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  Posted on: Friday, October 29, 2021
From the Office of the Chief of Police

Please don’t forget that Sunday evening is Halloween. It will still be dark early as the time-change is another week away. So please use extra caution if out and about starting around 5 pm as some of the younger trick or treaters will probably start early. Besides the traditional trick or treating, there are several organized events occurring including an event at Chapelwood United Methodist Church and a Truck or Treat event here at the MVPD. The event at the police department will include a food truck so If you want to stop by, and buy Hot Dog in-between neighborhoods, come and see us anytime between 5:30 and 7:30 pm. And of course, we will be passing out candy too.

This week we received information from the Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in reference to the Ready Harris Accessible Alert Program.  Harris County is partnering with Deaf Link to provide the Ready Harris Accessible Alert Program which will send accessible alert messages before, during, and after an emergency or disaster in Harris County to registered residents who are Deaf, Blind, Hard of Hearing, or Deaf / Blind. Ready Harris Accessible Alert subscribers in an area affected by an emergency or disaster will be able to receive an accessible alert message in American Sign Language (ASL) and English voice and text. The alert message could include information about the emergency and what actions to take.

Ready Harris will send accessible alert messages to internet and video capable devices such as computers, cell phones, smart phones, tablet computers, and wireless Braille readers. To learn more about this service or to sign up please visit the Ready Harris Accessible Alert webpage at and of course we will continue to utilize our V-linc messaging system to assist as well with any emergency communications.

This week our ALPR system has continued to assist in notifying officers of stolen vehicles in the area and our custom hotlist notified us of a returning trailer thief to the villages. In this case, the suspected criminal has been working in the area and returned to perform some more work for a resident but forgot this time and returned in the same vehicle he used during the theft.  The vehicle information was still active in our ALPR system and alerted officers. The well documented criminal (multiple priors) was surprised when we showed him a picture of his SUV towing the stolen trailer. He immediately requested a lawyer. Detectives continue to work this case and are hopeful to bring charges against this repeat offender.  The suspect has been told that his presence is no longer welcomed in the villages by his employing resident. Read more about this incident below.

Yesterday the high winds created several challenges for us during the afternoon. Besides responding to dozens of alarms, we also had a large tree branch fall onto a moving vehicle on Voss, smashing out the windshield.  The driver and her son were injured by the glass from the broken windshield. We also experienced several power surges and outages that disrupted traffic signals across west Houston. We saw increased traffic passing through the Villages as a result. Our officers and dispatchers handled the additional calls and alarms without any issues. When our night teams arrived, they immediately went in service and assisted as needed. Another great example of teamwork.

Thanks to the residents who provided tickets to Sunday’s Texans game. We have 3 officers and their guests attending the noon game. Also, thanks for the continued Halloween goodies and treats. This week has resulted in all of us here gaining a pound or two.

Today we are saying goodbye to our Officer Manager and HR Coordinator, Ms. Maureen Loud. Maureen is moving to Denver where her husband recently was offered a new position. The nice thing for Maureen is, it is where her adult children live so they will all be closer. Maureen will continue to support the department remotely as we search for her replacement. Maureen has set a very high bar so finding the right person will be a challenge. All of us here at the MVPD wish the very best to Maureen and her family as they take on this next chapter in their lives. She will be missed.

Have a great weekend and a Happy Halloween. Chief Ray Schultz


Weekly Report

Bunker Hill

10/24/21 at 0915 Hours. 200 Block of Gessner. Unlawful Use of a Stolen Motor Vehicle/Felony Arrest Warrants/Possession of a Controlled Substance. Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the villages at Gessner and Memorial Drive. Officers were already in the area looking for another ALPR hit when they observed this stolen vehicle.  Officers initiated a traffic stop and took a male and a female into custody.  Upon speaking to the subjects, the male stated the vehicle belonged to the female. The female however denied the vehicle was hers and that the male had just picked her up in the vehicle.  A subsequent search of the truck located several illegal controlled substances inside of the center console.  The vehicle was confirmed stolen as was a felony warrant for the female passenger.  The DA’s Office was contacted and accepted charges of the possession of the controlled substance on the male driver but not for the unlawful use of the stolen motor vehicle.  The female was arrested on the outstanding arrest warrant.  The vehicle was recovered and towed.

Piney Point

10/25/21 at 1315 Hours. 300 Block of Hedwig Road. Forgery. The victim reported that while reconciling her checking account she located several checks that she had issued had the payee changed to people whom she did not know. The checks payee names had been altered only.  The checks had been cashed in Texas and Louisiana.  The victim recalls mailing them all at the mailbox located at Brogden and Beinhorn. Information about the checks and the banks that cashed them was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

10/26/21 at 1145 Hours. 1-100 Block of Windemere. Burglary of a Vehicle. Officers were dispatched to the area after a landscaper reported that an unknown person had entered his work truck and taken a money clip and a firearm.  The landscaper was working in the area and while cutting lawns he did observe a small black car drive up and stop near his truck. When he went back to his truck, he found the glove box open and money and a firearm missing.  A check of the neighborhood ALPR located a small black vehicle enter the area at the time of the burglary.  The vehicle was found to be a rental car. Detectives were notified and have taken over the investigation. The vehicle was entered into the MVPD ALPR wanted Hotlist.

10/27/21 at 1215 Hours. 1-100 Block of Mott Lane. Fraud/Mail Theft. The victim reported that 3 checks that he had written and mailed at the mailbox in the 6400 Block of San Felipe had been intercepted, washed and cashed by unknown person(s).  One of the checks had been made out to the IRS that was stolen and that check contained the victims SSN number. It is believed that the suspects also used the victim’s information to open up additional cellphone accounts. Information about the checks and banks where they were cashed was collected and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation. 

10/27/21 at 1115 Hours. Radney and Memorial Drive. ALPR Hotlist Hit/Theft Suspect. Officers were alerted to a vehicle wanted for theft, entering the village by the ALPR system. Officers were checking the area and located the vehicle parked on Radney Road.  Officers observed the unoccupied vehicle until a male subject returned to the SUV. Officers made contact with the subject who found to be a dog walker for a resident. The suspects vehicle had been captured on an MVPD ALPR system towing away the stolen vehicle from a neighbor’s home on 9/26/21. When confronted about the prior crime, the suspect demanded an attorney and refused to cooperate with officers. He also refused to allow officers to search his vehicle.  The DA’s office was contacted however refused any charges without additional information to prove the suspect had stolen the trailer himself. Absent a confession, charges were declined. The suspect was identified and released. The resident was notified about the activities of their dog walker. Detectives continue to work towards obtaining an arrest warrant on the suspect.

10/28/21 at 0430 Hours. Echo at Taylorcrest. Unlawful Use of a Motor Vehicle/Arrest Warrant/Possession of Controlled Substances. Officers were alerted to a stolen U-Haul truck entering the villages on Echo Lane by the Hedwig ALPR system. Officers were close by and quickly located the U-Haul.  The vehicle was stopped, and the 3 occupants detained. The subjects stated that they had borrowed the truck from an unknown person. The driver was found to have outstanding warrants for his arrest and the other 2 occupants were found to be in possession of methamphetamine's. The DA’s Office was contacted however they declined charges on the Unlawful Possession of the Stolen Truck but did accept the charges of the possession of meth on 2 of the female suspects, the third male suspect was arrested on the outstanding warrants. The U-Haul truck was recovered and towed by officers. 

Hunters Creek

10/27/31 at 0215 Hours. 10700 Block of Marsha. Public Intoxication. Officers observed a vehicle stopped on the side of the road, not running but with its lights on. A check of the car found a male inside passed out. The keys were not in the vehicle.  The male was found to be heavily intoxicated.  The 29-year-old male was placed under arrest and booked into the MVPD jail. The vehicle was towed. 

10/28/21 at 1100 Hours. E. Creekside at Memorial Drive. Unlawful Use of a Stolen Motor Vehicle.  Officers were alerted to a stolen pickup truck entering the villages on Memorial Drive at E. Creekside. Officers responded to the area and located the truck as it was turning onto Voss.  Officers initiated a traffic stop and detained one suspect.  Upon speaking to the driver, it was learned that the subject had bought the vehicle on-line from a subject in Texas City. Officers contacted the victim who confirmed the vehicle as being stolen. With some additional investigation it was determined that the victim’s son had sold the truck to the driver. The son does not own and did not have permission to sell the truck.  The victim then decided to not pursue any charges and stated that his son was having some “issues”.  The vehicle was recovered and the truck towed. The male driving the truck then made arrangements for a ride from the area and was instructed on how to seek a civil remedy against the son for selling him the truck that he did not own.  

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