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  Posted on: Friday, January 7, 2022
From the Office of the Chief of Police

A couple of weeks back, we had reported about an attempted home invasion at a residence in Hunters Creek. The victims had been followed to their home while returning home from an outing.  The victims had stopped at a gas station located at I-10 and Chimney Rock where the suspect observed the women and followed them to their home.  Shortly after they arrived home, the male suspect entered the home armed with a rifle. Upon learning that other family members were present, the suspect fled the house. Officers and detectives have diligently been working that case utilizing area video surveillance footage, nearby ALPR license plate captures and video from the gas station.  Detectives were able to identify the suspects’ vehicle and determined that the suspect most likely either lived or frequented the Baytown area based on the number of ALPR license plate reads from that part of Houston.  The license plate was entered into the ALPR system as a Hotlist plate and Baytown detectives contacted about the suspect and vehicle.

This past weekend the wanted vehicle was captured by a Baytown ALPR that notified Baytown officers of the vehicle being in their community.  Baytown uniformed patrol officers located and stopped the vehicle and contacted detectives from both agencies.  MVPD detectives responded to Baytown and spoke with the suspect who confessed to the Memorial area home invasion crime.  The DA’s Office was contacted and accepted charges on the 35-year-old suspect. This is another great example of the solid work that our detectives do in following up on cases that are assigned to them by utilizing available technology, following leads and working with other agencies in the area.

As we finished up 2021, I began compiling the yearly statistics for the department. Crime numbers have unfortunately been going up in many communities across the country. In 2021 the MVPD investigated 2 more crimes against persons in 2021 than in 2020 for a total of 21. Fortunately, we have very few violent crimes however they do occasionally occur. We had one aggravated robbery, and that was the incident involving “Mr. G” on Greenbay (7/22/2021).  “Mr. G” continues to recover from his injuries and his case remains open and active as detectives are awaiting information from subpoenas that were requested.

The other crimes against persons are primarily domestic violence incidents or simple assaults. MVPD takes all crimes against a person very seriously and follows up on these cases while working with the DA’s Office.

Crimes against property, I am happy to report went down in 2021 6.7% (-18 crimes). Our primary property crimes were mail theft related fraud and identity cases, Texas Workforce Commission fraud cases and burglaries from motor vehicles.  Of the 44 vehicles that were burglarized, 36 had unlocked doors. Please remember that active car burglars will check hundreds of vehicles to see if they are unlocked during a typical night. When they come across a locked car they will typically will just move on and not break out a window or force entry. We only had 6 vehicles that were forcibly entered and most of those were committed by “juggers” who followed the victim from a financial institution and then broke into the vehicle after it was parked. 

Remember to lock your vehicles every time you exit. Even if the car or truck is parked in your driveway or garage. It is my guess that had the 36 above vehicles been locked, 34 would not have been victims of a theft.

Quality of life incidents/events saw a slight increase in 2021. Many of these incidents were minor crimes or conflicts between neighbors, contractors, or family members. Criminal mischief/damage to property and other crimes such as public intoxication, possession of drugs, DWI and failure to stop and identify after a traffic collision.

I believe that our property crimes were down because more people remained home over the past year, increased use of, and better use of technology such as video doorbells, surveillance systems and ALPR technologies.   And most important, our community that is not afraid to call in suspicious behaviors and activities.

In 2021, MVPD performed over 75,000 house watches for residents while they were away from their homes. We had 13 burglaries of habitations and of those, only 2 had forced entry into the home. 

So, what are our goals for 2022?  Provide a community where everyone feels safe and is safe. We will continue to work on reducing the number of crimes and incidents that occur here in the villages. In order to do this, we do need your help.  We will continue to actively patrol the community and stop and investigate suspicious persons, vehicle and situations. We do need you to continue to be our eyes and ears and notify us when something that is occurring does not look or feel right, and we will investigate.  We also need everyone to always lock your vehicle and homes doors when away. Ensure that your alarm and video systems are working and activated when your leave. Activate the video recording functions with your camera/video monitoring company/system and know how to access the data. 

What we find out is that often our best investigative leads come from a system across the street, a neighbor’s house or nearby.  It is often a video system that captures something that we can then use to match up with our ALPR system to obtain a license plate.  Remember, 99% of our criminals drive from another community to commit their crimes here.  We need your help to keep the bad actors away.  We do that through enforcement and by providing a high certainty of being caught and prosecuted.

We remain committed to serving the residents of the villages and in retaining our exceptional quality of life. That is our commitment to you as we begin the new year. Look for more year-end statistics and successes in upcoming weekly reports.

As we move into 2022, we are asking residents to please do not use the mailbox located near the Briar Grove Pharmacy or drop off mail inside at the pharmacy.  This location continues to be a place where mail is frequently being stolen from. We continue to receive reports of stolen and washed checks that all point back to this particular location. Avoid the problems of needing to stop payments, change bank accounts, freeze your credit or possibly lose money. This location is in the City of Houston and our detectives are working with HPD and Postal Inspectors, but the problem prevails.

This week we have received several requests about the MVPD Foundation and their annual sticker campaign. The foundation asks that anyone wanting to learn more about the foundation visit their webpage at,  Accessories ( or

Have a great weekend. Chief Ray Schultz


Weekly Crime Report

Bunker Hill

1/1/22 at 0345 Hours. 11500 Block of Taylorcrest. Public Intoxication.  Officers were dispatched to the area in reference to a male who appeared to be intoxicated. Officers arrived and located the intoxicated male. The male subject refused a ride or assistance from officers and punched a fence with his hand causing an injury. The subject was placed under arrest and taken to the MVPD jail. Upon arrival to MVPD the subject complained of a prior head injury and requested EMS.  The subject was transported to the hospital for treatment and cited into Bunker Hill court.

Piney Point

1/1/22 at 2230 Hours. 11400 Block of Calico Lane. Felon in Possession of a Firearm/Unregistered Vehicle.  Officers observed a suspicious vehicle driving in a residential neighborhood.  The license plate appeared to have been painted over in an attempt to obstruct the numbers.  A check of the plate showed it to not belong on that vehicle. Officers initiated a traffic stop.  The two subjects in the vehicle were found to be convicted felons. Inside of the unregistered vehicle was  a handgun, bolt cutters and narcotics. The two subjects also both had outstanding warrants for their arrests.

When asked about the vehicle they stated that they had borrowed it from a roommate named “Omar”.  Neither of the warrants could be confirmed due to the holiday, COVID and busy nature of the evening.  The DA’s Office was contacted however they declined charges due to the subjects stating they did not know the items were inside of the “borrowed” vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was also found to have prior convictions for Aggravated Robbery.  Both subjects were identified, and the items collected as evidence. The vehicle was towed. The driver was issued several citations, and both were escorted out of the area. 

1/3/22 at 2045 Hours. 11600 Block of Arrowood Circle. Possible Mail Theft. The victim reported locating several pieces of mail on the ground near area mailboxes.  A review of nearby video surveillance shows a subject wearing a hoodie walking in the area opening and checking mailboxes at approximately 2am.  It is unknown if any mail is missing or not.  Information about the properties was collected along with a picture of the suspect.  The Bayou was also checked, as was nearby areas where homeless subjects sometimes stay. No one was located.  Detectives have taken over the investigation.

1/4/22 at 1600 Hours. 600 Block of Voss. Recovered Stolen Property. Officers were notified by the ALPR system of a stolen license plate on a vehicle entering the villages on Voss Road.  Officers were nearby and located and stopped the Land Rover vehicle.  The vehicle was found to be a loaner vehicle from a dealer. An unknown person had placed the stolen plate on the vehicle and took the original license plate.  The stolen plate was recovered, and the driver released. 

Hunters Creek

1/4/22 at 1000 Hours. 7600 Block of Riverpoint. Fraud. The victim reported that she received notice of a check clearing her checking account for an amount that she did not recall.  Upon further investigation she learned that 2 checks that she had written had been intercepted, washed, and reissued to an unknown person for a different amount.  The checks had been mailed at the mailbox located near the Briar Grove Pharmacy.  Information about the checks and cashing bank was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

1/4/22 at 1330 Hours. Beinhorn at Pifer Road. Recovered Stolen Property. Officers were alerted to a stolen license plate on a moped entering the villages on Voss.  Officers were nearby and located the vehicle as it was delivering food at a residence.  Through investigation officers learned the driver had purchased the moped on-line with the plate already attached.  The driver had a bill of sale and other paperwork.  The moped itself was found not to be stolen, just the license plate.   The license plate was recovered and removed from the moped. The driver was released.

1/4/21 at 1515 Hours. 10700 Block of Old Coach. Fraud.  The victim reported that he received notice from his bank of his account being overdrawn. Upon examining his account, he found a check he had written had been intercepted, washed, and reissued.  Information about the check was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

2021 Final ALPR Recovery Count

75 Vehicles with a value of $1,683,601

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