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  Posted on: Friday, March 25, 2022
From the Office of the Chief of Police

Thank you to the over 100 people who braved the thunderstorms and rain to attend the Monday evening, Community Conversation on Crime event. The discussions were relevant and important as community leaders, elected officials, law enforcement and non-profits met to discuss the current spike in crime in Harris County.  While we all agree that the Villages remains an oasis in the center of a vibrant but sometimes violent metropolitan area, all of us must eventually leave the safety of the villages to work, shop, attend school or visit friends and family. None of us like what is going on with increasing violent and property crimes, and the politicization of crime.  The effects of bond reform, lack of services and a weak judiciary is only adding to the complexities of the criminal justice system. Everyone left having a better understanding of what the current issues are and how they are affecting everyone’s quality of life across Houston. Many aspiring politicians were also present hearing directly from residents and what they are demanding to happen in order to ensure the success of the city, county and entire region. Our thanks to the Crime Stoppers team for their presentations on the effects of crime to victims and their families and where many of the shortcomings are coming from.

And then, yesterday MVPD officers had made an arrest of a DWI suspect who had been involved in an accident. The accident had occurred at approximately 8:45 pm in Bunker Hill. When I arrived at work this morning at 7 am, the officer was just then finally returning from the jail. It took the officer almost 10 hours to arrest, process and book the drunk driver.  Knowing that this was not the norm, I inquired as to what had occurred and why such a long delay. I learned that the jail computer system had gone down and that brought all bookings to a complete stop. My officer said that as the hours went by, the line of officers grew. At one time the number of officers waiting was over 60. Officers, prisoners, and jail staff all became irritated. When the system finally went back up, our prisoner decided that he was now feeling sore as the result of his accident. And even though he had refused medical assistance at the time of the accident, the jail refused to accept him until he was cleared by medical staff. So, we had to haul him off to a hospital for an evaluation, where he was once again cleared to be returned to the jail and back in line. Finally, early this morning he was booked into the jail.  My officer told me that long delay was so disruptive, that some officers actually left, opting to obtain “to be” warrants instead of waiting as they were needed back in service.  I thought that I would include this story in the weekly report as this is just another example of how frustrating the system can be at times. In this case, a simple DWI arrest turned into a 10-hour event taking an officer out of service for an entire shift. And in other cases, resulted in decisions to release suspects and prisoners as the law enforcement resources were needed back in their respective communities.  So, as the Community Conversation on Crime showed, and this case demonstrates, the system continues to be slow, outdated and in-effective.  

The Memorial High School Senior Class Parade has been scheduled for May 14, 2022. This will be the 3rd Senior Class Parade for students.  The parade will start at 10 am, at the High School and travel east on Gaylord to Piney Point Road where the route will turn south.  The parade will then travel down Piney Point Road towards the St. Francis and Ecclesia Church Campuses in the 300 Block of Piney Point Road.  The students will be decorating their cars, trucks, SUV’s, golf carts and other vehicles with the school colors of the college/university that they will be attending in the fall.

The class of 2022 will see students attend schools across the country. Show up and support for your Alma mater and our students.  Which school will get the most MHS graduates?  Texas A&M, maybe Texas State, The University of Texas, or maybe the University of Houston? Who is attending school abroad? Any Ivy League schools, Any Military Academy inductees?  Come on out and line the route. Wear your school colors and help celebrate with our seniors. Residents are encouraged to line up along Piney Point Road before the 10 am kick-off as all traffic on Piney Point Road will be closed.  The parade will officially end at Ecclesia and students will then continue on from there to other gatherings and family events.

If you are planning on being out between 0830 and 1030 on May 14th, please expect temporary road closures, detours, and delays in the area. Congratulations to the MHS Class of 2022.  

This week the Buzz Magazine included an article about the 2022 Birdies Fore Blues Golf Tournament and the work and organizing of the sponsoring Memorial High School Students. If you have not seen the article, it can be found at the attached link.

The Food Truck Rodeo is quickly approaching and will be held on April 2, 2022, at Chapelwood United Methodist Church. The event will run from 10 am until 2 pm. The number of exotic cars continues to grow that will be on display. Plan on stopping by for some classic food truck food options and to enjoy music from the “School of Rock”. 

Residents Beware:  Aggressive Roofers are working the area both by phone and on-foot. With the most recent storms converging on the area, it appears that they brought out the roofers in force.  Please remember to be extra cautious should someone want to enter your home or inspect your roof.  If you have concerns about the condition of your roof, we recommend that you initiate the contact with a reputable roofing company and have them conduct any inspections on your schedule and not theirs.  

Have a great weekend.  Chief Ray Schultz 


Weekly Crime Report

Hunters Creek

3/19/22 at 1315 Hours. 200 Block of Voss Road. Unlawful Use of a Motor Vehicle. Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the villages on Voss Road at I-10.  Officers were in the area and located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop.  Officers detained the 2 occupants who said that they had purchased the vehicle from the owner.  The owner and reporting person was contacted who stated that she had sold the vehicle however the suspects had never finished paying for the vehicle.  Officers identified the matter as a civil issue. The owner stated that she only wanted her vehicle back and did not want to prosecute.  The subject driving the car agreed that he had not paid her for the vehicle.  The owner arrived and took possession of the Honda. The 33-year-old male driver was released at the scene with the concurrence of the District Attorney.

3/19/22 at 1615 Hours. 900 Block of Hickory Hollow. Criminal Mischief.  The victim reported that unknown person(s) had damaged/broke out the window on her daughter’s vehicle.  The car was parked in a location in front of the home and within view of nearby video cameras. The cameras do not show anyone near the vehicle of any objects flying towards the car. Nothing was taken and the vehicle was not entered. A report was initiated documenting the damage.

3/21/22 at 1515 Hours. 200 Block of Voss. Unlawful Use of a Stolen Motor Vehicle/ Possession of a Stolen License Plate/ Fugitive from Justice.  Officers were alerted to a vehicle with a stolen license plate entering the villages on Voss.  Officers were nearby and located the vehicle which quickly turned on to a side street and the driver exited the car and began walking up to a home. When stopped by officers, the male said he was there for a job interview. The owner of the home did not know the subject nor did a contractor working in the area. A check of the vehicle found the vehicle was also listed as stolen. The male driver was also found to be a fugitive from justice with an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest.  A second stolen license plate was also found inside of the car.  The victim was contacted who stated that his keys and vehicle were stolen from his place of employment. The DA’s Office accepted charges on the 59-year-old male suspect who was booked into the Harris County Jail. The vehicle was recovered by officers and returned to the owner. 

Piney Point

3/19/22 at 1445 Hours. 11400 Block of Quail Hollow. Animal Bite.  Officers were flagged down in reference to a dog attack between two dogs. One of the animals had suffered injuries as a result of the interaction.   Officers spoke with both parties and learned that while out walking, one of the dogs was able to break its leash and get away from the owner and attacked the other dog causing injury.  Officers verified the aggressive dog was properly vaccinated. The injured dog did require medical attention. Information was obtained and documented as the owners work out the medical treatment reimbursement for the injuries. 

3/23/22 at 1230 Hours. 200 Block of Heritage Oaks. Fraud.  The victim reported that he received a bill and a past due notice for a cell phone account that he does not own. Upon contacting the service provider, he learned that an unknown person had opened an account using his personal information.  Information about the account was obtained and provided to detectives who have taken over the investigation.

3/23/22 at 0400 Hours. 300 Block of Hedwig. Mail Theft.  While on patrol officers located several pieces of mail laying the ground. Officers collected the mail and returned it to the appropriate mailboxes. Later in the morning officers learned that additional mail was missing from nearby residences. Detectives were notified as were other area residents. A homeowner was able to supply video of a suspect’s vehicle that was in the area at the time of the theft of the mail. Officers were then able to utilize the video and cross reference the vehicle to the MVPD ALPR system and locate the vehicle and the license plate. The vehicle is a light blue Honda 4 door with a Florida License plate.  Detectives are currently in the process of locating the owner of the suspect vehicle.

Bunker Hill

3/24/22 at 2045 Hours. 11700 Block of Taylorcrest. Driving While Intoxicated. Officers were dispatched to the area in reference to an accident.  Upon arrival officers learned that one of the vehicles was unable to properly execute a right turn and hit a vehicle waiting to turn at the intersection. Upon speaking to the driver, officers observed signs of intoxication on the driver.  The subject was administered sobriety tests which he failed. A subsequent breath test showed his blood alcohol level to be three times above the legal limit. The 67-year-old male was booked into the Harris County Jail and the vehicle was towed.   

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