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  Posted on: Friday, May 6, 2022
From the Office of the Chief of Police

From the Desk of Chief Ray Schultz,

This past week we recovered 4 stolen cars in 3 days. Great job by our officers in being able to quickly track down these stolen cars as they entered the villages. Of course, these guys and gals most of the time are just stopping by to visit old friends (so they say).  Two of this week’s recovered vehicles had hit more than one ALPR system showing us that they were driving around and most likely up to no good.

We also had another, child versus vehicle, near-miss this week.  Please remember when ever you are exiting a side-street or a driveway and crossing a sidewalk/path to not only check both directions for vehicles, but to also check the sidewalk in BOTH directions for pedestrians, cyclists, and runners.  While most adults will slow down and stop, and make eye-contact with drivers before crossing, children will not.  Often, they are in a hurry to get to school or a friend’s house and will not stop or sometimes even look for an approaching car.  Our D.A.R.E. officers’ regularity teach bicycle safety as part of their programming in the schools, but the kids too often forget to stop and/or dismount their bicycles before crossing streets. 

Areas of specific concern include; Memorial at Knipp, Bunker Hill and Mayerling, Strey at Memorial, and Memorial at Plantation. Taylorcrest at Knipp, Bunker Hill, Flintdale, Blalock and Piney Point. Beinhorn at Piney Point, Brogden, Voss and near Hunters Creek Elementary School. Piney Point at Greenbay and near St. Francis. Memorial at Voss, Saddlewood, Creekside and Lindenwood.  Again, every intersection is important, but these seem to be the ones with the most conflicts.

Our new powershift officer kept busy this week averaging 38 miles per day on the electric assist police bicycle, in addition to his vehicle patrol duties.  The bike does have lights, a siren and he carries a ticket book, so inattentive and unsafe drivers beware. He has been speaking with a lot of you while out on patrol and that is not a problem at all.  If you see him out on patrol, give him a wave or flag him down and introduce yourself, he enjoys talking with residents as well as showing off the new bike.

This week we finished up our annual training for all MVPD officers. All officers were re-certified in CPR, first aid, defensive tactics, and policy review. We are all ready for the summer and to keep the community safe.

Thanks to the residents who sent over their unused Astro’s Tickets this week. We sent 3 sets of officers and their families to games on Tuesday, Wednesday and now another to tomorrow’s game. Thank you.

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo and the shifts were treated to Fajitas compliments of the MVPD Police Foundation. As always, our community foundation was thinking of our team and treated our working group to a terrific lunch. Shortly after eating, they located and recovered our 4th stolen car after an ALPR hit on Voss Road. This one was unique because officers were setting up one of our mobile ALPR trailers when the thief drove towards them. Officers in both marked and unmarked vehicles were able to quickly take the suspect into custody before he had any idea of what was happening and how he had been caught!  It appears that the wanted felon was preparing to flee either in the stolen car or on foot when he was met with additional uniformed personnel who were in an unmarked vehicle.

Next weekend is the Memorial High School Senior Car Parade. The 10 am event will be traveling down Piney Point Road from the High School to Ecclesia Church.  The vehicle parade will feature area seniors in their decorated cars, trucks and SUV’s, in the school colors of the college that they will be attending this coming fall.  Plan on arriving early to find the perfect spot to watch the parade and celebrate with our senior class of 2022.  Traffic will be heavy throughout the area during the morning so plan on needing some extra time.

Also (May 7, 2022) tomorrow is Election Day. There are 2 Constitutional Questions on the ballot and some local items.  Unfortunately, it will not yet be the end of the political sign season. Just as a reminder, even though you may not like the candidate on the sign in your neighbor’s front yard, you can not take it upon yourself to go and remove it. Please respect everyone’s personal property and their right to support whomever they wish. Signs in public right-of-way are not allowed and will be removed by village officials or by our officers. 

We are expecting a hot and humid weekend Saturday and Sunday with temperatures reaching the upper 90’s. Remember to hydrate if you are out working in the yard or exercising and of course don’t forget your pets as they need clean, fresh water too. 

Attached please find some photos from recent area events. The St. Francis Color Run, M.D.E. D.A.R.E. Graduation and a Surprise Birthday Party visited by the MVPD. 

Also, place May 21st, 2022 on your calendar for the unveiling of the MVPD Monument at 10 am.  The statute will be dedicated at 10 followed by a Crawfish Boil. Please see the attached flyer for more details.   

Have a great weekend. Chief Ray Schultz


Weekly Crime Report

Bunker Hill

5/2/22 at 0515 Hours. 11900 Block of Memorial. Recovered Stolen Motor Vehicle. Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the villages on Memorial at the Bayou.  A second hit showed the vehicle was traveling west on Memorial at Briar Forest.  Officers located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle pulled into a driveway and as officers were approaching the vehicle the driver began backing up towards officers before speeding away. Officers could see 3 male subjects inside of the vehicle. As the vehicle was speeding away the occupants began throwing beer cans from the vehicle. The vehicle proceeded north on Plantation and eventually turned east on Plantation.  At the end of Plantation (Dead end) the occupants fled from the vehicle on foot.  Officers lost sight of the suspects as they ran into an apartment complex.  The stolen vehicle was recovered and towed from the scene after the vehicle was processed for latent fingerprints.

5/2/22 at 1930 Hours. 11700 Block of Fidelia. Theft of a Package. The victim reported that a male and female in a gold car had stolen a package from her front porch.  After receiving notice of a delivery to her home the victim had went to retrieve it only to find it was missing. A review of her home security video showed a female wearing a face mask removed the package from her porch and enter a gold car being driven by a male who was also wearing a face-mask.  A check of a nearby ALPR camera located a gold Ford Taurus displaying a paper license plate tag in the area at the time of the theft. The Ford is registered to a Columbus, Texas address. An expanded search of the vehicle shows it to also be in the area last month driving through the villages.  Detectives have taken over the investigation and the vehicle has been added to the ALPR Hotlist, meaning that should it return to the area all officers will be notified the vehicle is in the villages. 

Piney Point

5/2/22 at 2300 Hours. 500 Blalock Road. Driving While Intoxicated.  Officers stopped a vehicle for speeding along Blalock Road.  Upon approaching the driver, officers could detect the odor of alcohol on the driver.  The subject was administered sobriety tests which he failed and was placed under arrest.  A subsequent breath search showed the driver to be 3-times the legal limit.  The 36-year-old male was booked into the Harris County Jail and the vehicle was towed.

5/3/22 at 0930 Hours. 11100 Block of Wickdale. Fraud.  The victim reported that his wife while reconciling their check book located a duplicate check had been cashed against their account and then credited by their bank.  Upon contacting the bank, he learned that a check that he written had been duplicated and made out to another person whom he did not know and for a much higher amount.  The bank had realized the check was fraudulent and had credited his account.  The victim fearing that his account has been compromised requested a police report and investigation. Information was collected and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

5/4/22 at 0030 Hours. 7500 San Felipe. Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle. Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the villages on S. Piney Point Road. Officers were nearby and located the vehicle traveling on Memorial and initiated a traffic stop. Officers took a male into custody who stated that he knew the truck was stolen however, he did not steal it.   The male told officers that he had been told the stolen truck was parked on Westheimer and that he had gotten a ride from Galveston halfway to Houston and then walked the rest of the way here and located the truck.  He was planning on driving the truck back to Galveston so he could “turn it in”.  The DA’s Office was contacted and accepted charges.  The stolen vehicle was recovered and towed from the area.  The 60-year-old male suspect was booked into the Harris County Jail.

5/5/22 at 0030 Hours. 7800 San Felipe. Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle.  Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the villages on S. Piney Point Road. Officers were nearby and located the vehicle traveling on Memorial and initiated a traffic stop. While stopping the vehicle it had made a quick U-turn before stopping and the driver exited and began walking towards a home carrying a pair of rubber boots. Officers took a male into custody who stated that he had “found” the SUV and was just using it. The DA’s Office was contacted but declined charges as the victim did not want to cooperate in the prosecution of the driver. The vehicle was recovered and towed while the 23-year-old male suspect was given a ride to Westheimer where he was released.

Hunters Creek

5/5/22 at 1530 Hours. 600 Block of Voss. Unauthorized use of a Motor Vehicle.  Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the Villages on Voss Road.  Officers were in the area on patrol, while other officers were setting up the MVPD mobile ALPR trailer. As the officers in the marked unit went to stop the suspect, he made a U-turn. The officers who were in an unmarked vehicle setting up the ALPR were present and able to assist in getting the vehicle stopped without incident as the suspect appeared to be preparing to flee. The male suspect refused to identify himself or to cooperate with the officers in any manner. Through the use of fingerprints, the suspect was identified and found to have an outstanding felony warrant for Family Violence.  The 30-year-old male was booked into the Harris County Jail on the warranty only as the DA’s Office declined charges on the stolen vehicle. The car was recovered and towed from the scene.

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