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  Posted on: Tuesday, August 25, 2020
Hurricane Laura Preparation

Preparations are well on their way for the potential impact of Hurricane Laura on the Memorial Villages area. Due to the many different paths that the storm can take over the next 12-24 hours we are making contingency plans to address all scenarios. Our teams of law enforcement and fire/rescue personnel are ready to address the storm as needed.  This storm is expected to be a fast-moving system that will be packing more high winds and storm surge than prolonged rains. What this means for us here in the villages is the potential for downed trees, power-lines the possibility of power outages will be our biggest issues.

We have portable stop signs ready for deployment at intersections and barricades to help block traffic in the case of downed power-lines or trees.  Obviously, it will be important that people stay home just before the storm hits, during the storm and immediately after the storm in order for emergency crews to move to areas needing assistance. Final storm preparations should be made today, or no later than mid-day tomorrow. Outbound traffic from the coast may have a significant impact on metro area freeways throughout the day tomorrow and is the reason why it will be best to stay off the roads in order to avoid being stuck in traffic.

Everyone should be prepared to shelter in place (stay at home) for several days should a worse-case scenario become reality. Food, water, batteries, medication and other basic supplies should be stocked up.

As always, storm drains, grates and culverts should be kept clean and clear of debris.  We will utilize our V-LINC registration to contact residents who are on electrical supported medical devices should there be a prolonged power outage. If you have someone in your household who is on a medical device that requires electricity, it is best that we know that, and, if you have a generator or not. That registration or update can be made on your V-Linc profile, just log in to your account and add details under the Household Occupant Special Needs Section. If you can not log in or need assistance, you can notify us at 713-365-3700 and we will manually update your profile. Again, this is for occupants who are on some type of life assist medical device. i.e. respirator, dialysis machine, etc…

We have extra dispatch personnel on-duty and our personnel are prepared to remain at work going to an alpha/bravo schedule if needed. City crews are also at the ready to assist with debris removal, emergency drain clearing, barricading and signage. Officers and fire personnel are also at emergency staffing levels.

Area schools will also be closed Wednesday and Thursday. As the winds pick up, it will be important that children and pets remain indoors to avoid being struck by limbs or other objects. Of course, pool levels should be lowered, and patio furniture secured.

Updates will be provided as needed via V-LINC messaging coming from us, VFD or your respective city hall.

We are attaching a copy of the Area Hurricane Evacuation Map as several people have made inquiries for relatives and for vacation homes. As you can, see our ZIP Code is not on the affected area map. 

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