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  Posted on: Friday, December 17, 2021
From the Office of the Chief of Police

Thank you to everyone who showed up last night to join us for the Twinkle Light Parade. The parade was twice as long as last year with some spectacular floats. This year we had several residents who partnered up with neighbors and created 2 community floats.  We had 3 “Red” Santa’s and 1 “Blue” Santa, along with a Grinch and Cindi-Lou. The turn-out along the parade route was also very strong with lots of smiling faces. The number of children was the highest that we have seen thus far.  The community gathering at MDPC was also a success and the concert from the youth choir was very enjoyable.  Again, Thanks for attending.

I am attaching a few photographs from the parade as we were staging at Frostwood Elementary School.  Officer Boggus took Ariel drone footage of the event while his son captured additional video and still photo’s that we will be using in a series of short videos about our department that we are producing that showcases the success of the department and our supportive community.  More pictures of the parade to come next week. 

This coming week is an extremely important week for all of us to be on our “A” game.  As we head into the final Christmas push, the criminals will also be out in force.  They will specifically be looking for the rushed and/or hurried shopper. Make sure that your vehicles are always locked, and valuables are kept hidden and out of site, or locked in the truck. Be sure and keep purses and wallets close by. Always keep an eye on your credit cards as they are being processed by cashiers and double check your statements against the receipts.  With so many transactions occurring during the month of December, this is the time where we see more cases of skimming, fraud and other unauthorized uses of credit cards.

Christmas is also the time of year where many of us give more to those in need.  Over the past several weeks, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of women standing on street corners, usually with a small child either in a baby carrier or holding the hand of a toddler. On Tuesday while traveling across the area to attend some meetings I saw 4 different women at different corners all using the exact same set-up to solicit monies.  Even though they are selling flower bouquets, many motorists feel bad for the child who is having to stand with the woman in the elements often for hours. I watched as many motorists handed money to the women as they passed by.  Unfortunately, this is part of an organized group to take advantage of the average person’s compassion to want to help someone who may be in need.  I believe this is very likely a part of the same group that a few months back, were in the parking lots of several businesses.  The family had a sign that spoke of losing their jobs. The male was usually playing an electric violin while the female and child sat nearby. 

If you are considering giving to help those in need during the holidays, please consider legitimate and proven organizations, non-profits and churches. There are plenty of worthwhile non-profits that do a lot of good work throughout the Houston Community. Make sure that your donation is helping as many people as possible.

This weekend we are expecting the last of the Holiday events and parties to be occurring across the area. If you are out and about during the late-night hours remember to be on the lookout for intoxicated drivers. If you are attending an event and have too much to drink, please consider utilizing a ride-share service, taxi or call a friend. Our officers will be looking for drunk drivers as we want to ensure everyone’s safety during the holidays. 

Thanks to everyone who called about last Saturdays V-LINC in reference to the male subject making contact at area homes in reference to alarm systems. We were able to identify and locate the male. It was determined that he did not work for ADT alarms but was an independent sub-contractor representing multiple alarm companies.  He was informed of the soliciting ordinances and ordered to cease his tactics. 

Earlier today we sent out a V-Linc in reference to Spring Branch Middle School and an unconfirmed report of a firearm on school property. After an extensive search by Spring Branch ISD Police, no firearm was located. School dismissed at noon as planned. Spring Branch ISD Police, The Houston Fusion Center and pretty much every area law enforcement agency continually monitors social media for the types of threats that have recently been posted.  All threats are taken seriously and evaluated by school staff and law enforcement.  We all work together in coordinating our responses which vary from forms of high-visibility presence to more low-key or even invisible deployment of resources. Dozens of personnel addressed today’s non-event. We want to assure our parents that the safety of your children always comes first, and we will continue to investigate and address concerns as they emerge.

Have a great weekend. Chief Ray Schultz


Weekly Crime Report


Piney Point

12/11/21 at 0015 Hours. 300 Block of Piney Point. Driving while intoxicated.  Officers were on another non-related traffic stop when a white pickup truck passed by the officers traveling at a high rate of speed.  The secondary unit was able to catch up and stop the Ford truck.  Upon approaching the driver, officers detected the odor of alcohol coming from the driver who admitted to having consumed alcohol.   The driver was administered a series of sobriety tests which he failed.  The 57-year-old male was placed under arrest and subsequently booked into the Harris County Jail.  The truck was towed.

Hunters Creek

12/11/21 at 1845 Hours. 500 Block of Saddlewood. Fraud. The victim reported that she received notice of rewards points that she had accumulated for a national retailer had been redeemed at stores in Florida and Massachusetts. The victim did not make any of the listed purchases. The value of the points are worth several hundred dollars.  Information about the transactions was collected and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

12/15/21 at 1330 Hours. 200 Block of Carruthers. Identity Theft. The victim reported that he received notice of an increase request for his credit card. The victim had not requested an increase.  Further investigation found that an unknown person had requested a replacement card for his account and had it sent to an unknown address.  The credit card had also recently accumulated over $20,000 in charges, most of which were in San Salvador. The account was immediately closed. Information was collected and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

12/15/21 at 1445 Hours. 8500 Block of Katy Freeway. Theft of a catalytic converter/vehicle parts. The victim stated that sometime between 1030 and 1400 Hours. Unknown persons had cut the catalytic converter off of his Toyota truck while it was parked at the listed location.  Officers gathered information about the theft and checked the area for any video surveillance footage.  Detectives were notified and have taken over the investigation.

 ALPR - Scorecard

2021 vehicles recovered YTD – 71

Total vehicles recovered since 2019 – 154

2021 value of recoveries - $1,580,400

Total vehicles recovered since 2019- $4,002,900

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