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  Posted on: Friday, October 22, 2021
From the Office of the Chief of Police

Below you read about another solid week of good police work by our officers and detectives as they continue to not be deterred and work hard at keeping our community safe. A part of their duties includes working in collaboration with adjacent agencies and linking criminals to other crimes that they are actively committing.  This week constables from District C5 shared information on a serial bike thief who is working the area just west of Bunker Hill. The suspect is specifically looking for high-end bicycles and stealing them.  The suspect is a black male, bald with a short beard. (Photo attached) He is targeting the area during the overnight hours.  Please ensure that all bikes are properly secured in a locked garage or locked with a cable or chain to a non-moveable object.  We are stepping up our patrols in the area as we too are searching for the suspect.

With this week’s additional ALPR hits and stolen vehicle recoveries our total for 2021 stands at 56 vehicles with a combined value of $1.2 million dollars. In addition, we have recovered 6 firearms and arrested 12 fugitives.  

This past week when our officers observed something that they need to address, such as closing an open garage door, moving a package, dry cleaning or an unattended bicycle, they have started leaving a door hanger behind, letting you know that we were at your property. The door hangers are a way for us to inform you of something that came to our attention and what we did to address the situation. There is also helpful contact information on the hanger that includes how to sign up for V-LINC, house watches, etc. I am attaching a copy of what the new door hangers look like, so everyone knows what they are and where they came from.    

Over the past couple of weeks several residents have contacted us about not receiving the weekly V-LINC messaging.  We investigated the matter, and we have learned that a couple popular internet providers have changed their junk-mail protocols and are sending our V-LINC messages to either junk or spam email boxes. The internet providers that we know of include ATT, Yahoo and If you or someone you know are missing any past V-LINC messages you can most likely find them there. In order to avoid/correct this issue, you can move the message from the spam/junk mail account back into your regular mailbox, add the MVPDTX.ORG information to your contact/address book and/or add us as a trusted sender.

As you may remember a couple of weeks ago there was an incident at an area gas station on the Katy Freeway service road where a “slider” stole a purse from the car as a woman was fueling her vehicle. Detectives continue to work the case and have identified a suspect. Unfortunately, the suspect is being uncooperative and refusing to speak with detectives. The gas station has been cooperating with us not only on this case but on ways to help protect other customers.

Working together, we came up with some signage that the gas station will be installing.  A local resident assisted in producing the custom-made signs. A copy of the new sign is attached.  As a reminder, when fueling your vehicle, make sure that passenger side doors are locked, scan and monitor the area and do not leave your vehicle unattended.  

Also, several of you have inquired about the status of the victim and her discharge of her firearm.  One of the most important issues to always remember that if you are armed and you decide to discharge/fire your weapon, that you are responsible for whatever happens next. If an innocent bystander/witness is injured or killed, you could be found culpable. You could also be liable for any property damage.  The use of deadly force should only be used to protect yourself or another person from immediate deadly force or serious bodily injury. In this particular incident, the suspect had driven his vehicle towards the victim and had stuck her car placing the victim in fear for her life.

Another friendly reminder that Halloween is only a little over a week away. Don’t forget that there are two Trunk or Treat events scheduled on Halloween night here in the villages. (Flyers attached) Note: The MVPD event will also include a Food Truck (Hotdogs) and a Face-painter. Plan on stopping by for a “treat”.

This week we had an opportunity to spend some time at the 2021 Chapelwood UMC School - Scarecrow Festival.  The MVPD drone did a couple of fly-bys, visited with the children and took a couple pictures. Everyone had a great time.

Thanks to the residents who have already dropped off some early Halloween treats for staff here at the MVPD and to Kincaid School for their direct support of the MVPD Police Foundation with a kind and generous donation.

Also, this week we welcomed our newest addition to the MVPD family. Officer Nick Harwood and his wife are the proud new parents of a 9-pound, 3-ounce baby boy. Yes, 9 pounds is correct.  Congratulations to the Harwood family.

Don’t forget the Farmers Market continues each Saturday morning from 9 am until 1pm at the First Congregational Church of Houston located at 10840 Beinhorn. Learn more by visiting their webpage at

Have a great weekend. Chief Ray Schultz


Weekly Crime Report

Piney Point

10/15/21 at 1000 Hours. 11400 Block of Memorial Drive. Unlawful Use of a Stolen Motor Vehicle. Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the villages by an ALPR camera.  Officers were nearby and located the vehicle displaying a Florida license plate traveling on Memorial Drive. Officers initiated a traffic stop and detained the single occupant.  The vehicle was confirmed as stolen by Florida law enforcement officials.  The driver of the vehicle stated that he had borrowed the car from a friend who was a relative of the real car owner.  However, the driver could not provide any specifics about who the friend was, or how he could be contacted.  The DA’s office was contacted but refused charges at this time unless the owner of the car could be contacted.  MVPD attempted to contact the owner however there was no answer on his phone. Based on direction from the DA’s office the driver was released. The vehicle was recovered and towed from the scene.  Detectives will be following up on the investigation.

10/18/21 at 0630 Hours. 11600 Block of Memorial Drive. Possession of a Fireman by a Convicted Felon/Arrest Warrants/ Possession of Stolen Mail and Documents/Stolen License Plate. Officers were alerted to a vehicle with a Stolen License Plate and a Hotlist notification entering the villages on Memorial Drive. The vehicle had been flagged due to prior mail thefts by the driver by MVPD detectives.  Officers observed the vehicle traveling on Memorial and initiated a traffic stop and detained the 2 occupants.  Both were found to have active warrants for their arrests for prior crimes. The male was found to be a convicted felon and had a handgun hidden in his waistband.  The gun was also found to be stolen out of Galveston, Texas. Inside of the vehicle was mail, credit cards and checks that had been washed and reissued to the female occupant. The license plate on the vehicle was also confirmed as stolen. Both suspects were taken into custody by officers and detectives requested to assist at the scene. The 28-year-old male and female suspects were both booked into the Harris County Jail on a list of charges.  The vehicle was towed, and the stolen items recovered.

10/20/21 at 0715 Hours. 300 Block of Piney Point Road. Burglary of a Motor Vehicle.  The victim reported that between 5am and 5:15 am, a black male wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt with a backpack with short hair and a short clean-cut beard walked onto his property, entered his unlocked vehicle and rummaged through the console and glovebox. The incident was captured on surveillance video.  There was nothing taken from the inside of the vehicle and the suspect walked away. A copy of the video was obtained a photo of the suspect copied and is attached to the V-linc.

10/21/21 at 0430 Hours. 800 Block of Lochtyne. Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon.  While on patrol officer observed a vehicle driving on a flat tire. As the officer went to turn around the vehicle made a quick turn into Hedwig and then into a driveway. Officers then approached the vehicle and single occupant. Through investigation the driver was found to be a convicted felon and a documented gang member and was in possession of a loaded firearm. The  31-year-old male was placed under arrest and booked into the Harris County Jail.  


Hunters Creek

10/19/21 at 1530 Hours. 200 Block of Voss. Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle. Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the villages on Voss Road.  Officers were nearby and quickly located the stolen vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. Upon detaining the driver, the subject stated that he was in the process of purchasing the vehicle and had gotten behind in payments. The owner was contacted and stated that he wanted to prosecute the subject as he had not paid for the vehicle as agreed upon.  The DA’s office was contacted and declined to press charges at this time unless the owner could produce a demand letter requesting payment. The vehicle was towed, and the driver arrested after it was learned that he had an active warrant for his arrest.

Bunker Hill

10/20/21 at 1815 Hours. Memorial at Gessner. Driving While Intoxicated.  Officers were dispatched to the area in reference to an injury accident.  While investigating the accident officers observed signs of intoxication on one of the drivers.  The subject failed sobriety tests and was placed under arrest.  The 60-year-old male was then placed under arrest and booked into the Harris County Jail. His vehicle was towed from the scene. Injuries were found to be minor.

10/21/21 at 2100 Hours. 11600 Block of Memorial Drive. Possession of a Controlled Substance. Officers observed a vehicle traveling at 48 MPH on Blalock Road which has a 35 MPH speed limit and initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle was also observed to not have a license plate on the vehicle. Upon approaching the driver, officers could smell the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. A subsequent search located two baggies of methamphetamine and a bag of marijuana. The 33-year-old male driver was placed under arrest and booked into the Harris County jail without incident.


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