Memorial Villages Police Department
Serving the cities of Bunker Hill, Piney Point, and Hunters Creek in Houston, Texas

    Memorial Village Police Department Contacts



Chief of Police Raymond Schultz, (713) 365-3705           
Field Operations Commander Eric Jones  (713) 365-3706 
Administration Commander K. Sission (713) 365-3707


Sergeant M. Sprinkle      
Sergeant L. Owens  
Sergeant B. Baker 
Sergeant D. Nowlin  
Sergeant J. Pavlock   

Officer J. Biehunko  
Officer L. Boggus
Officer D. Bracht
Officer J. Burleson  
Officer V. Cadena
Officer E. Canales 
Officer B. Cerny   
Officer N. Harwood
Officer R. Jarvis
Officer C. Jolivet
Officer R. McElvany
Officer C. Nash
Officer C. Schanmier
Officer E. Silliman
Officer C.Taylor
Officer P. Torres
Officer J. Tuggle
Officer J. Valdez
Officer M. Vasquez
Officer T. White

Criminal Investigation Division   

Detective K. Kelso  
Detective C. Rodriguez



Finance Manager Victoria Bowman 
HR/Office Manager Maureen Loud 

Community Relations   

Officer O. Miller  
Officer F. Lerma 


Supervisor V. Wallace  
Dispatcher E. Hill   
Dispatcher J. Sachs   
Dispatcher R. Stivner
Dispatcher F. Hampton 
Dispatcher L. Titus
Dispatcher A. Keathley 
Dispatcher K. Lewis 
Dispatcher A. Rose
Dispatcher R. Dodd

Off Duty Officer Request   

To hire an off duty officer please contact