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  Posted on: Wednesday, November 24, 2021
From the Office of the Chief of Police

It is hard to believe, but tomorrow, Thanksgiving 2021 will be here. First of all, where did 2021 go? It seems like I was just preparing the Thanksgiving report for 2020 just a few days ago and not a year ago. In the past year, we all expected the COVID pandemic to fade away, but unfortunately it did not. Besides having to still deal with the effects of the pandemic and shortages of everything from workers to basic needs and supplies, we are seeing rapidly rising inflation while we also continue to deal with too many criminals who are victimizing neighborhoods across the Houston metropolitan area.

This is the time of year that we as a community need to be extra vigilant. We all need to be at the top of our game when it comes to protecting our families, our homes, and our property. Most of the heavy lifting will be done by our officers and dispatchers. We will perform the house-watches and investigate the suspicious people, vehicles, and situations. We will use our cutting-edge technologies to help us identify suspects and other bad actors who may wander into the villages.

Our detectives continue to investigate the crimes that occur here. Most days for them, begin with reviewing incidents of the past 24 hours (both in and outside of the villages) and then continue with the issuance of subpoenas, searching on-line web pages and social media sites, pawn shop registries and other law enforcement shared data bases. They then anxiously await the daily mail in hope of receiving detailed bank records, cell phone and email records and the always helpful video surveillance files of suspected fraudsters, forgers, thieves and check-cashers. Then they move out into the city and county in search of suspects as they follow up on their leads.

Our dispatch staff manage all of the calls and inquiries that come into the department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Averaging just over 3000 calls a month, keeps them on their toes, plus all of the patrol officer’s on-site activities, investigations and traffic stops. And of course, there is the Automated License Plate Reader System. Averaging over 10 hits per day, every time the system alerts us to a suspected criminal entering the area our team jumps into action.

And of course, we have the Memorial Villages area community. We are fortunate that you believe in engaging with us to create one of the most robust crime fighting communities in Texas.  Month after month, one of our top calls for service is often the suspicious, person, vehicle or situation. It is those calls that often lead to the arrest or apprehension of wanted individuals, but even more important than that, it shows the Memorial Villages area residents care about our community and our neighbors, and we are not afraid to get and be involved.

A couple of weeks ago on the weekly crime report I had included a suspicious situation that led to the stop of a vehicle where 4 subjects were arrested who were in possession of multiple firearms. This week we learned that the Probable Cause Judge had dismissed the charges because he felt that searching the vehicle after smelling the odor of Marijuana coming from the vehicle was not sufficient enough to warrant the search that located the firearms.  We could have just written the case off as just being another example of the system not holding suspects accountable, but we are not satisfied with that finding and determination. Our detectives will be resubmitting the case to a grand jury in search of an indictment against the suspects as they believe that it is important to send a message to criminals that you cannot drive around with multiple firearms in the car, in the middle of the night while smoking marijuana. More to come as the case works its way through the system.

Tonight, is Thanksgiving Eve and for many families that means pizza. The night before Thanksgiving has become one of the top pizza sale days (that and Super Bowl). It is also a heavy night for DWI drivers, as many college students have returned home from school and tonight is an evening where many friends get together to talk about school, events of the past year/semester or just to plan for the holidays. (It is also the payday where many people celebrate their Holiday Bonus Checks) All of that to say, traffic will be heavy.

We will be out looking for DWI drivers in an effort to avoid any tragedies. A typical DWI arrest will cost the suspect over $10,000 in legal expenses, not to mention increased insurance premiums that will last for years. So, if you are out this evening and not drinking, please remember to drive defensively. If you are out and have a couple of drinks please use a designated driver, ride-share service, taxi or call a friend.  We want this to be safe holiday season for everyone.

The 2021 Memorial Villages Twinkle Light Parade is quickly approaching. Scheduled for December 16, 2021, at 6pm. Our special night-time parade will travel through Bunker Hill Village as we celebrate the holiday season. I think there still may be room for a float or two for anyone who wants to enter their holiday themed car/truck/trailer/float.  Every year dozens of pop-up street corner events appear along the parade route. Neighbors pull up lawn chairs, some time a fire pit shows up along with adult refreshments and everyone enjoys the Christmas Parade with not one, but 2 Santa’s (one Red and one Blue). Anyone interested in joining in the parade can contact Bunker Hill City Manager Ms. Karen Glynn at  otherwise, plan on coming out to see the 2021 Twinkle Light Parade.

This week the Memorial Villages Police Foundation has been busy decorating out front of the Police Department. They hope to have everything finished and decorated by this weekend and are talking about an evening with Blue Santa and Hot Chocolate sometime in the near future. More on that as they decide when to host the event.

And finally, as you begin your holiday shopping and Christmas preparation this is the time of year that we ask everyone to do an inventory of your wallets and purses.  All account numbers and phone numbers associated with those accounts need to be written down and accessible somewhere secure. This way in the event of the loss of a single card or all of them, you can quickly notify your financial institution to freeze those accounts. Unused credit cards should be removed.

In order to closely monitor your card usage, it is best to use a single credit card so you can quickly see all transactions. We also recommend setting up usage notifications for all transactions. I have mine set at $50 so any time the card processes a transaction I receive immediate notice.  It usually happens while I am still at the cash register which is good as it lets the clerk now that I am monitoring my account usage.  This way any clerk/employee thinking of stealing my account information knows that I am continually monitoring it and any fraud will quickly be discovered. Purses should be consolidated and carried close to your body, cross body purses or smaller wallets are also good ways to limit attempted thefts. Remember to always be alert to your surroundings. Scan the area before exiting and entering your vehicles and anytime you are using an ATM machine. And most important ALWAYS lock your car.

The madness will begin on Black Friday. We will continue to remain staffed and proactively patrolling the community.

On behalf of the entire organization of the Memorial Villages Police Department, we want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. Chief Ray Schultz

Weekly Crime Report

Bunker Hill

11/22/21 at 2300 Hours. 400 Block of Blalock Road. Unlawful Carrying of a Deadly Weapon. Officers observed a vehicle commit a traffic violation while driving in a residential area and initiated a traffic stop. Upon approaching the vehicle officers could smell the odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. As officers asked the driver to exit the vehicle, he informed officers that he had a concealed handgun on his person.  The subject was placed under arrest as officers retrieved the loaded handgun.  The male stated that he had gotten lost while driving in the area. The 22-year-old male was booked into the Harris County jail without incident.

11/23/21 at 1515 Hours. 12000 Block of Memorial Drive. Felony Arrest/Warrant.  Officers initiated a traffic stop after observing a traffic violation. Upon approaching and identifying the driver it was discovered that the driver had multiple outstanding felony warrants for his arrest for aggravated assault and domestic violence.  The 27-year-old male was placed under arrest and booked into the Harris County Jail. The vehicle was towed.

Hunters Creek

11/24/21 at 0030 Hours. 1200 Block of River Bend. Unlawful use of a Stolen Motor Vehicle, Possession of a Controlled Substance, and multiple felony arrest warrants. Officers were alerted to a stolen Jeep entering the villages on Voss Road.  Officers were in the area and immediately located the vehicle.  The vehicle attempted to elude officers by turning into the Second Baptist Church driving through the parking lot then across Voss into the Riverbend subdivision, into a residential driveway where the driver fled on foot.  Officers pursued the suspect on foot back out onto Voss. During the foot chase the driver lost his footing and was caught by officers. The suspect was found to have felony warrants for previous stolen vehicles, in possession of controlled prescription drugs and the Jeep was confirmed as stolen. The 39-year-old male was then transported to the hospital due to him claiming to have ingested drugs. The male was then booked into the Harris County Jail and the stolen vehicle recovered and towed.

ALPR 2021 Scorecard

2021 vehicles recovered YTD – 64

Total vehicles recovered since 2019 – 147

2021 value of recoveries - $1,420,400

Total vehicles recovered since 2019 - $3,005,900 

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