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  Posted on: Friday, September 11, 2020
From the Office of the Chief of Police

First thing I would like to thank everyone for the extra patience and for slowing down this week as our area children returned to school. Obviously, there was quite a bit of anxiety from, teachers, parents and kids, but we all got through it. On Wednesday I saw a child who was very reluctant to get on the bus. The bus was stopped in the middle of Memorial with the flashers on and traffic quickly began to build up. I could see everyone watching as the mom and the bus driver reassured the reluctant child that everything was going to be all right. What was really neat to see was even though the normal 15 second stop and traffic delay turned into a nearly 2-minute stop, not a single person became frustrated. Everyone sat patiently as the child built up the courage to board the bus and head off to school.

September 11th. Today is the 19th anniversary of the events of 9/11/01. I think that everyone remembers exactly where they were at when the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon occurred. A special Thanks to Hunters Creek Elementary School staff and PTA for sponsoring lunch today here at the MVPD for our officers and dispatchers. The sandwiches were enjoyed by all. 

Thank you everyone who has dropped off items for Louisiana First Responders. Our lobby and patrol room are beginning to fill up very nicely.  Earlier this week a local radio station did a segment on the impact of Hurricane Laura on the St. Charles area and specifically how it impacted their police department. 25 first responder families lost everything.  We have been in contact with officials there and will be delivering our supplies to them.

There is still time to drop off items or to provide financial support.  Everything goes directly to the first responders and their families. Our goal is to provide the supplies along with checks to as many officers and their families as possible.  We will accept items here at the station until Tuesday morning at 7 am at which time we will top-off the trailer and head out.  Thank you.

This week we have seen the theft of 2 vehicles from the Memorial Area. In both cases the key fob had been left inside of the stolen vehicles. We have been able to locate area video surveillance that shows 2 suspects walk up to the vehicles that were both parked in driveways. Each vehicle was quickly entered and driven away from the area. One left westbound leaving the area at Briar Forest and Memorial while the other headed north towards the Heights. Officers and detectives were able to work with constables and located one of the stolen vehicles up near Cypress. The license plate had been removed and a tag plate affixed to the stolen vehicle. The Department ALPR system was instrumental in locating the stolen vehicle as it was driven out of the villages and the accomplice vehicle following behind. The other stolen vehicle was tracked by the On-Star system but lost signal near Yale and 34th Street.  The fact that the suspects targeted these specific vehicles make these cases pretty unique. 

So, we are currently looking at two possibilities. One that the suspects were able to determine in advance that these vehicles had the key fobs inside of the vehicles. That there may be a flaw, or something by design, so that manufacturer GPS tracking service systems can determine if a key fob is within close proximity of the vehicle. The suspects then may be able to locate the vehicle in question on a GPS interactive map and then go directly to the car or truck and steal it.

We are also investigating the possibility that the vehicles had been being valet parked on a regular basis at the same location and the valets knew that the owners left a key fob inside of the car.

In any event, in the meantime, do not leave key fobs inside of your vehicles if you are not physically present, even in your own driveway or garage. Separate the key fob from the vehicle and secure the fob inside of your home. Most key fobs do not work when 6 feet away or more from the host vehicle.  Detectives are following up several leads on both cases.

Have a great weekend. Please don’t forget that COVID-19 remains a concern for the Houston Metropolitan Area. Face masks should be worn when out in public, frequent handwashing along with regular disinfecting of frequently touched items all remain priorities.

Chief Ray Schultz  

Weekly Crime Report

Piney Point

9/4/20 at 1830 Hours. 200 Block of Piney Point Road. Unauthorized Use of a Stolen Motor Vehicle. Officers were dispatched to the area after receiving an ALPR notification of a stolen black BMW traveling in the area.  Officers were nearby and quickly located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop.  The 22-year old male driving the vehicle stated that he had purchased the vehicle from a guy at a McDonalds Restaurant for $1200. The victim was contacted and confirmed that his vehicle had been stolen.  The DA’s office was contacted and agreed to accept charges as the vehicle was clearly worth more than $1200. The subject was booked into the Harris County Jail and the vehicle towed.

9/7/20 at 1300 Hours. 2200 Block of S. Piney Point Road. Unauthorized Use of a Stolen Motor Vehicle. Officers were alerted of a stolen silver Ford entering the Villages from S. Piney Point. The Alert included a caution that the vehicle had been taken during an armed carjacking. Officers began looking for the vehicle and located it traveling northbound on Voss. Officers waited for backup and upon having proper resources initiated a traffic stop on Voss Road.  The vehicle initially complied and stopped. The driver then exited the vehicle, looked at officers and then jumped back into the stolen car before speeding off north on Voss and onto the service road. Due to the dangerous driving of the suspect and the fact that the vehicle entered onto I-10 a pursuit was discontinued. The investigation remains active.

Hunters Creek

9/7/20 at 1930 Hours. 800 Block of N. Country Squire Lane. Forgery. The victim reported that upon examining his banking information he found that a check that he had sent to pay a bill had been charged to a different payee and the amount altered. A review of the scanned cleared check showed the check had been altered. Information about the check and the cashing bank was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow up investigation.

9/8/20 at 0700 Hours. 600 Block of Saddlewood. Motor Vehicle Theft. The victim reported that a dealer loaner vehicle had been taken from her property during the night. The vehicle was behind a closed gate on her driveway. A review of video surveillance shows 2 subjects drive up in a small vehicle exit the car, enter her property and leave with the vehicle. A check of the ALPR cameras shows the victims vehicle leave the area being followed by a suspect vehicle. Officers were able to locate the stolen vehicle via GPS. Constables were contacted and found the parked vehicle which now had a paper license plate attached to it.  The vehicle was recovered. Detectives have taken over the investigation.

9/10/20 at 0145 Hours. 1-100 Block of Hampton Court. Motor Vehicle Theft. The victim was alerted to activity occurring outside of her home via her video doorbell. 2 subjects had walked up to her vehicle parked in the driveway and quickly drove off with it. Officers were able to track the vehicle via GPS to the area of Yale and 34th Street where it lost signal. Detectives were notified and have taken over the investigation.

Bunker Hill

No significant events 

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