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  Posted on: Monday, September 13, 2021
Tropical Storm Nicholas

Storm Update

As tropical storm Nicholas continues to form in the Gulf of Mexico, we continue to closely monitor the size, intensity, and movement of the storm. We expect the storm to make landfall along the middle Texas coast later this afternoon or early this evening.

Village officials from all of the village cities, along with the Village Fire Department and the MVPD have been making preparations over the past 72 hours. Our personnel are in place and our equipment staged and ready for deployment should we need to react.

At this time the primary threat remains to be heavy rainfall, localized street flooding and possible power-outages. We should expect to possibly see 6-10 inches of rain in the Memorial area.

We are encouraging residents to be off area roads prior to the afternoon rush hour as rains will be increasing throughout the afternoon and evening hours. It is recommended to please try to have preparations completed before 2pm and be home for your safety.

As for the rain, it is recommended that pool levels be brought down and all drains, culverts and ditches be kept clean from debris and lawn and landscaping clippings. If you have landscapers present today, please make sure that cuttings and plastic bags are not placed on top of grates/drains or in ditches.

We are expecting that overnight we will see the heaviest rain that will have an impact on the morning traffic and area accessibility. Several schools and businesses are already planning on closures and/or opening delays for Tuesday and Wednesday.   Residents may want to plan on sheltering in place for the next 24-48 hours should the storm cause extensive disruption to streets and/or the power grid.  Residents should have the necessary supplies for several days to include food, drinking water, medical supplies/prescriptions, and have fuel tanks topped off. Also do not forget about pets.

As with prior storms, the most important issue is the ability for water to quickly exit the area through our storm drainage system that includes street drains, ditches, and culverts.  Please assist our crews by keeping these areas clean and open. We will have staff out monitoring the villages throughout the evening. We are fully staffed and operational.

Should events changes or additional information be made available we will let residents know via V-LINC messaging. Residents are also encouraged to monitor local news coverage and the National Weather Service Houston/Galveston.

Calls that pertain to street flooding or down trees should be made to the non-emergency number for the MVPD at 713-365-3700.

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