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  Posted on: Friday, December 31, 2021
From the Office of the Chief of Police

Yesterday afternoon we saw another “jugging” incident occur in the villages.  A contractor had driven into the villages to check on a jobsite and was followed from the Heights. Once he arrived at the site, and was away from his vehicle, a dark complected male who was driving a dark-grey colored Tahoe entered the victim’s unlocked truck and rummaged through the vehicle taking a briefcase, 2 laptops and handgun before fleeing.  Officers used a nearby ALPR to identify the suspect vehicle and obtain the temporary license tag number. Detectives proceeded to the address of the suspect and monitored the home into the overnight hours however, the suspect did not return.  The suspect vehicle has been added to the Hotlist file and detectives are working on obtaining an arrest warrant on the suspect. (Photo of suspect vehicle attached) 

Tonight, is New Year’s Eve and we expect things to be busy across town as many people celebrate the end of 2021 and our second year of having to deal the effects of COVID. The most recent outbreak of the Omnicom variant of COVID has been causing quite a bit of concern throughout the Villages and across Harris County.  As we respond to calls for service a part of our protocols includes asking questions about people within the household being sick or having tested positive for COVID.  This information is being asked only to help protect our staff. We still respond to all calls for service and will continue to do so, but we need to know. This past week we have had several of our personnel test positive and they are being quarantined at home.  We have needed to adjust our staffing of both officers and dispatchers. We have staff working overtime, flexing their hours, and working adjusted hours. As always, I am extremely proud of our employees here at the PD as they continue to serve the community around the clock.

Tonight, our primary concerns will be Intoxicated drivers and the reckless use of firearms and/or fireworks. While there will be fewer New Year’s celebrations, the drunk drivers seem to never cease.  Our officers will be on the lookout for DWI suspects and will make arrests if necessary. We will also be looking for anyone who may decide to discharge a firearm at midnight.  Each year we hear of tragedies that occur across the country where someone is seriously injured or killed when a bullet crashes though the roof/ceiling and causes an injury. Discharging a firearm is illegal and will result in an arrest and confiscation of the firearm.  Fireworks are also illegal in the villages and use could result in a citation or arrest. Fireworks in particular are very stressful to pets, so please no fireworks. Enjoy New Year’s Eve with family and friends and watch whatever Football and/or Parades that are still scheduled for New Year’s Day.

Starting on Monday we will be welcoming our newest addition to the MVPD Team. Officer Dillon Ekerfield will begin his field training program.  Dillon will be replacing Officer Dan Bracht who officially retired today December 31, 2021.  Dan has worked almost all of his MVPD career on the overnight shift (17 years) where he enjoyed patrolling the villages while always on the lookout for people up to no good in the middle of the night.  Prior to joining MVPD, Dan had worked for the Santa Fe, TX PD. Best of luck to both Dan and Dillon.

This week we had 2 more burglaries from motor vehicles. Unfortunately, in both of our most recent incidents the vehicles had been left unlocked.  Car burglars will spend the entire night pulling on car door handles. Suspects that we have arrested in the past had told us that they will target over 300 vehicles in a single evening. If the door is locked, they just move on to the next car looking for easy pickings. Please, lets all make this our number one New Year’s resolution to lock our car, truck, and house doors every time we leave them.

On behalf of the MVPD team we would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year. We look forward to 2022 and to several new projects that we have in the works. The first one is the release of a series of new videos about the department. The goal of the videos is to showcase our department, and our community, but also to help attract our future officers and dispatchers. Please check out the sneak preview of our first video for 2022 at the following link.

We are M.V.P.D. - YouTube

If you recognize the voice in the video, it belongs to radio talk show host - Michael Berry. Our thanks to Mr. Berry for his assistance in the making of the video.

And finally, another big Thank You to our residents who have sent food, desserts, fruit baskets and gift cards to the department over the past 2 weeks.  The food has been enjoyed by all. We will be holding a drawing for the gift cards in the next week.  Thank You

Happy New Year. Chief Ray Schultz 


Weekly Crime Report

Piney Point

12/25/21 at 0800 Hours. 11300 Block of Surrey Oaks. Burglary of a Vehicle. The victim reported that sometime between 2300 hours on the 24th and 0700 hours on this date unknown suspect(s) entered his unlocked truck and rummaged through the vehicle taking his wallet and credit cards. A check of his account located 2 recent attempted uses of a credit card.  Information about the credit cards was obtained and the area checked for any video surveillance cameras.  Detectives were contacted and have taken over the investigation. 

12/26/21 at 1100 Hours. 2200 Block of S. Piney Point Road. Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle. Officers were alerted to a stolen motorcycle entering the villages on S. Piney Point.  Officers were nearby and located the vehicle traveling on Blalock. Officers initiated a traffic stop on the motorcycle.  Upon inspecting the motorcycle officers could see the cycle had been hotwired. Upon speaking with the driver, he stated that he had borrowed the motorcycle from a guy in his apartment complex that he really did not know.  When asked about the hotwire he stated “Ya, that’s how he starts it”. Upon searching the subject, he was found to be in possession of the tools used to hotwire the motorcycle.  The owner was contacted who stated his motorcycle had been stolen on the previous day and that he still had the keys in his possession.  The DA’s Office was contacted and accepted charges on the suspect who was booked into the Harris County Jail.  The Motorcycle was towed from the scene.

12/27/21 at 1100 Hours. 11300 Block of Surrey Oaks. Identity Theft.  The victim reported that he received notice of an attempt to open a credit card in his name by his bank that was denied.  A check of his credit history located another unsuccessful attempt to open an account and a third one which has been processed but not yet used. The victim froze his accounts and notified the financial institutions.  Information was collected and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

12/28/21 at 1400 Hours. 1-100 Block of Woodsedge. Fraud/Mail Theft.  The victim reported that upon reviewing her checking account she located a check that she had written to a charity and been intercepted, washed a reissued to a male that she did not know.  The check had been mailed in early December at the mailbox located at San Felipe and Voss.  The check was cashed.  Information about the check and bank was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

12/29/21 at 1300 Hours. 1-100 Block of Lazy Wood Lane. Fraud/Mail Theft.  The victim was contacted by her bank in reference to someone attempting to cash a forged check that she had written. The check was denied but it was obvious that it had been washed and reissued to a male suspect for a high amount.  The victim believed that she may have mailed the check at the mailbox near the Briar Grove Pharmacy or had placed in her mailbox as out-going mail.  Information about the check was collected and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

Hunters Creek

12/27/21 at 1215 Hours. 600 Block of Voss. Burglary of a Motor Vehicle. The victim reported that sometime during the night unknown persons had entered his unlocked truck and removed several personal items that he had left in the vehicle. Items missing included 2 firearms. The victim believes that contractors might have taken the items as they have been working at the property.  Information about the missing items and contractor was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

Bunker Hill

12/30/21 at 1445 Hours. 11700 Block of Forest Glen. Burglary of a Motor Vehicle. The victim who is a contractor had driven to the villages to check on a worksite. Upon arrival he walked away from his unlocked vehicle for approximately 10 minutes. Upon his return he found several items missing from his ransacked truck.  A check of nearby surveillance cameras showed a dark colored Tahoe pull up shortly after the victim arrived.  A review of area ALPR cameras showed the victim being followed by the Tahoe. Detectives were able to read the temporary paper tag on the vehicle and have taken over the investigation. Note: a loaded handgun was stolen in the burglary.   

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