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  Posted on: Friday, October 9, 2020
From the Office of the Chief of Police

Over the past couple of weeks, the cities have installed several additional new Doggy Waste Stations along the most popular walking paths. The new stations are stocked with clean pet waste bags and have a garbage can for the collected poop bags to be thrown away.  Please take advantage of these new kiosk’s and help keep your neighbor’s yards and our walking paths clean. Thank You

Operation Purple Pumpkin. Many residents have been asking if they should participate in trick or treating this Halloween because of the COVID-19 pandemic. That is a decision that each family will need to make on their own. One, do you want your children to participate in going door to door, trick or treating, and two, are you are going to hand out treats at your home. 

Obviously, anyone who is currently experiencing or has someone in the household with COVID-19 should not participate in activities or events. However, people wanting to either trick or treat or pass out candy should consider what is being described as Operation Purple Pumpkin Halloween.  The way Purple Pumpkin works is, households that are COVID-19 free decorate their home or porch with a purple pumpkin, purple lights or place a purple piece of paper or cloth on/over your door, porch light or mailbox.  This way trick or treaters know that your home is COVID-19 free and safe. Treats are then left on the front porch in a pail or bucket with a note to take one or two pieces of candy.  This way there is no face to face or close contact. All treats/candy should be in closed/sealed wrappers. Residents who want to see the children in their costumes can watch from the safety of their homes and enjoy the evening. So, if you want to participate in Halloween this year please consider having a Purple Pumpkin Halloween.

Last Saturday the ALPR System alerted officers to a stolen U-Haul trailer entering the villages. After receiving 2 additional hits, it appeared the vehicle was not just passing through but circling around the area. Officers were able to locate the stolen trailer and the truck towing it. Inside of the truck were 2 fugitives, both with extensive criminal histories for burglary. They also were found to be in possession of methamphetamine. They attempted to conceal their identities but couldn’t figure out how old they were based on the fake I.D. information that they provided. Officers were able to figure out who they were. Both were arrested and the stolen trailer was recovered.  Great work by our officers from both, day and night shifts as this occurred during shift change. 

Early mornings continue to be dark until after 7 a.m. Early-bird walkers and runners are asked to wear reflective clothing if heading out early, especially if your route includes streets without sidewalks. The time change is still a few weeks away (November 1, 2020) so please use extra caution until then.

Another weekend, another storm. Again, it looks like the heavy rains and winds will be east of us. We will continue to monitor the weather for any unexpected changes.

As always, thanks to everyone for the continued support and positive interactions with our team. Have a great weekend.  Chief Ray Schultz

Weekly Crime Report

Piney Point

10/3/20 at 1800 Hours. 2200 Block of S. Piney Point. Possession of Stolen Property/Possession of a Controlled Substance/Felony Warrants. Officers were alerted to a stolen U-Haul trailer entering the villages on S. Piney Point by the ALPR System.  Officers began looking for the vehicle when additional hits were received on Blalock and on Flintdale. Officers located the vehicle traveling on Taylorcrest and initiated a traffic stop. The truck pulling the stolen trailer was occupied by 2 males.  The subjects attempted to conceal their identity by providing false information. Through investigation officers were able to determine that the suspects had outstanding felony warrants for their arrests for prior burglaries and were also in possession of Methamphetamine. The trailer was confirmed as stolen. The two males ages 46 and 48 years old were booked into the Harris County Jail. The truck and the trailer were towed.

10/2/20 at 1230 Hours. 200 Block of Merrie Way. Forgery. The victim reported that 3 checks that had been written and mailed at a local post office had somehow been intercepted, washed and reissued to an unknown individual. The victim discovered the issue upon examining a bank statement. The checks had been written to 3 different businesses and mailed at a post office (18th Street Office in the Heights) at the end of July. The check payee had been changed to an unknown female’s name. Information about the checks and the locations where they were cashed was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation. The Post Inspector has been notified. 

10/8/20 at 1530 Hours. 400 Block of Pine Needle. Theft by Fraud. The victim received information via text that she believed was from Apple Support stating that her phone was having problems that needed to be corrected. The “support” asked the victim to send a transaction via the App “Zelle” to verify that the banking app was working correctly. After sending the transaction she realized she had been taken. Her Zelle app and her bank accounts were immediately frozen.  Information about the transaction was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

Bunker Hill

10/2/20 at 1315 Hours. 11900 Block of Surrey Ln. Theft of a License Plate. The victim reported that she noticed that the front license plate was missing from her vehicle. The vehicle was pretty new, and an inspection showed that there was no damage to indicate that it had fallen off. The victim did not know where the theft may have occurred at. Officers entered the stolen plate into the state data base and initiated a report.

Hunters Creek

10/4/20 at 1130 Hours. 1 – 100 Block of Inwood Oaks. Fraud. The victim received notice through his credit monitoring service of an unemployment claim being made using his personal identifiers. He then also received notice in the mail from the Texas Workforce Commission of the same information. An unknown person had applied for benefits using his information. Both the employer and the TWC were notified and the claim was frozen. Information was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

10/5/20 at 1215 Hours. 8400 Block of Katy Freeway. Criminal Mischief. The victim reported that sometime between 0800 and 1200, an unknown person had broken out the rear window on her vehicle. An inspection of the area located a pair of pliers that someone had thrown into the window.  A check of area surveillance video did not cover the area. Officers took a report and will follow up with nearby businesses for additional video.

10/6/20 at 1545 Hours. 10900 Block of Roaring Brook. Fraud.  The victim reported receiving a payment book for a Small Business Administration Loan from the Cares Act that he had not made. A call to the SBA found that a 6-figure loan had been made to an unknown individual using the victim’s information. The loan had been direct deposited into someone’s account; however, the SBA would only provide limited information. Officers obtained what they could from the victim and will provide that information to detectives for their follow up investigation.

10/9/20 at 0130 Hours. 900 Block of Huntington Cove. Burglary in Progress. The victim reported seeing lights go on inside of his vehicle and when he went to investigate could see a female inside of his car. Officers arrived on scene in 3 minutes and located the female. The 32-year-old female appeared to be homeless and stated that she lived at the location. That was found to be untrue. Investigation verified that the female was homeless and a mental health consumer suffering from delusions. She was taken into custody and transported to a mental health facility for medical assistance.

Texas Workforce Fraud Cases

10/8/20 at 1300 Hours. 500 Block of Hunters Park. Hunters Creek

10/8/20 at 1430 Hours. 11700 Block of Greenbay. Bunker Hill

10/9/20 at 0800 Hours. 10900 Block of Bridgewood. Hunters Creek

The above victims were alerted to fraudulent claims being initiated against them by unknown persons using their personal information. Information was obtained about each case and provided to detectives who are in turn coordinating with TWC investigators.  

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