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  Posted on: Monday, April 15, 2019
From the Office of the Chief of Police

I try not to send out too many of these, however, in special cases I feel it important to update the Community on Significant Events that occur in the Villages. This weekend we had 2 events that occurred that I thought should go out before next Fridays Weekly Report.

On Saturday April 13, 2019 at noon, we had a Robbery occur to a resident in Hunters Creek. The victim had just left the Chase Bank at Echo and I-10 after making a withdraw. The victim returned to his home and was walking from his garage to his house when a black male, wearing a red shirt ran up to him, slamming his shoulder into the victim. As the victim was knocked backwards, the suspect grabbed the bank envelope from his hand and then fled the area.  Upon reviewing area video surveillance, officers found that the suspect had followed the victim from the bank in a silver Chevrolet HHR, parking his vehicle down the street. A picture of the suspects vehicle is attached. The suspect’s vehicle is described as a silver Chevrolet HHR with one black rim (drivers side rear) and a temporary paper tag. The vehicle also has some damage on the right rear of the vehicle up near the liftgate. Detectives are investigating this incident. 

Please remember to always be extra careful when leaving a financial institution and making a withdraw. Always check and make sure that you are not being followed. If in doubt, make a couple of extra turns and see if the vehicle continues to follow, if in the villages you can drive to the police station or call us at 713-365-3700. Remember, the MVPD phone app/shortcut has mapping capability that will give you directions to the MVPD, just click on the button that says “directions” and it will guide you to the police department.

The second event occurred yesterday at about 2 pm.  The MVPD has been conducting some field trials (testing) with an automated license plate reader (ALPR) system. The system is on loan from a vendor and has been active in the Villages for the past 6 days. Yesterday, the system notified us of a stolen vehicle entering the villages.  Our dispatchers confirmed the black jeep as being stolen out of Houston and quickly notified our officers. Knowing the location of the ALPR, and the travel direction of the stolen vehicle, our officers began looking for the Jeep. (The ALPR captured a picture of the stolen jeep – also attached). Within minutes the stolen vehicle was located traveling along a village street.  As officers attempted to stop the stolen vehicle, the suspects initially failed to stop and continued driving. The suspects soon jumped from the vehicle and fled on foot.  Officers were able to locate the passenger of the vehicle near-by. The driver was lost as he ran into an apartment complex in Houston.  The vehicle was confirmed as a stolen vehicle out of Houston. Detectives were notified and are following up the investigation in order to identify the driver who, the passenger said was an acquaintance by the name of “Chad”.  Over the next couple of weeks, we plan on continuing our evaluation of the ALPR technology and will be moving the loaner system into other areas of the Villages. Upon the completion of the evaluation we will be making recommendations to the Police Commission about the future use of ALPR technology.

In both of the above events, a critical part of the prompt and safe handling and response of our first responders was due to the efforts of the MVPD police dispatch staff.  This week is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week, also known as National 911 Dispatchers Week.  This week we honor the often “hidden” heroes of our public safety team, the men and women who answer the 911 and emergency phones lines and maintain radio communications/traffic with our Police, Fire and EMS personnel. The job of a Professional Public Safety Telecommunicator is one that is getting more and more complex everyday with advancements in technology.  From an ever-increasing number of cell phones, to text messaging and social media, to advances of emergency notification systems such as ALPR’s. It is the job that these often-unsung heroes do each and every day that helps keep “all of us” safe. From trying to figure out what is happening from a frantic 911 caller, to managing a multi-agency response to a catastrophic event, the men and women of 911 keep everyone safe.   24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year they are tethered to a phone, computer and radio. “911” never closes - someone is always there working to protect our community, officers, fire fighters and paramedics. Please join me in thanking them for a job well-done. While they are always busy, anyone wanting to tell them “thanks” can do so, not by calling 911 but you can send an email to we will share your comments with the entire MVPD dispatch staff when they are not working. Congratulations to the MVPD 911 Team!

Have a great week. Chief Ray Schultz   

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