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  Posted on: Thursday, March 26, 2020
Overnight 3/25/2020

The last two mornings I have arrived at the MVPD a little earlier than normal in order to speak with a few of the night-shift officers and to see how things have been going overnight. Specifically, I asked how many people are they seeing out and about? I was surprised to learn that the officers were troubled with the volume of traffic. They told me that they continue to monitor virtually the same amount of traffic as they normally see. I asked if there was one group or another of people that they were seeing? Young vs old? Etc… They told me that they were basically seeing everyone. From people going to play tennis well after midnight to young couples out for a ride, to teenagers looking for an open drive thru restaurant.  So, with that, we know how important it is for us to continue our aggressive patrols throughout the night looking for the occasional miscreants who are up to no good.

The officers also wanted me to pass along that they see a lot more vehicles parked in driveways and on the street due to college students being home. They ask that everyone please ensure that all cars and trucks have the doors locked, because they have also seen an increase in cut-through foot traffic along Gessner, Blalock and Voss.

The evening officers have also seen a few panhandlers appear at intersections in the villages. One of them that officers dealt with, was found to be a registered sex offender. The officers informed the subject of the no soliciting ordinances that are in effect in all 3 villages and requested that he move on, which he did. Obviously as the strain increases on the economy across the country due to the COVID 19 coronavirus outbreak, I expect we will see an increase in panhandlers and others asking for help/assistance. If you want to help those in need please avoid direct contact with panhandlers especially during this time of social distancing. Our churches here in the Villages all do a tremendous job of helping those in need and will gladly accept any donations. By donating to a local church group, you can be ensured that your gift will go to someone who is truly in need of help and not inadvertently funding someone’s drug addiction.  In addition to the panhandlers we are also seeing more people passing out handbills for services. If you are not yet registered as a No Soliciting Residence, please do so at click on the right side of the web page.

Happy Thursday  

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