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  Posted on: Friday, September 8, 2023
Chiefs Weekly Report

Memorial Villages Police Department

From the Desk of Chief Ray Schultz,

Some great work by Team MVPD on Wednesday just before noon. Our 911 call center received a call from a Houston resident of a toddler under water in a swimming pool just outside of the MVPD jurisdiction. The resident had called Houston 911 but had connectivity issues and the call dropped. Knowing that help was needed immediately, the caller called the MVPD 10-digit number. Upon receiving the call, without hesitation, we immediately dispatched both our officers and Village Fire EMS, and then transferred the call to village fire for pre-arrival instructions while we notified both HPD and HFD. We had officers and detectives at Bunker Hill Elementary, so they responded along with on duty patrol officers. One of our patrol officers was only a block away when the call dropped and was on scene in 11 seconds. CPR had already been initiated by a neighbor and the child was breathing, but still unconscious. Officers initiated drowning protocols and prepared for the arrival of Houston and Village Fire who arrived less than 3 minutes later. The child was now breathing on his own and rushed to the hospital by village EMS, where he remained as of Thursday.  The child is recovering and doing well and is not expected to suffer from any long-lasting effects of the near drowning. Officers learned that a neighbor who is a doctor had initiated lifesaving CPR that prevented this incident from becoming a tragedy. Our dispatch team knew help was needed immediately and dispatched resources without worrying about jurisdictional boundaries.  The same went for our officers and fire personnel. They too responded without delay. As I have said many times over the years, I am so proud of our team of professional men and women who serve our community.  Their valiant efforts in this incident validate why they are some of the very best in the profession.  Great Job. 

As for crime this week, you will read below of a burglary that was committed by a homeless suspect who found his way into the villages early Wednesday morning. The shirtless male entered a garage and stole a bicycle before leaving the area. (See attached photo). Detectives have been on the trail of the suspect, and we have learned that he frequents Voss and Westheimer. The male suffers from mental illness and is often seen sitting at bus stops where he yells at passing vehicles and pedestrians. As we have been looking for him, we have been contacting other homeless individuals seeking information about where the suspect may be staying.  We have learned that he is transient and moves around the area. We also learned that bicycles are popular items to be stolen by transients. Bicycles are stolen and quickly spray painted in alleys along Westheimer and then sold for an average price of $35.  The bikes change hands quickly. It does not matter the make, model, or type. Spray paint and sell.  We were also surprised to learn that several of the homeless people we had contact with had cell phones and were communicating with each other, that we were looking for our suspect.  Some of the transients that we spoke with asked us to leave them alone, as they did not want us around, because we were disrupting their pan handling activities. After we spoke with them, they would leave their location and move several blocks away to a new intersection. We will continue to look for the suspect as we plan on dealing with him as the law allows.

Thank you to our residents who donated Astro’s tickets for games this week and tonight. Some of our officers and their families got to see some high scoring games.  Also, thanks to H.E.B. for dropping several bags of fruit and snacks for our personnel. The healthy choice snacks were appreciated by all.  

Tomorrow morning, Team MVPD will be fielding a group of runners for the 9/11 Hero’s Run.  This will be our second year of having a team. Our personnel, along with several of their spouses and children will be participating in the 5k run.   Making things even better, The Memorial Villages Police Foundation is sponsoring the Kids Zone. Go MVPD!

One of my regular callers asked this week how many stolen vehicles we had recovered so far this year?  The answer is 25 so far in 2023, with a value of just over one-half million dollars.  Since the ALPR project conception, we have recovered a total of 257 stolen cars with a total value worth $5,506,601.   

On the weekly crime report below, you will see where a concrete saw was stolen from an active construction site with workers present. It appears that Houston area criminals are getting more and more brazen and have no problem committing their crimes in the middle of the day along a heavily traveled roadway.  Please help us hold these guys accountable. When you are out and about, and in the villages, keep an eye out for these criminals. Witnessing someone grab a tool or piece of equipment from a job site, or landscaping vehicle and then run away, is a clue that something bad just happened.  Try and get a license plate number and a direction of travel. Then give us a call at 713-365-3700 and we will do the rest. Our detectives enjoy tracking these guys down and introducing them to the Harris County Jail.  Even a brief stay sends a message that their antics are not welcome in the Villages.  Have a great weekend. Chief Ray Schultz


Weekly Crime Report

Vehicles Towed due to No Drivers License, No Registration and No Insurance

9/6/23 at 0500 Hours. 300 Block of Gessner. The vehicle was stopped for displaying a fraudulent license plate.  Upon stopping the vehicle, officers found that the driver did not have a driver license, the vehicle was not registered, and the vehicle was uninsured.  The vehicle was towed by officers, and the driver was cited. 

9/6/23 at 0930 Hours. 600 Block of Blalock. The vehicle was stopped for displaying a license plate that expired in July of 2021. Upon contacting the driver, it was learned the driver did not have a driver’s license, and the vehicle was not registered and uninsured.  The vehicle was towed, and the driver was cited.

Piney Point

9/5/23 at 1400 Hours. 2200 Block of S. Piney Point.  Recovered Stolen License Plates. Officers were alerted to a vehicle displaying stolen license plates entering the villages. Officers were nearby and located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop.  While speaking with the driver, it was learned that the vehicle was displaying license plates that the driver had reported as stolen. The driver had also obtained new plates for the vehicle. The driver said that her mechanic must have put the old (stolen license plates) back on her car without her knowing??? Officers confiscated the stolen license plates and issued the driver multiple citations.

9/6/23 at 1130 Hours. 1-100 Block of Farnham Park. Burglary of a Habitation. The victim reported that during the night an unknown person had entered her garage and taken her bicycle without her permission. The victim reviewed her security video system and located video of a white male subject not wearing a shirt enter the garage and take the bicycle. As the investigating officers learned of the burglary being reported, our night-shift officers let them know of a call from during the night of a male seen in the area by a resident who called in a male walking by their bushes. Officers had been dispatched to the area and when they checked the bushes, they found a bicycle tire pump nearby. The entire area had been searched but the male was not located.  Officers and detectives then worked with other neighbors and checked video surveillance and located video of the burglary suspect. (See the attached Photo) Officers and detectives then checked nearby homeless encampments looking for the suspect. While speaking to many of the transients they stated that the male frequents Westheimer and spends most of his day at bus stops, yelling and screaming at people.  Detectives have taken over the investigation and are continuing to look for the suspect.  

Bunker Hill

9/5/23 at 1430 Hours. 1-100 Block of Williamsburg. Identity Theft. The victim reported that he received notice of a second comcast account being opened by an unknown person who used his personal information.  Information about the account was obtained and provided to detectives who have taken over the investigation. The comcast account was closed.

Hunters Creek

9/6/23 at 1500 Hours. 8500 Block of Katy Freeway. Theft. Construction workers were working on a concrete project when they observed a male suspect grab a concrete saw from the job site and then jump into a silver sedan with temporary paper tags before speeding away. A check of a nearby ALPR camera found the 2011 Infinity M37 with Texas temporary plate of 3742X63. The male was described as wearing a long sleeve black shirt who jumped into the back seat of the Infinity. Detectives were notified and have taken over the investigation. 

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