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  Posted on: Friday, February 7, 2020
From the Office of the Chief of Police

This week one of our residents experienced a potentially dangerous situation. Late Wednesday evening, the resident was driving home when his attention was drawn to a vehicle that appeared to be following him.  The resident made a couple of turns and every time he turned, so did the vehicle behind him. Using good judgement, the victim did not go directly home, instead he drove through a neighborhood actually going in a circle to see if the vehicle continued to follow him. The suspect stayed right behind him.  The resident called the police (call routed through Houston PD) and our officers responded to the area. HPD and MVPD dispatchers kept the resident on the phone and directed officers to the caller’s location where they stopped the suspects’ vehicle upon seeing him following the victim’s car extremely close.  Upon contacting the driver of the vehicle, (who was unable to produce a driver’s license) the driver said he was just looking at area homes. The driver was placed under arrest and a subsequent search found a stun-gun inside of the vehicle.

The suspect also was found to have outstanding warrants for his arrest. The suspects vehicle was towed from the scene. A check of the ALPR system located the victim’s vehicle pass by one of the ALPR cameras, the vehicle directly behind the victim was that of the suspects, along with a perfect picture of his license plate.

This is a good example of remaining aware of your surrounding and if in doubt, do not go home but make a couple of turns.  If the vehicle continues to follow you and you are in the villages, give us a call. Make a note of where the closest ALPR camera is to your home and if possible, drive by. The ALPR will capture your license plate along with the plate of whoever is following.   We will respond and we will investigate. 

While we may never know what the intentions were of the suspect in the car, we now know who he is, and what he drives. And now he knows, he is not welcomed here.

This week there has once again been some activity in the area of mail theft throughout the community.  Please be sure and retrieve your mail each day as soon as possible. Most deliveries occur at the same time each day so try and retrieve it soon after delivery. Also, if you have surveillance cameras on your property try and point one towards your mailbox to capture anyone who may be up to no good.  We use these videos to assist in developing leads. When we do make an arrest, the District Attorney’s office is asking more and more from our detectives about linking the suspects to multiple crimes.

For some of the theft of identity cases, we are being asked to link the suspect(s) to as many as 15 or 20 cases in order to get enhanced charges filed on the suspects. We want these guys and gals to receive maximum sentences, so we try and link the suspects to multiple cases. Many agencies stop at 1 or 2 victims. If we can locate dozens of victims, we will. That is the reputation that we want to have here in the Villages, that criminals will be charged as severely as possible. If you steal from 2 dozen victims, we look at that as 2 dozen cases. There will be no free passes to the crooks that we catch. So, to help us make the strongest cases possible we need your help and cooperation and a strategically pointed surveillance camera may be just what we need to add some accountability to our criminals’ sentences.

Don’t forget that Officer Frank Lerma is available to help you in identifying the best placement of security cameras or with any security survey’s, concerns or questions. Please contact Frank directly via his email at  His services are free and are guaranteed to give you a fresh perspective on home security.

Thanks to the Houston Area Ferrari Club for starting their Ground Hog Day Classic Car Ride at the MVPD last Saturday.  37 collector cars met at the MVPD at 9 a.m. and lined the parking lot of the department and Bunker Hill City Hall.   The cars that had a combined value in excess of $3 million dollars were fun to look at and enjoyed with their proud owners. The joke of the day was while several of the cars were capable of going at speeds in excess of 200 MPH, not a single one could outrun “Motorola” (our police radio system). We hope they will be back next year and once again start their day with the officers and dispatchers at the MVPD.

This weekend should warm up, so get out and enjoy the trails with a walk, jog or bike ride. The villages continue to be the best kept secret in the Houston metroplex as the best place to call home. Enjoy and have a great week. Chief Ray Schultz 

Weekly Crime Report

Hunters Creek

2/1/20 at 1345 Hours. 10800 Block of Long Shadow. Theft of Mail. Officers responded after a resident learned that mail had been taken from her mailbox. A review of surveillance video showed a small white 4-door vehicle drive up to the victim’s mailbox and remove mail before driving up to a neighbor’s mailbox.  The victim had 2 pieces of outgoing mail in her mailbox that were missing.  A check had been included in the outgoing mail and was cancelled by the victim.  Information was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

2/2/20 at 2015 Hours. 8400 Block of Katy Freeway. Outstanding Arrest Warrants (7x) Officers responded to the area after receiving a call of a disturbance occurring inside of a vehicle in the parking lot.  Upon arrival officers located 2 subjects in a verbal argument. A check of the ID’s of the parties found that the male had an outstanding arrest warrant(s). A search subsequent to his arrest, located a baggie of marijuana inside of his pocket.  It was learned that the suspect had 7 outstanding warrants from multiple agencies.   The 28-year-old male was transported and booked into the MVPD jail. The vehicle was towed.

2/6/20 at 1345 Hours. 200 Block of Bryn Mawr. Fraud. The victim reported that a package had just been delivered to his residence that he did not order. Upon examining the order, it was purchased using his daughters credit card information, however, she did not place the order. The daughters account was locked, and the items collected to be returned to the vendor.  Information about the transaction was collected and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

Piney Point

2/4/20 at 0915 Hours. 11400 Block of Shadow Way. Theft of Mail/Forgery. The victim reported that upon checking her bank account she learned that 2 checks had been cashed that she had written.  The problem was that one check had the amount increased by several thousand dollars and the other was cashed by someone other that the business that it written to. Officers obtained copies of the checks and information about where they had been cashed, Information was provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

Bunker Hill

2/4/20 at 2200 Hours. 300 Gessner. Possession of Methamphetamine's. Officers stopped a vehicle on Gessner after observing a traffic violation.  Upon approaching the driver, the officer could smell the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.  Through investigation it was learned that upon being stopped by the police unit the driver had a child inside of the vehicle hide the suspected drugs under her car seat. A baggie of marijuana and meth was located.  The 27-year-old male was placed under arrest. A relative was requested and responded to take custody of the child and the vehicle.

2/5/20 at 0930 Hours. 11900 Block of Broken Bough. Burglary of a Vehicle.  A contractor was working on a home in the area and had left his vehicle unlocked. Upon returning to his vehicle he found that it had been rummaged through and several items were missing. A check of a nearby security camera showed a white Hyundai pull up near the victim’s vehicle, and a subject enter the victim’s vehicle.  Soon afterwards the suspect is seen exiting and leaving in the white vehicle. A check of the ALPR system did locate a white Hyundai in the area however, it did not have a license plate attached. Detectives were notified and are investigating. 

2/6/20 at 1930 Hours. 11600 Block of Blalock Forest. Suspicious Circumstances and Traffic Arrest. While on patrol, officers observed a traffic violation and as the officer was making a U-turn, the suspect vehicle sped up in an attempt to out distance the officer. The officer observed the vehicle to quickly turn down a dead-end road. The officer followed and found the suspects vehicle at the end of the street. The driver had limited information about the vehicle he was driving and claimed he was just test driving it. The vehicle had no current registration. The driver was placed under arrest and booked into the MVPD on the traffic violations. The vehicle was towed.

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