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  Posted on: Friday, May 10, 2019
From the Office of the Chief of Police

Weather: The heavy rains this week have been quite a challenge but thus far we have been able to handle the extra water without any major problems. We have had a few trees fall, due to the saturated ground. Please be aware of this pending threat until the rains dissipates and the ground dries up. Watch for large trees that begin to lean with the root balls beginning to rise near the base of the tree.  Of course, many trees fall without warning, so please be careful when out walking or working in the yard and of where you park your vehicles.

As the storms continue into Saturday we will be monitoring water levels throughout the villages. Remember, that even though it may not be raining here, heavy rains from areas upstream can raise water levels in our Bayous. Never drive into high water areas, as 8 inches of standing water can easily flood low profile vehicles. Kudos to our night-shift officers who have remained vigilant during the overnight hours monitoring storm drains and grates and often clearing debris while most of us slept. Please ask your landscapers to keep the areas around your ditches, grates and drains clean and clear of branches, pine needles and any lawn clippings.  One clogged storm drain can cause localized flooding, quickly damaging homes and property.  

Attention: The Memorial Area Farmers Market has been cancelled for tomorrow Saturday May 11th. The cancellation is for the safety of the vendors and patrons due to the current weather conditions. The market will return next Saturday May 18th.

Quality of Life. This is the primary reason given when 9 out of 10 residents are asked why they live in the Villages. What makes our quality of life so strong here in the middle of one of the largest metropolitan communities in the country, is based on several factors. Public Education, Safety, Good Local Government and the People/Residents are often at the top of the list. Of course, our country style environment, beautiful homes, streets and walkways all add to that overall Quality of Life. The world just outside of the Villages is often moving at a much faster pace than we do here in the Villages, but that is why we are so unique.  But, at times the hustle and bustle of the area outside of the Villages encroaches into the Villages and that is where we, as your Police Department need to step in. We do that with our traffic enforcement, high visibility presence and ordinance enforcement. Most of the time we get it right, but occasionally we might get it wrong and make a mistake or an error.

This past week we were called to investigate a situation of Sunday construction. While the ordinance is clear that normal construction work is not permitted on Sundays and Holidays, emergency work is. In this particular case, the work was halted while it should have probably been allowed to proceed until the situation was manageable and then continued to the following day. In situations like this, we apologize for not getting it right. We too learn from our short-comings and use these events to learn from them. A little more discussion and dialogue could have gone a long way in making the proper decision.

Often when a situation like the one above occurs I get a call or an email to investigate and we do. The lesson here is that not all situations are the same.  Sometimes the situation may be an emergency and need to be allowed to continue while others are contractors working outside of the ordinance and need to be shut down. We will continue to do the best we can and determine how best to handle each unique situation for the good of the community.

Also, this week I received information about a situation where a resident was driving home on one of our streets that does not have adjacent sidewalks.  While traveling down the street the driver encountered some pedestrians walking down the middle of the street. When attempting to get the walkers to make way for the vehicle, some unpleasant comments were made.  Comments that were disturbing to the vehicle driver and resulted in a discussion with us about the responsibilities of vehicles and of pedestrians in areas where sidewalks do not exist. If walking in an area where there are no adjacent sidewalks or paths, the walker(s) should walk along the left side of the roadway as close to the side of the road as possible. Vehicles approaching the walker, should yield or when practical move to their left to safely pass the pedestrian. Of course, all pedestrians should watch approaching vehicles and be prepared to move off of the roadway should a driver not be paying attention. Hope this helps.

While reviewing our reports I have started seeing a noticeably ever-increasing trend in the number of vehicles that we are stopping as part of our traffic enforcement efforts and upon approaching the vehicle we can smell the odor of marijuana coming from the car.  Meaning that the driver and/or occupants are driving around while smoking pot and getting high.  We are also seeing an increase in the number of drivers with outstanding warrants for their arrests (see below). Between these two categories, one in 20 of the cars we stopped this past week fell into one of these two categories. We will be continuing our efforts to keep our roads safe with our traffic enforcement strategy. I will also be watching this trend of driving while getting high as the discussion of legalization of marijuana continues across the country.

And finally, a reminder to all of the men. Don’t forget, Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Most requested items:

·        A day with no chores.

·        A cleaned house.

·        Be allowed to sleep in as long as they want.

·        A completed Honey-do list

·        An A-Z dinner, planned, prepped, cooked, served and all cleaned up afterwards. 

Have a great weekend. Chief Ray Schultz

Weekly Crime Report

Piney Point

5/3/19 at 1315 Hours. Piney Point Road and Piney Point Circle. Traffic Stop/Arrest Warrant.

5/4/19 at 2345 Hours. Memorial Drive at Stillforest. Traffic Stop/ Arrest Warrant.

5/6/19 at 1130 Hours. Agency Assist. Officer met with Harris County Officials and took custody of subject with outstanding Piney Point Warrants.

5/8/19 at 2115 Hours. 11300 Block of Memorial Drive. Traffic Stop/Arrest Warrant.

Bunker Hill

5/4/19 at 0015 Hours. 12200 Block of Memorial Drive. Traffic Stop/ Arrest Warrant.

5/5/19 at 0100 Hours. Gessner at Bayou Island. Traffic Stop/ Arrest Warrant.

5/6/19 at 0215 Hours. Agency Assist. Officer met Missouri City Officer and took custody of subject with outstanding Bunker Hill Warrants.

5/6/19 at 1400 Hours. 11700 Block of Cobblestone. Identity Theft. The victim notified the MVPD that she had been contacted by her bank that an unknown person had attempted to make a withdraw from the victims account using a paper drivers license. The transaction was not completed due to the paper license being identified as fake. Information about the incident was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

5/7/19 at 2230 Hours. 100 Block of Gessner. Traffic Stop/Arrest Warrant.

5/9/19 at 0030 Hours. 200 Block of Gessner. Traffic Stop/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.  Officer was on patrol when he drove upon another vehicle driving on Gessner. There were no other vehicles on the street however, the officer could see the windows were down on the car and he could smell the odor of marijuana coming from the car. Upon stopping the vehicle, the odor was confirmed as coming from the vehicle. A subsequent search found two bottles with the words “DOPE” written on them along with other paraphernalia and a small quantity of marijuana. The 35-year-old driver was cited and released.

Hunters Creek

5/4/19 at 2315 Hours. 10700 Block of Memorial Drive. Traffic Stop/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Officer initiated a traffic stop after observing a traffic violation. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer could smell the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. A subsequent search of the vehicle located baggies containing marijuana residue, a pipe and a grinder.  The 35-year-old male was cited and released.

5/6/19 at 1900 Hours. 10900 Block of Bridgewood. Graffiti/Criminal Mischief. Officer was dispatched to the area to meet with a resident who had discovered graffiti on the bridge. The graffiti consisted of spray paint. Information was collected about the damage to property and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

5/7/19 at 1000 Hours. Voss at Old Coach Lane. Traffic Stop/Arrest Warrant.

5/9/19 at 2130 Hours. 1000 Block of River Bend. Suspicious Situation. Officers were dispatched to the area in reference to suspicious vehicle in a driveway.  Upon arrival to the area, officers located the vehicle occupied by a female.  The female was incoherent and did not know where she was.  EMS responded and transported the female to the hospital. The female did not appear to be intoxicated and was from not the area. The vehicle was towed from the scene.  The officer went to conduct a follow up at the hospital, however the female had walked out before his arrival. Officers were unable to locate the female.  

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