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  Posted on: Friday, November 1, 2019
From the Office of the Chief of Police

Just a few hours ago our nightshift team received a hit notification of a stolen vehicle entering the villages.  Our dispatchers immediately initiated our notification protocols and alerted officers who flooded the area. Within minutes one of our sergeants spotted the stolen vehicle occupied by 3 individuals.  Other officers assisted and conducted a high risk stop of the stolen vehicle.  Inside, officers located one subject with an outstanding warrant for robbery, and another male with warrants for drug possession. A female inside the car was holding methamphetamine and sitting on a semi-automatic handgun. Also, inside were ski-masks.  All 3 were arrested and the stolen car was recovered.   We are pretty confident that these 3 individuals were up to no good and our officers most likely thwarted a more serious crime from occurring. Great job by our officers and dispatchers in getting these 3 suspects and a gun, off of the streets.

Yesterday evening just before this arrest, this same team was patrolling the villages keeping an eye on our trick or treaters. Thanks to everyone for slowing down during the evening and keeping a lookout for kids traversing throughout the neighborhoods.

Since we are speaking of traffic, I want to give everyone a heads up that we will be stepping up traffic enforcement on Blalock, meaning more speeding tickets. Residents who live in both Piney Point and Bunker Hill along Blalock Road have expressed concern about increased traffic and speeds. Residents attempting to exit side streets on to Blalock as well as walkers crossing near Quail Hallow/Greenbay have witnessed speeding vehicles and have voiced their concerns.  Each week our officers on all shifts target specific areas due to speeding or accidents.  These areas almost always include; Voss, Gessner, Memorial near San Felipe, Memorial near Thamer, Warrenton, Kuhlman and Piney Point Road.   Remember the villages is known for our quality of life and streets with safe speeds and less noise contribute to that.

With the passing of Halloween, we start to head into the Holiday season.  It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just over 3 weeks away with Christmas 4 weeks later.  The holiday season is the time of year where we need to be extra vigilant, especially with our use of credit/debit cards.  Many criminals are hoping that with the increased use of cards that you will not be monitoring your statements as close and they can “skim” your accounts/cards and use your stolen ID/accounts longer before being discovered. The next 3 months is a time where it is important to closely monitor all of your financial records. Check accounts on-line whenever possible. Mobile apps allow you to see your accounts real-time. A routine of checking accounts daily, can help avoid problems, as well as making it much tougher on criminals to steal your identity. More on this topic over the upcoming weeks.

Thanks to the residents who gave up their Rockets and Texan Tickets and donated them to the MVPD this week.  Many of you who called said you had Astro’s tickets and were attending their games either here or in Washington, and while we were all rooting for the Astro’s, they did give it one heck of a run. Several members of the team to include players and staff live in the villages.  All of us here at the MVPD are extremely proud of the 2019 season.  The Astros have nothing to be ashamed of, they played hard, they played with heart, and they fought to the very end.  Watch out 2020!  I know where they will be next October.

Have a good week. Chief Ray Schultz


Weekly Crime Report

Bunker Hill

10/25/19 at 2030 Hours. 1-100 Block of Williamsburg Ln. Ordinance Violation.  Officers were dispatched to the area in reference to construction being done after hours.  Upon arrival officers located a crew on-site performing work.  The foreman was issued a citation and all work was halted at the location until the next day.

10/29/19 at 2000 Hours. Monica and Blalock. Driving While under the Influence. Officers were dispatched to the area in reference to vehicle in the ditch.  Upon arrival officers located a single vehicle accident. Upon contacting the driver, the officers observed signs of intoxication. The male driver failed sobriety tests and was subsequently booked into the Harris County Jail.

10/30/19 at 1915 Hours. Memorial at Hickory Ridge. Driving While under the Influence.  Officers were dispatched to a disabled vehicle call. Upon arrival officers located a vehicle in the ditch at this location. Upon speaking with the driver officers observed signs of intoxication.  The driver failed sobriety tests and was arrested. A breath test found a BAC of .17%.  The driver was booked into the Harris County Jail. 

11/1/19 at 0145 Hours. Briar Forest and Memorial. Unauthorized use of a Stolen Vehicle/Possession of a Deadly Weapon/Possession of a Controlled Substance/Arrest Warrants. Officers responded to the area in reference to an ALPR hit.  Officers located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. Inside the stolen vehicle officer found 2 suspects with arrest warrants, a handgun, ski masks and a controlled substance.  All 3 were arrested and the stolen vehicle was recovered. 

Hunters Creek

10/26/19 at 1815 Hours. 11000 Block of Huntwyck. Unauthorized taking of a Motor Vehicle.  Victim reported that upon returning home after an extended absence they discovered that their vehicle was missing from their residence.  The vehicle was last seen on 10/11/19.  Officers checked the ALPR system and the last time the vehicle was observed by ALPR was also on 10/11/19.  Detectives were notified and are conducting a follow up investigation.

10/29/19 at 0845 Hours. 600 Block of Voss. Driving While Under the Influence Officers were dispatched to the area in reference to a 2-vehicle accident.  Upon arrival to the location, officers observed one of the drivers to be showing signs of intoxication.  The driver was administered sobriety test which he failed.  The male was placed under arrest and booked into the MVPD jail. 

Piney Point

10/31/19 at 1400 Hours. 1-100 Block of Quail Creek. Fraud. Officers were dispatched to the location in reference to a fraud.  Upon arrival the victim reported that he had received a call from his accounting firm requesting a transfer of funds into an account.  The victim made the electronic transfer and upon completing it called the firm to verify it was received. At that time the victim learned that his accounting firm had not requested any funds. Information about the accounts was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

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