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  Posted on: Friday, April 15, 2022
From the Office of the Chief of Police

Happy Good Friday.  This past week has been National Telecommunicator Week across the country. Each year we celebrate the hard work of emergency dispatch and 911 operators across the country as all too often, their contributions to public safety are overshadowed by the police officers, firefighters and EMT’s who show up to the location of the call. We forget that those first responders would have never made it there, if it had not been for the 911 operators who took the initial call, learned what the emergency was and decided how to route the call to the proper entity. The dispatchers who then use and provide that critical information to send the proper resources to where they were needed and provide them with essential facts so that when they arrive on scene, they already know what they might experience. 

Public Safety Access Points (PSAP’S) or better known as 911 Centers never close. The men and women who work there have to always be on their “A” game and prepared to quickly answer the most frantic calls, being able to calm down the often excited, injured or scared caller, while trying to separate fact from fiction, gathering pertinent information and then route those critical facts to proper emergency first responders and their dispatcher.  The dispatcher then takes that information, decides which resources are needed and which are the closest, and dispatches them to the address/location.  Their jobs continue from there as they continually update the situation as new information is obtained, they locate additional resources as needed, and perform numerous tasks as requested by the first responders as they arrive on the scene, and throughout the duration of the event.  

There is no advanced preparation because when the phone rings you never know what is about to happen. The call/event maybe just answering a simple question, or it could be a series prolonged events lasting hours or even days. 911 personnel are always connected to a bank of phone lines, radios, and computer screens. Besides the calls they are tasked with monitoring surrounding cities and their first responders, so we know what is occurring in case the event encroaches into our area of responsibility, or they need assistance. 

As technology continues to grow in use, it is having more and more impact on our 911 Centers. Not only do we receive calls for help and assistance we now also get text messages and emails.  And because everyone has a cellphone an event that 20 years ago required someone to find a pay phone, then stop and call us, today a single event such as a car accident, fight or disturbance can result in dozens of calls all occurring within minutes of each other.   

We are very blessed here in the villages and at MVPD, to have the best team of 911 emergency telecommunicators in the state of Texas.  Our team of 10 full-time and one part-time, men and women, continue to go above and beyond each and every day.  One of the metrics that I track is how long is it taking our dispatch team to gather the needed information and to get the proper resources heading to the emergency. So far in 2022, of all the emergency phone calls into the MVPD, our dispatchers have resources heading to the location of the emergency in an average time of 53 seconds. In less than a minute, during critical situations, help is on-the way. That is an exceptional time to handle the multiple tasks of being an emergency telecommunicator. Our thanks and appreciation go to our dedicated team of professionals, as they celebrate National Telecommunication Week. 

This week officers took down another crew of mail thieves working in the area. Dozens of stolen checks, passports, pieces of mail, registers of names, birthdates, SSN’s and bank account numbers along with credit and debit cards were recovered. Great job by our night-shift team and detectives in working this case and getting these guys off the streets (again). Read more below. 

Congratulations to this week’s latest RAD Training Class. Good job by our team of instructors in hosting this valuable training for new area RAD instructors.

Also, this week Officers Boggus and Miller attended regional Drone training and certifications. Our MVPD drone pilots are some of the best in the country. We shared our experiences of utilizing drone technology to assist officers with our special (1 of 2 in the country) special waivers to pilot the drone beyond the line of sight. Another great example of MVPD leading the way.  

On behalf of the entire MVPD team, we want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and thank the resident who is feeding our staff working on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 

Have a great week.  Chief Ray Schultz   


Weekly Crime Report

Hunters Creek

4/9/22 at 1500 Hours. 700 Block of Creekside. Fraud. The victim reported that upon inspecting his bank accounts he located a series of 5 transactions that were charged against his account on April 5th that he did not make or authorize. He had contacted the bank at which time they immediately refunded 4 of the items but stated they were still researched the 5th item.  A report was taken, and information obtained about the transactions. All information was provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

4/11/22 at 1215 Hours. 700 Block of Creekside. Criminal Mischief. The victim reported that sometime during the night unknown suspect(s) had thrown eggs at her home causing damage to the finish on the front door.  Officers are investigating. 

4/13/22 at 1245 Hours. 500 Block of Trails End. Forgery.  The victim learned that a box of checks that she was expecting had been intercepted and unknown persons were trying to cash them at various locations. The account was closed and information about the attempted usages and locations was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.  


Piney Point 

4/11/22 at 0500 Hours. 400 Block of Hedwig. Theft of Mail. While on routine patrol officers observed a vehicle pulled up near a residential mailbox.  As the suspect vehicle saw officers, the vehicle quickly pulled away from the mailbox and attempted to leave the area.   Officers initiated a traffic stop and through the course of an investigation located 2 backpacks full of stolen mail from area residences. In addition to hundreds of pieces of stolen mail officers located multiple stolen checks with some of them already having been washed, multiple passports, ID’s, Licenses, and credit and debit cards. Officers also located a portable filing folder along with a register of victim’s personal identifiers, account numbers and passwords.  Officers also located a quantity of methamphetamine and a handmade mailbox key.  The two male suspects aged 61 and 35-years old were arrested and booked into the Harris County Jail.  (see attached pictures of the quantity of recovered stolen property) 


Bunker Hill

4/11/22 at 1700 Hours. 200 Block of Plantation. Forgery. The victim stated that he learned that a payment that he made on an account had not yet been received. Upon investigating the matter, he found that two checks that he had written and mailed at the Town and Country Post Office had been intercepted, washed and reissued to people that he did not know.  Information about the checks and banks was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation. 

4/12/22 at 0745 Hours. 11900 Block of Memorial Drive. Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon. MVPD dispatchers observed a male subject chasing a female on foot near the MVPD and Bunker Hill City Hall on surveillance cameras. Officers arrived and located the two subjects in the rear of the complex with the male attempting to drive away. While officers stopped the male, other officers spoke with the female who stated she was in fear of the male suspect who was an ex-boyfriend and she had driven to the MVPD from Houston.  The male suspect resisted arrest from officers, requiring the use of force. Once arrested the male was found to be a convicted felon and in possession of a loaded firearm. The 25-year-old male was arrested and booked into the Harris County Jail. The female was not injured. 

4/12/22 at 1530 Hours. 11900 Block of Steppingstone. Fraud.  The victim stated that he received notice of an overdue account. Upon examining the information, he found that 2 utility accounts had been opened by an unknown person using the victim’s personal identifiers. Information about the account and addresses for the utilities was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.   

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