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  Posted on: Friday, November 19, 2021
From the Office of the Chief of Police

Happy Friday.  It is hard to believe but Thanksgiving is only 6 days away and that means the beginning of the holiday rush towards Christmas.  It is also the beginning of the holiday Christmas party season.  Many businesses, clubs and fraternal organizations will be starting their holiday office parties as soon as next weekend.  Many of the parties will be held at restaurants, hotel meeting rooms and at private residences.  With the parties comes adult beverages, and an increase of intoxicated drivers on the roadways.  Every year many area residents host events here in the villages.  Please remember that anyone hosting a holiday celebration is responsible for their guests.  Please do not allow any guests who might over-indulge to leave your home driving a vehicle.  Designated drivers, Uber and Lyft options are better alternatives than a DWI arrest and the towing of their vehicle or even worse, someone being involved in a major accident.  

Unfortunately, this also the time of year where we see an uptick in criminal activity.  One of the concerning crimes that we continue to see and hear about in the area are “jugging” offenses.   Jugging are crimes where the suspect(s) monitor banks and/or ATMs watching for someone to make a large cash withdraw.  The suspect then follows the victim from the bank and when the victim stops to park, they either break into the car, snatch a purse, or rob the victim.  It is not unusual for the suspect to follow the victim across town as they wait for the opportunity to commit their crime.  You can read about one of these crimes that occurred here in the villages week, in that case the victim was followed from the West University Area to the villages.    

Remember to scan your surrounds before exiting and entering your vehicle.  Watch for anyone who might follow you into the bank and then leave behind you without conducting any business themselves.  When using an ATM look for anyone who might be sitting in a nearby car watching the area.  Always lock your car doors whether you are inside or outside of your car.  Do not leave large cash withdraws of money inside of your car, especially if you are going to a business, restaurant, or the mall.  If you are in the villages and find that you are being followed, drive past one of our ALPR cameras as you head towards the MVPD police station located at 11981 Memorial Drive.  Call us at 713-365-3700 and we will dispatch an officer.   

Besides the crime of jugging, we also want to remind you to retrieve any deliveries to your homes as soon as possible.  Remember to utilize the package tracking option and get or make arrangements for any deliveries to be taken or moved inside as soon as possible.  

If you are going out of town for the holidays don’t forget to utilize the MVPD house watch program.  You can place your home on a house watch list by visiting our webpage at or give us a call at 713-365-3700.  Also, please let a neighbor know so that we all can help keep an eye on your property for any suspicious persons or activities during your time away from home.  

For all of you Memorial High School supporters, the Varsity Football Team continues their quest for the State Championship on Saturday.   Just like last week there will be a sendoff at 10:20am at the MHS Field House.   Everyone is invited to attend and show your support to the team and staff as we assist in escorting the busses to the Katy Freeway.  Good Luck Mustangs

Have a great weekend.  Chief Ray Schultz


Weekly Crime Report

Piney Point

11/12/21 at 1530 Hours.  200 Block of Heritage Oaks.  Burglary of a Motor Vehicle.  The victim reported that he had arrived at a home in the area where he had workers performing work on a home.  Prior to arriving at the home, the victim had stopped at a bank in the West University area and withdrew funds to pay his workers.  While speaking with the employees and out of sight of his vehicle, he heard a door slam shut, he went to his vehicle and discovered the monies that he had withdrawn to pay his employees was missing.  A Blue sedan was observed leaving the area.  Officers utilized the ALPR system and located the suspect vehicle following the victim.  The 2015 Blue Dodge Charger was registered to a female and her boyfriend who is a prolific “jugger” and was alleged to be driving the vehicle.  Detectives were notified and have taken over the investigation and will be seeking an arrest warrant for the suspect.  

Hunters Creek

11/12/21 at 1615 Hours.  800 Block of Voss.  Public Intoxication.   Officers were dispatched to the area in reference to a subject walking in traffic.  Upon arrival officers located a male subject staggering walking along the roadway.   Upon contacting the subject officers found him to be heavily intoxicated.  When asked where he was headed, he pointed north and said on the other side of the freeway.   The subject’s wife was contacted and agreed to come and get him.   The 43-year-old was cited and released to his wife.

Bunker Hill

11/13/21 at 0245 Hours.  11900 Block of Taylorcrest.  Unlawful Use of a Motor Vehicle.  Officers were alerted to a stolen pickup truck entering the villages on a Hedwig Village ALPR camera.  Officers were nearby and located the truck on Taylorcrest.  Officers stopped the vehicle and detained the occupants.  Through investigation it was learned that the truck had been stolen by a nephew of the victim.  The 61-year-old male was placed under arrest after officers learned of an outstanding warrant for his arrest.  The victim declined to prosecute due to the relationship.   The male was booked into the Harris County jail on the warrant and the vehicle recovered and towed.  

11/15/21 at 1300 Hours.  11800 Block of Stucky.  Burglary of a Vehicle.  The victim reported that he was working at a residence and had parked his work truck out front of the home.  Upon returning to his vehicle, he found the window to his truck broken out and his wallet and backpack missing.   Officers checked the area for surveillance video and nearby residents stated that they would review their systems for any video of the suspects.  Detectives were notified and have taken over the investigation.  

11/17/21 at 0230 Hours.  11900 Block of Memorial Drive.  Unlawful Use of a Motor Vehicle/Possession of Methamphetamine/Fugitive from Justice.  Officers were alerted to a stolen pickup truck entering the villages by an ALPR camera.   Officers located the vehicle traveling on Strey Road and initiated a traffic stop.  Inside of the stolen vehicle officers located several baggies containing methamphetamine.  The passenger was found to be concealing his identity and was eventually found to be a wanted fugitive for parole violation warrants.  The driver stated that he had bought the truck from a guy at a Holiday Inn for $1000.  The DA’s office was contacted and declined charges on the driver at this time.   The passenger, however, was arrested for the possession of the methamphetamines and for the outstanding warrant.   The truck was recovered and towed.   

City of Houston (Assist)

11/14/21 at 0300 Hours.  6400 Block of San Felipe.   Assault.   MVPD responded to the area of the Whataburger on San Felipe to assist HPD with an assault call in progress involving a subject with a handgun.   MVPD officers located and detained the parties involved.   One subject was in possession of a handgun and was detained by officers.   HPD arrived and took over the investigation.   The 27-year-old male suspect was turned over to the HPD officers on scene.

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