. Burglary of a Motor Vehicle.  The victim reported that sometime during the previous 24 hours an unknown person had entered his unlocked vehicle and removed 2 pair of golf shoes. On this date the victim had gone outside and saw his car door ajar and upon further examination found that the glovebox had been rummaged through and the shoes missing. Other items had been left behind. A crime scene officer examined the vehicle for possible latent fingerprints. Officers observed 2 nearby surveillance cameras which the victim stated he would have checked for any footage of the suspects. Information was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

7/26/20 at 1800 Hours. 200 Block of Voss. Unlawful use of a Stolen Motor Vehicle/Felony Arrest Warrant. Officers were notified of a stolen vehicle traveling on Voss. Officers were nearby and observed the stolen Dodge truck. Officers initiated a traffic stop however, the vehicle initially refused to stop and proceeded along Voss and then east on the Katy Freeway before finally stopping. The driver was taken into custody at which time officers learned that the suspect also had a felony warrant out for his arrest for aggravated assault.  The 32-year-old male was booked into the Harris County Jail and the vehicle was recovered. 

7/27/20 at 1930 Hours. 600 Block of Hunters Grove. Harassment. The victim reported that she has been receiving harassing text messages from an unknown person who also claimed to be watching her. Information was obtained about the text messages and were forwarded to detectives. The home was placed on a house-watch. Detectives are following up on the case.

7/29/20 at 0700 Hours. 600 Block of Hunters Grove. Burglary of a Motor Vehicle. The victim reported that upon going to his vehicle this morning, he found the door open and the interior to have been rummaged through. The victim had left the vehicle unlocked. A check of area surveillance footage showed the interior vehicle light to illuminate at approximately 0315 hours. No one could be seen in the video, only an arm and leg of a suspect. A few minutes later vehicle headlights can be seen traveling down the street at a high rate of speed. Nothing appeared to be missing from the vehicle at this time. Officers forwarded information to detectives for their follow up investigation. 

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