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  Posted on: Friday, May 13, 2022
From the Office of the Chief of Police

From the Desk of Chief Ray Schultz

Happy Friday the 13th.

Missing Juvenile located - V-LINC Community Alert success.   This week we had a 13-year-old leave his home on a bicycle ride and not return, causing concern for his family as the juvenile does not travel far from his home. While officers, neighbors, friends, and family were searching for the juvenile, a resident who had seen the V-LINC recognized the boy on his bike riding on Memorial Drive near Kirkwood and notified the MVPD.  We responded and located the boy and were able to safely get him home. This incident showcases the value of the Memorial Villages V-LINC system. We try to keep messages to a minimum and only push out important and relevant information like the above incident, or other emerging situations or events. Our thanks to everyone who helped look for Espen and for reading our V-LINC Community Alerts. 

Memorial High School Senior Car Parade. Tomorrow is the Memorial High School Senior Parade beginning at 10 am.  Road closures will begin at 9:45 am so seniors need to be in place at the high school before then in order to guarantee their spot in the parade line-up. Cars must be decorated. Spectators are encouraged to line up on the westside of Piney Point Road between Gaylord and Esscelia Church. Please expect area traffic delays and re-routing during the parade times of 0945 and 1130.

Strut Down Strey.  Please see the attached request from the Bunker Hill Elementary School 5th Grade Class. On May 26, 2022, Bunker Hill Elementary School will be holding a walking parade for the 5th grade class along Strey. Everyone is invited to help the graduating class celebrate this milestone. Read more below.

ATTENTION!!!!!  ATTENTION!!!!  Bunker Hill Elementary is hosting the first ever “STRUT DOWN STREY” parade and WE NEED YOUR HELP to make it successful!  The 5th graders will be departing from BHE around 12:25 on the last day of school (May 26th) and strutting down Strey on the sidewalk to Memorial Forest Club for their pool party and we want YOU to be a part of this fun new event!  We would love to see neighbors lining the sidewalk to cheer the 5th graders on as they say their final goodbye to elementary school.  We encourage you to line the sidewalk with noise makers, make fun signs, use chalk on the sidewalks, and get creative to make this fun for 5th graders.   Please note:  Per the MVPD, water balloons and any sort of frozen/iced objects are strictly prohibited.  

Rock’n the Block at HCE. Not wanting to be out done, Hunters Creek Elementary School is planning their 5th grade Parade for May 24, 2022, beginning at 1:15 pm at the school. Their parade will begin at the school and travel on Beinhorn to Wade Hampton then north to Tarleton, east to Flint River and then south finishing up back at the school. Parents, friends and neighbors are encouraged to line up along the route and cheer on the 5th grade graduates as they “Rock Around the Block”.

Our recent increase of ALPR hits continued into the beginning of this week resulting in additional recovered stolen vehicles and paper license plates. This week we also had more incidents where the privately owned neighborhood ALPR systems played a key role in helping catch the bad guys. In one case, the initial alert came from a private system and then a second private system directed officers to the area where they had ducked into in order to avoid arrest. 

Since the ALPR systems are linked to the MVPD dispatch Center, our dispatchers monitor the notifications of all area cameras and can direct officers to the proper location in seconds of receiving additional hits. Thanks to the neighborhoods and individuals who have joined in on this community safety project. The results speak for themselves.

A great job by our officers working an extra job assignment this week where it appears they preempted a possible “jugging” or driveway robbery. Please remember to remain keenly aware of your surroundings after making a withdraw from your bank or safety deposit box. Make sure that you are not being followed as criminals like to watch financial institutions and follow people leaving after conducting business. Read more about this incident below.  

The new MVPD Officer Memorial and Statute has been delayed.  We were contacted this week by the artist who is making the new statute. He informed us that due to local flooding occurring in the Midwest he has had to cease operations until the water recedes.  The statute and crawfish boil will be rescheduled when the statute arrives.  In the meantime, the prep work for the statute is just about complete with the new lights already installed. More information and a new date to come as soon as we learn more about a delivery date.

Identity thieves continue to plague the Houston Metropolitan Area and us here in the Memorial community. Remember to always collect your receipts, retrieve your mail daily, and to regularly check your on-line bank accounts and monitor all transactions. Especially watch pending transactions for any suspicious activity. The sooner fraudulent activity can be identified and stopped the less chances the bad guys have of getting monies or funds from the banks.

Have a great weekend.  Chief Ray Schultz 


Weekly Crime Report

Piney Point

5/6/22 at 0745 Hours. 200 Block of Hedwig. Recovery of a Stolen License Plate. Officers were advised of a vehicle with a stolen license plate entering the villages and were nearby.  Officers located and stopped the vehicle. Upon speaking with the driver, officers learned that he had purchased the stolen temporary license plate on-line for $40. The license plate was seized, and the driver issued citations for the license plate violations.

5/6/22 at 1545 Hours. 1-100 Block of Stillforest. Recovered Stolen Motor Vehicle. Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the Riverbend subdivision and responded to the area.  As officers were checking the side streets the same vehicle then triggered another ALPR on San Felipe at the Bayou. Additional officers began to head into the area at which time a responding officer saw the stolen vehicle traveling west on Memorial.  The officer was attempting to make a U-turn but got caught up in heavy rush hour traffic. The officer lost sight of the vehicle but then was alerted to a third ALPR hit on Stillforest. The officer turned onto Stillforest where he saw the abandoned vehicle and three subjects walking away from the car. As he approached, one of the subjects ran into the trees. Officers were able to take the 3 suspects into custody. While doing so, another responding officer located a fourth suspect running north across Memorial and took him into custody. All four denied being in the car or knowing anything about the stolen vehicle, even though one of them had the cars keys in his pocket. The DA’s Office was contacted but refused charges because the owner/victim of the stolen vehicle could not be contacted to confirm that he wanted to pursue charges.  The 4 suspects were all identified. A juvenile was released to parents who were summoned to the station. The 3 adult offenders were taken to Westheimer where they were released.  The vehicle was towed from the scene.

5/12/22 at 1815 Hours. 11500 Block of Shadow Way. Identity Theft. The victim reported that she had received an email from Capitol One in reference to a new checking account being opened in her name.  The victim however had not opened a new account. The bank was contacted and closed the account.  It was unknown how her personal information was compromised that allowed for the account to be opened.  Information was collected and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

Hunters Creek

5/6/22 at 1300 Hours. 8500 Katy Freeway. Various Traffic Charges. An officer was working a special assignment in the area of the 8500 Block of Katy when he observed a vehicle pull into a business parking lot. The driver then exited the vehicle walked up to another vehicle and began looking inside of the windows. The male then got back in his car and drove in the wrong direction on the frontage road and into another parking lot where he parked in a manner so that he could see the vehicle that he had been looking into.  The officer contacted the driver of the parked vehicle and learned that he had just made a financial transaction prior to coming to the current business and it was believed that he had been followed. Officers then contacted the male who had been looking into the car windows.  He stated that he had thought the car in question was his ex-wife’s car and that was the reason for him looking into it and then monitoring it.  A check of the subject’s criminal history showed multiple prior arrests for burglary and theft charges.  The 54-year-old male was placed under arrest for several traffic charges and his vehicle towed.

5/7/22 at 2245 Hours. 8500 Block of Katy Freeway. Recovered Stolen Vehicle/Theft/Felony Warrant/ Possession of Methamphetamine.  Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the villages on Voss Road.  Officers located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop and took a female into custody.  The female admitted to stealing the car because she had not had a car in over 6 years. She was found to have an outstanding felony warrant for her arrest and she was found to be in possession of methamphetamine.  The victim was contacted who stated that he gone to pick up a pizza and left his vehicle running when he saw a female jump into his car and drive away. That had occurred on April 29, 2022. The DA’s Office did accept charges on the 31-year-old female for the theft of the vehicle and possession of methamphetamine.  She was booked into the Harris County Jail. The stolen vehicle was recovered and towed from the scene.

5/11/22 at 1145 Hours. 10600 Block of Memorial Drive. Criminal Mischief.  The victim reported that upon returning home he discovered a rear door glass to be shattered/cracked but not broken out. It is unknown how the damage occurred. A report was initiated while the victim stated that he would review surveillance footage.

5/12/22 at 0615 Hours. 900 Voss. Recovered Stolen Paper Tag.  Officers were alerted to a stolen paper plate entering the villages on Voss Road.  Officers were nearby and located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop.  Upon speaking with the driver, he stated that he had bought the paper plate at his apartment complex from an unknown person for $40.00.  The DA’s office declined charges, however officers did issue several citations and collected to paper plate.

5/12/22 at 1700 Hours. 11000 Block of Kemwood. Identity Theft. The victim was contacted by a bank in Colorado of an unknown person who had used his ID and information as a means to cash a check there. The check did not belong to the victim, the issue of concern was that someone was using his personal information and SSN to cash checks.  Information about the transaction was collected and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation. 

Bunker Hill

5/7/22 at 0930 Hours. 11600 Block of Shady Grove. Fraud.  The victim reported that upon reviewing his checking account he found that a check that he had written and mailed had been intercepted, washed, and reissued to a company that he did not know. The check had been mailed at a mailbox in the 9400 Block of the Katy Freeway. The company that the check had been altered from, appears to be non-existent. Information about the check was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

5/7/22 at 1800 Hours. 1-100 Block of Patrick Court. Missing Person. MVPD personnel were notified of a 13-year-old missing juvenile who had left the area on a bicycle and not returned home.  Officers began searching the area while a V-LINC message was sent out to the community. At approximately 1925 hours a resident who had received the V-LINC message, observed the missing juvenile on Memorial Drive near Kirkwood.  Officers responded to the area and located the male on his bicycle just west of the Beltway. The juvenile was given a ride home where he was reunited with his family.

5/8/22 at 0030 Hours. 11700 Block of Fidelia. Recovered Stolen Motor Vehicle. Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the villages on San Felipe at the Bayou. As officers began checking the area a second hit occurred at Briar Forrest and Memorial.  Officers then located the vehicle traveling on Mayerling in Bunker Hill village and stopped the vehicle. Due to the inability to contact the victim of stolen SUV the DA’s Office declined charges.  The 41-year-old female was given a ride out of the area while the stolen vehicle was recovered and towed from the location.

5/8/22 at 0315 Hours. 600 Block of Knipp. Driving While Intoxicated. Officers observed the suspects’ vehicle traveling on Knipp and cross over the lane markers on 2 occasions. At the intersection of Taylorcrest the vehicle failed to come to a complete stop at the stop sign at which time the vehicle was stopped.  The driver displayed signs of intoxication and was provided a series of sobriety tests. After failing the tests, the driver was placed under arrest and a blood test performed.  The 46-year-old male was then booked into the Harris County Jail without incident. 

5/9/22 at 2315 Hours. 11900 Block of Cobblestone. Fraud.  The victim reported that she received a text about suspicious activity on her debit card. Further investigation showed it as being used in California to order a pizza.  The victim obtained the phone number used to order the pizza and called the number. Soon after that she began receiving phone calls from 2 different CA numbers where the calling party was providing the victims personal identifiers to her in an intimidating manner. Information about the transaction was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.  The account was frozen by the victim.

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