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  Posted on: Friday, April 9, 2021
From the Office of the Chief of Police

Next week is National Telecommunicator week. We are very fortunate to have a great team of telecommunicators (also known as dispatchers) here in Memorial Villages. Our 10 full-time and one part-time dispatchers stay extremely busy managing the hundreds of phones calls that we receive in our dispatch room each month. In the month of March of this year, our dispatchers answered 231 911 calls, 2566 non-emergency 10-digit phone line calls and spent a total of 62 hours and 57 minutes obtaining and relaying information between various emergency service providers and resources.

Being a telecommunicator means that for your 8-, 10- or 12-hour shift, that you are wed to a phone line, you have to be on your A-game and ready to handle whatever the next phone call presents you. The phone calls range from the request for basic information such as setting up a house watch, to a terrified resident watching an unknown suspect break in a neighbor’s car, or someone summoning help for a medical emergency. The emergency communications center must be staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 2 telecommunicators are always on-duty, Christmas included. The calls that come into our center are never when it is convenient. They seem to always come in waves and when other significant events are also occurring at the same time. We are blessed to have professional men and women working for us who truly care about our residents, and the officers and first responders that they support. 

Their communications skills must fluidly move from and in between multiple phone calls and conversations, to also having voice dispatch communications with officers and supervisors in the field. The voice dispatch communications often consist of short, excited radio transmissions, and while all of this is going on, they are entering vital information into the CAD dispatch and 911 systems. Oh, and just to make it even more exciting for them, we have maps that track police and fire resources for them to monitor. In addition, our active ALPR system requires them to monitor the 150+ hits per month of wanted vehicles triggering the ALPR system of stolen and wanted vehicles traveling throughout the area. They can go for an hour or more of silence, to complete chaos in seconds.

We want to thank and recognize our team of certified telecommunications for their professionalism and dedication. The Memorial Villages Police Foundation will be treating them this next week to a special meal and to an off-site team building event.  Happy Telecommunicator Week.

Our detectives have been busy again tracking down suspects who have been victimizing our residents. Warrants were obtained for another check washer and for a con-artist who tricked a resident into providing a bitcoin payment to him. The newest round of subpoenas (this week) has resulted in the production of bank account and IP address information of additional cases. Detectives are on the trails of these suspects and are hoping to ruin their day sometime next week with a knock on their door. More on those cases as they progress.

With those successes we are still seeing a surge of false and fraudulent unemployment cases throughout the villages.  The local news stations have been showcasing these crimes that have cost taxpayers across Texas, almost one half of a billion dollars. We continue to work these cases that seem to point to locations across the country. In the meantime, it is important that you check your mail daily and should you be notified by mail of a claim being filed using your information that you immediately contact the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). That letter to you and your employer, is the only thing that can STOP the criminals from receiving public funds. If you wait until the second or third letter to realize you are a victim, the criminal might have already received several payments. At this point, TWC wants to “stop the bleeding” and that means not processing false claims. Contact TWC either by phone and/or email. Also, contact us and we will initiate a report that we will send to TWC.  We are equally as frustrated as most of you are, of this out-of-control crime problem that is costing every taxpayer a lot of money.

Last weekend our dayshift team had a great ALPR stolen vehicle recovery of a truck stolen back in 2016.  The Ford F250 was stopped as the result of an ALPR hit on a stolen license plate. The stolen license plate had been reported as being a front license plate, also off of a Ford F250 truck.  Officers figured the hit was most probably the rear plate that was still on the victim’s pickup truck, so when they observed the vehicle traveling on Voss, they initiated a traffic stop. A quick verification of the VIN number should have cleared up the incident however, the truck did not clearly show any VIN numbers, and when another VIN number was located it did not match the vehicle. 

Officers took the two occupants into custody and conducted a more detailed investigation. Their investigation found that the truck had been stolen out of Mississippi back in 2016. As part of their investigation, they also located and recovered 238 grams of methamphetamine, other vehicle titles and fraudulent documents. The two suspects were then booked into the Harris County Jail. The insurance company was contacted about the recovered truck and were pleasantly surprised that the truck stolen over 5 years ago was recovered.   Great work by our patrol officers in double checking everything and when things did not match up, following through.

We continue to see cases of checks being intercepted that were mailed at the Briar Grove Pharmacy. We suggest that residents do not use this location for outgoing mail.

In this week’s crime report you will see a case where the suspect was probably monitoring a neighborhood when she saw the resident leave. Shortly after they had left the property, he approached the home and checked for unlocked door(s). Please remember to lock all doors and keep them locked even while people are home/present. Today’s criminals are becoming more and more bolder by the day. Of course, please continue to call in any suspicious activity to us at 713-365-3700 and we will have officers investigate the situation/event.

Have a great weekend. Chief Ray Schultz


Weekly Crime Report

Hunters Creek

4/2/21 at 1545 Hours. 200 Block of Voss. Unlawful use of a Motor Vehicle/ Possession of Methamphetamine. Officers were alerted to a vehicle displaying a stolen license plate entering the villages on Voss. Officers were nearby and located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop.  Through investigation the vehicle was found to have been stolen back in 2016. A search of the vehicle also located 238 grams of methamphetamine along with vehicle titles and other false documents.  The 28-year-old male and 21-year-old female were booked into the Harris County Jail and the stolen vehicle was recovered.

4/3/21 at 2115 Hours. Memorial City Mall. Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle. The victim who lives in Hunters Creek reported that his vehicle was missing from his garage, and had been taken during the night.  Officers obtained information about the missing vehicle. Later, officers checked the ALPR database and located where the vehicle had been seen entering the Memorial City Mall the prior evening but never left. Officers then proceeded to the mall and met with security. While meeting with security, officers were able to locate the vehicle still parked at the mall. The reporting person had been removed the day prior by Constables from the property and taken home. It was learned that the reporting person had borrowed the vehicle from a relative and was concerned about what had happened to the vehicle. The subject was instructed on how to obtain the vehicle and to pay the fees. The subject was then instructed to explain the situation to his relative.

4/4/21 at 0115 Hours. 700 Block of Voss. Driving While Intoxicated. Officer was on patrol when he observed a vehicle sitting at a green light. Other vehicles had stopped behind the vehicle and were sounding their horns. The officer shined his spotlight on the vehicle where he could see the driver passed out inside of the vehicle. Upon further investigation the driver was found to be intoxicated. The 30-year-old male failed sobriety tests and was booked into the Harris County Jail.

4/6/21 at 1045 Hours. 10600 Block of Tarleton. Burglary of a Habitation. The victim reported that an unknown person had entered the home through an open door shortly after they had left the home.  A housekeeper was present inside of the home, however, did not see or hear the suspect. The burglary was discovered after the victim found that both her, and the housekeepers’ purses were missing, and video surveillance was reviewed that showed the suspect. The suspect was most likely monitoring the area and walked up to the home shortly after the victim left where he found the open door. He then sneaked inside and removed the purses from a counter. Nearby video shows the suspect leave in a silver Nissan Altima or Maxima. Detectives were notified and responded to the scene and have taken over the investigation.

4/8/21 at 0945 Hours. 600 Block of Saddlewood. Fraud.  The victim reported that he received notice of overdue electrical bills at 3 different properties that were not his. Inquiries into the accounts found that 3 separate accounts were opened using the victim’s personal information. Information about the accounts and addresses was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

4/8/21 at 1245 Hours. 400 Block of Ripplecreek. Credit Card Fraud. The victim reported that she was notified by her bank of suspicious activity on her credit card. She examined her account and found several charges for on-line items that she did not order. All were delivered to an apartment in Houston. The account was frozen.  Information about the account and address of the deliveries was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.  (Note: The victim recalls an unusual transaction that occurred prior to the Fraud when she had used her credit card at a bakery on Belaire Road. The employee was not a regular employee and had acted strangely during the business transaction.)  Detectives were provided a description of that employee.

Piney Point

4/6/21 at 1500 Hours. 11100 Block of Wickway. Theft of a Firearm.  The victim reported that an unknown person had entered his unlocked truck and removed a shotgun from inside. It is unknown exactly when the theft occurred. Information was collected and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

4/6/21 at 1700 Hours. 100 Block of Radney. Forgery.  The victim reported that upon examining her bank statement she located a check that had been altered and made out to a different payee than it was originally issued to.  The check had been mailed at the Briar Grove Pharmacy,  However, it never made it to the location along with other mail that was sent at the same time and place. Information about the check and payee was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

Texas Workforce Fraud Cases – The following are cases reported this week from residents who learned that fraudulent unemployment cases were initiated using their personal identifiers.

4/4/21 at 1215 Hours. 600 Block of Knipp. Bunker Hill

4/4/21 at 1400 Hours. 11900 Block of Surrey Lane. Bunker Hill

4/5/21 at 1300 Hours. 11981 Memorial. Claim initiated against an MVPD Employee.

4/6/21 at 1415 Hours. 4400 Block of Willow. Hunters Creek.

4/7/21 at 1045 Hours. 800 Block of Wade Hampton. Hunters Creek.

4/7/21 at 1300 Hours. 200 Block of Bryn Mawr. Hunters Creek. 

4/7/21 at 1900 Hours. 800 Block of Country Lane. Hunters Creek.

4/8/21 at 1145 Hours. 1-100 Block of Pinewood. Hunters Creek.

4/8/21 at 1445 Hours. 800 Block of Creekside. Hunters Creek.

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