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  Posted on: Saturday, August 29, 2020
From the Office of the Chief of Police

Well, it looks like we dodged a major storm and potential disaster yesterday when Hurricane Laura changed course late Wednesday and headed north. Lucky for us, but not so for the people of Louisiana. As the damage reports continue to come in, we are seeing how large and damaging this storm was. This is also a reminder to everyone how serious we need to take these large and unpredictable storms.

All of our city officials and first responders appreciate everyone assisting in the preparations. City crews prepped equipment and cleared ditches, first responders positioned equipment and adjusted personal schedules to be at work while we monitored the storm. Many left their families at home while they were here.

I especially want to thank the Evans Family for providing their personally owned Military surplus high-water rescue vehicle for use in the event that we needed it this week. The Kaiser 5-ton bobbed truck, was parked out front of the PD in preparation for the storm (picture attached). The truck has been painstakingly refurbished to excellent condition and is a valued treasure of the Evans Family. Thank you for offering the use of the vehicle and for volunteering to assist with operations had the storm hit here. 

As I like to brag about, with other Chief’s across the country, we have the best residents who have plenty of connections and access to resources during emergencies. Besides the use of the vehicle, I received calls from residents who owned emergency power supply companies offering assistance with generators, generator repairs and other power equipment. During Hurricane Harvey a Village resident’s airboat assisted in rescuing dozens of families. Other residents were ready to help with traditional boats and airboats, fencing, barricades and food. Again, to everyone who offered to help, Thank You.

With that, our officers have asked if we could start thinking about helping the first responders in Louisiana as we did in 2017.   For those of you who remember, during flooding in 2017 we learned that the emergency supplies that had been distributed immediately after the storms were depleted, while the police and firefighters were still working on rescue and security assignments and the first responders could not get the necessary cleaning supplies to take care of their own families and homes. We had put together a truck full of cleaning supplies, brooms, mops, water and other needed items, and we delivered them to police and fire families in 2 Louisiana communities. We are monitoring the situation and hope to identify what is needed and gather up what we can to assist them in the coming week or so. This year it is going to be even more challenging with the shortage of cleaning supplies due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will let anyone who wants to help us with donations of items next week know what is needed and we will caravan the supplies there soon after to help.

Scam Alert: A group of Spoofer’s are using the MVPD phone number to show up on caller ID’s in order to get people to pick up their phones. Once answered various scam attempts occur. One of which, asks for personal identifiers due to a warrant being issued for the person. These calls are occurring to people across the region and even in other states. As you will read below, we are clearing out old warrants from our database, however we do not need to call people to do that. If at any time you receive a call like this from a law enforcement agency it is best to hang up and then initiate a call yourself to the agency identified, after you look up a legitimate phone number. Do not call back to a number they provide or hit redial, always call the switchboard (general number) of the agency.  

Next weekend is Labor Day and we are already seeing an increase in house watches being requested. This has been an extremely long summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic and limited travel, so it is no wonder that many residents are planning on getting away for the long weekend. If you are leaving town, please add your home to the house-watch list either on-line or by giving us a call at 713-365-3700. 

And finally, I want to give a shout-out to the 3 village court clerks and my dispatch staff and communications manager Ms. Valerie Wallace for working extremely hard over the past several weeks cleaning up and clearing out old expired arrest warrants from the court system databases. There were literally thousands of expired arrest warrants dating back, some 10 years or more, that were cleared out of the system. Each and every warrant had to be hand searched, verified as no longer valid and removed from multiple databases.

Again, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the reduction in traffic stops, available court dates and numerous other factors, court personnel were able to tackle this arduous task. Because we maintain the state mandated hard copies of all warrants for 3 villages, MVPD dispatch personnel had to research and locate the physical hardcopies, and then remove them from database files as well. Great work, Thank You.

Have a great weekend. Chief Ray Schultz


Weekly Crime Report

Hunters Creek

8/25/20 at 1400 Hours. 900 Voss. Unlawful use of a Motor Vehicle. Officers were notified of a stolen vehicle entering the villages on Voss Road.   Officers were nearby and quickly stopped the stolen Jeep Cherokee. Through investigation it was learned that the subject had rented the vehicle on May 15, 2020 for 3 days and did not return it. Officers located the rental contract inside the vehicle that showed it due for return on May 18, 2020. Further investigation showed that the vehicle was actually rented with a fraudulent credit card. The DA’s office requested that a “to-be” warrant be sought for the arrest of the suspect and the vehicle recovered. The suspect was transported to Chimney Rock and I-10 and released. The vehicle was towed. Hertz was notified of the recovery.

8/25/20 at 2030 Hours. 8500 Block of Katy Freeway. Theft. The store clerk advised officers that 2 males had entered the store. One went to the front counter and was looking at cigarettes while the other subject took 2 cases of beer from a cooler. As the subject with the beer approached the front, both quickly exited the store and jumped into a small red vehicle before fleeing the area. The only description was 2 black males one wearing a “curled-up” cowboy hat. The clerk was reviewing surveillance footage. A report was initiated and forwarded to detectives for their follow up investigation. 

Bunker Hill

8/24/20 at 1345 Hours. 11600 Block of Memorial Drive. Theft. Officers responded to the area in reference to a delayed theft report. Officers learned that church staff were checking school buses when they learned that the catalytic converters had been removed sometime over the past 2-3 months from several vehicles. It appears that the converters had been cut from the exhaust systems. Due to lack of fresh evidence it appeared the thefts had occurred some time ago.  Information was collected and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

8/26/20 at 1615 Hours. 11700 Block of Taylorcrest. Identity Theft.  The victim reported that he received notice of a fraudulent attempt to open a line of credit using his personal information from his credit monitoring company. Even though the monitoring service had flagged the account as fraud, a bank awarded the account anyway. The victim was able to close the account before it was used. Information was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

Piney Point

8/25/20 at 1400 Hours. 1-100 Block of Farnham Park. Fraud. The victim reported that he was notified by his credit monitoring company of someone attempting to open a charge account using his personal information. The transaction had been stopped by the service. A report was generated at the request of the victim as per the monitoring service so additional investigation could occur. Detectives were also notified of the attempt.

8/26/20 at 0830 Hours. 200 Block of Millbrook. Burglary of a Habitation/No force. Officers responded to the area in reference to a delayed burglary. Upon arrival officers learned that sometime during the night unknown persons had entered the open garage and went through 2 unlocked vehicles in the garage and garage cabinets. A pellet gun had been taken from a cabinet. A short timer later a neighbor reported locating the pellet gun in a nearby ditch. A check of a video doorbell detected movement at 0440 hours however, no one can be seen on the video. Nothing other than the pellet gun appear to have been taken. A crime scene specialist processed the scene for latent fingerprint evidence. Information was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation. 

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